Is it time for season 7 yet.. I'm having major withdrawls... Jax is my boy and OMFG dat ass is beyond hot... but I love me some Tigs. The man is not right in the head, but that's what my bestie and I love about him. I think Clay had the right of it when he said "What kinda fucked up shit did your mama do to you?" 

I think my favorite thing Tigs related happened this past season towards the end. I tell you it was love at first sight when he laid eyes on Auntie V. I almost fell out of my bed laughing.

I will deff be doing my best to catch the past 5 seasons I missed, I know everyone said 1 episode and you'll be hooked or you'll hate it. That's all it took too Season 6 episode 1. Then the end of Season 6 it just blew me away. I should have know from the first episode of the season that with Kurt Sutter you should always expect the unexpected. Tara's brutal death, was VERY unexpexected. Juice's killing the cop and then destroying evidence and helping Gemma, totally unexpected. Juicy baby, watch ya back because you have a target on it a mile wide, and oh when Jax finds out you helped his mother and destroyed evidence, he's really going to be seeing red. 

I'm out for now, would love to hear anyone's thoughts on my post who wants to comment!!