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"Wolfsangel" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventieth episode overall.


Former US Marshall Lee Toric takes Clay to visit Otto. Clay slips a shiv to Otto. Toric gives Otto a pad to write down the sins of SAMCRO. Otto writes an insulting remark about Toric's sister, and then kills Toric. The guards then Kill Otto. Jax exacts revenge against some skinhead Nazis, killing them, and planting the guns on their rural property, and then burning down their house, making it look like an internal beef. Galen is pissed off that Jax wants out of the guns, and Galen goes to Oswald's lumber barn, and shoots and dismembers SAMCRO member Phil, and prospect V-Lin. The Sheriff orders Lee Toric's personnel file, suspecting Lee Toric is up to no good. The Sheriff lets Nero go home, but Nero's truck remains impounded.


Unser wakes up aching in his trailer and goes for a joint. He opens his door to step out and three masked white and tattooed thugs attack him, yanking him down to the ground and beating him. One takes out a knife. Jax gets a knock on his door in the morning. He's surprised to see a still-alive Tig. Tig says August was looking for Jax to talk to him about Clay in lock-up and wants to meet with him. Tig tells Jax, it's the weirdest thing, the prospects never showed with the truck at the porn warehouse. Jax pretends he forgot to tell them. Tig asks if they're good and Jax says yes.

Sheriff Roosevelt and his deputy go to Diosa to follow up on the death of Erin Byrne, the prostitute Lee Toric killed. They have a warrant to search Nero's truck, based on the 911 call about the body. They take him in, although he's not under arrest yet. Roosevelt sees Toric outside, grinning ear to ear. He thinks he's another eager customer. Toric says, "I just like to watch". Jax meets with August, who concedes that he passed his loyalty test by turning over Tig. Clay is now under August's protection in County, but the White Power gang saw him kill one of their top guys and it could have consequences on the outside.

Seeing a business angle, August asks about taking over the Sons' gun running with the Irish. If Jax arranges it, August will consider Tig's debt paid. At TM, Gemma arrives to an empty lot. She sees Unser's trailer door open but he doesn’t come when she calls. A dorky looking Chuckie pulls up on his scooter and Gemma goes into the garage. Gemma finds Unser strung up in the trashed garage, alive, but battered and with a swastika carved into his chest. She yells at Chuckie to call Jax.

Jax arrives to see Tara stitching Unser up. He tells him the attackers didnt seem too organized. "We're going to find who did this," Jax tells him. "And then what?" Unser says, sounding resigned. Les Packer (Robert Patrick) from the southern California SanDino Club shows up to tell Jax in person that their charter voted down taking over the Sons' gun running business, which he knows presents a big problem for Jax.

Chuckie gives Jax word about the Diosa girl Erin's death. Unser asks Gemma what would have happened if he'd had the kids with him when he was attacked. She says they're her concern and are "my kids", which seriously rubs Tara the wrong way. Wendy calls Gemma to tell her Ally Lowen, Tara's lawyer, just called with new guardianship papers. Gemma tries to figure out what Tara is up to.

Around the table, they discuss what to do about their White Power problem. They decide to reach out to former Aryan leader, Ernest Darby, who is out now and married to a Mexican woman, hoping to find out who attacked Unser. When the subject of the surplus KG-9s comes up, Jax makes Les tell the table, personally, that his charter wont be helping SAMCRO out.

When church is over, Chibs asks to talk to Jax alone. He thinks Jax deciding to get them out of guns wasn't his call to make alone. Jax points out they're under attack on all sides and are down to only six members, so if he has to make decisions on the fly, he will. Chibs tells him he sounds like Clay. "Everything I do in this club is for this club. I'm not Clay; I never will be," Jax says. Lee Toric brings the DA, Tyne Patterson, the file on the dead Diosa girl. He says he went to Diosa to talk to her and she seemed willing to cooperate before she ended up dead. He suggests Sheriff Roosevelt might be on the club's dime. Patterson brushes him off and tells him to focus on getting Clay to sign the witness agreement.

Lee tells her he's having trouble getting Clay to sign their agreement. If he doesnt get it done by the end of the day, she's taking his badge away. Nero offers his alibi to Roosevelt for the murder of the Diosa girl. He was with Gemma all night and made an early mass. He says he had nothing to do with her death and doesn't know who might. They differ over the merit of Nero's current line of work. Nero feels he has provided a safer way for them to work since they'd be doing it whether he has opened Diosa or not.

Roosevelt asks Nero to wait while the crime scene techs go over his truck. Nero mentions Lee Toric dropping by Diosa last night and roughing up two of his guys over questions where wrong answers get your teeth smashed in. Roosevelt says Toric isn't working on his investigation. "Maybe someone should tell him that," Nero says.

