Is it just me who feels Tara was killed because of Unser. He goes to Gemma's and tells her "Tara must have made a deal." Why would he do that, KNOWING how violent Gemma could be ? Then it flashes to him at Scoops where he could have and should have asked wht was going on.He was a cop, he should have known, yet I think because he was in love with her he just didn't look at the obvious.He loved Tara and said he wanted he wanted to find her killer. But deep down he  did anything to move it away from Gemma. Then when Juice pops up he had to know.Really disappointed that Unser didn't do the right thing.

Another thing (unrelated) was how Gemma looked so great the first 2 seasons, and they hardened her look so dramatically. I know she was a biker's old Lady, but they turned her look trashy.

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