Veronica Pope was the daughter of Oakland, California drug kingpin Damon Pope on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Natascha Hopkins, Veronica was the girlfriend of Laroy Wayne, and met her demise during her only appearance, on the episode "To Be, Act 1" in the series' fourth season.



Season 4Edit

"To Be, Act 1"Edit

Believing the One-Niners were at fault for shooting Clay, Tig seeks retaliation against Laroy. While Veronica is sitting at lunch with Laroy at an outside cafe, Tig approaches full speed in a car that he stole in an attempt to get retaliaton for Clay and hits her sending her flying through the restaurant window, killing her. It is later discovered that she is the daughter of Oakland's most dangerous gangster, Damon Pope.


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