Wendy meets with Gemma and tells her Tara knows that she went to Gemma for help. She says Tara has been scaring her lately and is hyper-focused on getting her boys out of Charming and knows Gemma is her biggest obstacle. Lyla drops by and tells Gemma about Nero being taken in for Erin's death.

Jax and the whole crew ride up on Ernest Darby to ask who might be responsible for Unser's attack. Darby mentions a former associate named Eddie Gerber who just got out of Chino. He has six acres on the corner of Oswald's land. Jax tells Tig and Rat to go by Gerber's property posing as a father and son interested in joining his Aryan group. Jax urges Ernest to come with them to show them Gerber's hangout.

Before they leave, Jax tells Tig to play it safe with the White Power guys. Darby takes Tig, Rat and Juice to the edge of Gerber's property. There are dozens of wood cut-outs of people in the yard, some wearing Afro wigs, that have been used for target practice. Rat says he just got out of Stockton State Prison‏‎ and Tig mentions watching black men burn his daughter alive recently to sell their Aryan personas. Eddie Gerber is ready to talk about their cause when some of his guys pull up with Darby and Juice, whom they saw waiting beyond the gate.

Rat, thinking quickly, grabs Gerber by the neck and puts a gun to his head. They spirit him away as a hostage. Gerber promises Darby he'll be coming after him soon and Tig kicks Gerber out of the moving truck. Jax, Happy and Chibs go meet with Galen and the Irish. Jax tells Galen they can't take anymore of his KG-9s. He tells Galen that San Bernadino won't take the guns, either. Galen tells Jax that they will not be getting out of the gun contract and he has to double their business. Jax tells Galen that his dad wanted out of guns because he realized there was no Irish Cause anymore; it was just killing. Galen swings at Jax and Jax gut punches him, but it diffuses quickly. Jax tells Galen, again, that they're done with guns for the time being.

As they walk away, Chibs warns Jax he just ripped off a very old scab. At the sheriff's station, Gemma immediately confronts Roosevelt, telling him Nero was with her. He points out Nero's the second guy in two weeks who's been dependent on her for an alibi. "This one's not a killer," she says; "he would never hurt a woman." Roosevelt gets the results, with hair, clothing and blood found essentially all over Nero's truck's interior. Roosevelt looks at Nero laughing with Gemma and asks his deputy if Nero looks like a man who knows his truck is covered in evidence. He thinks there's just too much of it, too. He tells the deputy to find out all he can about Lee Toric.

Meanwhile, Toric drops by Clay's cell to urge him to sign the affidavit. He steps on his arthritic fingers to make his point. He tells Clay he's sending him to the infirmary to see someone. Back at Darby's place, Jax leaves half his guys to protect him and his wife. Filthy Phil calls Jax from the warehouse and tells him Galen and the Irish are there with the guns. They never do the hand-offs at the warehouse. Jax rides out.

After Phil gets off the phone with Jax, Galen pulls his gun and blows his brains out, as well as those of the prospect, V-Lin. He finishes it off with "Get the saw." Jax and the guys arrive to find Phil and V-Lin in pieces, with their severed hands laying on their cuts, as a twisted joke on Jax's finishing remark "Hands off my club" from their last conversation.

Roosevelt lets Nero go home, even though he has more than enough evidence on which to hold him. He asks Nero if he can keep the truck for awhile and tells Gemma he needs to talk to Jax. Back at the warehouse, they find the Irish have only left the KG-9s, making their point clear. Jax tells his guys to spread the word to the other charters, including Belfast, that they should go on lockdown. Jax asks Tig to take him back to Gerber's to settle the Nazi score. Chibs suggests they take a breather, but Jax is having none of it. He mocks him, saying, "Why don't you take a vote? I'll proxy Phil; he says yes."

Gemma drives a subdued Nero home. He wants some distance from the club because he thinks it's getting him dragged into heavier stuff than he wants to be part of. I hope it doesn't come to this, but if I have to cut ties, I want you with me, he says. "I love you, Gemma." "I love you, too," she says. Toric takes Clay to see Otto, who is strapped to a gurney and looks like the hell he's been put through. "The side you can't see looks worse," Lee says.

Clay goes to Otto's bedside and leans in to hug him, slipping the shiv under his leg as he does so. "No more, brother," Clay whispers to Otto. Otto nods. Nero and Gemma meet up with Jax back at TM. Jax says they're dealing with routine stuff. When Nero leaves, Gemma asks Jax what's really going on. He tells her about the Irish and the two dead members. Lee comes back to Clay's cell, with the supposed threat of Otto's testimony against him, to get him to sign the affidavit. Tomorrow morning, the gentlemen who have been visiting Otto will be paying you a visit, Lee tells him. Wendy, Tara and Ally meet at the hospital. Wendy gives Ally reams of recollections of Jax being violent and tells Tara that she's feeding Gemma all the info Tara told her to. When Thomas starts crying, Unser hears from the hallway and comes in.

Tara worries that he might tell Jax she was meeting with a lawyer, but when Gemma comes to pick Wayne up, he helps divert Gemma way from Tara's office, and the lawyer. Gemma offers to take the boys home so Tara can take care of Wayne. When Gemma leaves, Unser offers to wait in the hall until Tara's done with the lawyer. "Doc, at some point I'm going to ask a few questions," he says.

The entire club plus the two San Dino members, rides up to Gerber's White Power ranch, armed with semi-automatic weapons. When the five guys come out, the Sons mow them down with bullets. As the gun powder clears, Jax tells his guys to stage it to look like an internal beef and stash all the KG-9s in the back and then burn the whole thing down. Lee goes back to see Otto in the infirmary. "I know how much pain I've caused you. Do you want it to stop?" Lee pretends to sympathize. Otto nods. Lee tells Otto that Clay has betrayed the club and since Clay is no longer a member, Otto wouldnt be ratting out the MC. He asks for anything he can use against Clay, promising to make the time Otto has left "very comfortable".

Otto takes Toric's pad of paper and pen and motions to have his hand freed so he can write. Lee uncuffs him and puts Otto's glasses on him so that Otto can have a bit of vision from one eye as he scratches on the pad. Lee thinks he finally has what he needs to get the club, but instead Otto has written something foul about Lee's sister. Lee attacks him, and with Lee in close, Otto pulls out the shiv from Clay and stabs Lee repeatedly. As he cradles a dying Lee in his arms, Lee mutters, "Wow, I didnt even see that coming."

Back at TM, Chibs reports to Jax that they've warned Belfast and are off to find some known IRA addresses now. Chibs seethes with anger as he leaves. (Over the closing music montage.) At the jail, Otto holds the shiv to Lee's neck as the guards come and tell him to drop it. Instead, he rakes it across Lee's neck, killing him. The guards finally, mercifully, kill Otto. The club burns the bodies of Phil and V-Lin, along with their cuts.

Gemma watches over Nero as he tucks her grandsons into bed. Tyne Patterson comes to look at the body of Lee Toric as it's put into a body bag at the infirmary. She surveys the bloody scene, disturbed and disgusted. Jax leaves the guys to bury the burning bodies of the latest casualties in the club.

Church meetings Edit

Jax: Black must've realized they can use Clay to their advantage. Had him take out an Aryan shot-caller for protection.

Chibs: Shit. And we get to deal with the payback while he's spooning Mandingo.

Happy: We're locked down 'til we know who.

Yates: Why would Marks give you the heads-up?

Jax: We got business with Pope Industries. They're just protecting their investment.

Tig: Do you think these Nazis had anything to do with that girl getting killed?

Jax: I don't know.

Packer: If they were gonna kill anybody, they would've killed your guy.

Chibs: We gotta find out who they are.

Jax: Darby.

Juice: He's been out for almost 2 years. Married one of his Mexican workers.

Jax: That's exactly why he'll know. You don't just turn your back on the Brotherhood. He's gonna be sleeping with one eye open.

Chibs: Well, we got the Irish in town. More of them KG-9's. So we gotta set up a meet with them.

Jax: I was hoping our SoCal brothers could help us with that. Maybe take a little of the Irish trade.

Packer: Sorry, boys. Charter voted it down.

Yates: We're here to show respect for the offer.

Jax: We'll deal with the Irish after Darby. (hits gavel) (everyone leaves except Chibs)

Chibs: Can I have a minute, prez? (Jax sits back down) So that little private chat that you had with Galen, is that what this is about? Handing the guns off to SAMDINO?

Jax: Irish are never gonna let us walk away unless we give the cause another pipeline.

Chibs: You're making decisions, big decisions, without bringing them here. That's not how this works.

Jax: How this works? Look at this goddamn charter, Chibs. We have become the whipping boy for the IRA and the Cartel. We've dwindled to 6 guys, while RICO and this psycho marshal circles us, just waiting for us to make the next bad move. Brother, nothing here works. I'm trying to change that. I'm trying to give us a future. And yes, if that means stepping outside the lines or making a couple calls on the fly, then that is exactly what I am gonna do.

Chibs: Wow. You know who you sound like? The guy who used to sit in that seat.

Jax: Everything I do in this club is for this club. I'm not Clay. I never will be. (leaves)


(not technically a church meeting)

(Chibs and Tig enter)

Chibs (to Jax): Talked to Belfast, they're up to speed. They'll just try to find some known IRA addresses here in North Cal.

Tig: We're off to Oswald's now. Okay. (both leave)



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