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"The Sleep of Babies" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' twelfth episode overall.


In need of cash to fund Bobby's defense, Clay's solution leaves SAMCRO in a vulnerable position. What's supposed to be a happy homecoming for Abel ends in more turmoil for the club.


The episode begins with everyone waking up in the morning. Jax wakes up with Tara sleeping next to him. He grabs her and gives her a kiss. With her eyes still shut, Tara tells Jax that she loves him, to which Jax has no reply. In Clay and Gemma's bedroom, Gemma feeds their pet bird and Clay jokes that she loves that bird more than him. Opie wakes up, startled as if from a bad dream, and realizes his wife and children are lying next to him. Tig wakes up next to a woman he spent the night with who he then kisses and tells her to leave. Chibs wakes up with a woman asleep on him, and he moves her hair back trying to see who it is. From the look on his face he's not particularly pleased, while Juice is passed out on top the pool table with another woman. Piney wakes up to see a woman attempting to shoot drugs into her arm. He angrily tells her to get out as he throws a pillow at her. In Abel's bedroom, Wendy wakes up in a rocking chair, startled and rubs her arm as if to expect a needle to be there and looks around the bedroom. Abel wakes up in the hospital with a doctor and nurse standing over him. He smiles as a doctor looks at his chart and reports that he is a lucky little boy will be able to go home today.

At the police station, Agent Smith reports to Stahl about how the tracker in Opie's truck is working but the bug in his cell phone and truck aren't. Smith questions what will happen if a member of the club discovered that it was bugged. Stahl tells him that they just have to keep him safe for another 24 hours and then they can arrest him. Clay arrives at the station to confront Stahl about ATF agents kicking down his doors, hurting his wife, and locking up one of his members. The confrontation ends with Clay calling her a fascist pig and telling her that what Otto did to her was just the tip of the iceberg.

At the clubhouse, Tig tells Clay that the meeting has been set up in Oakland at 2:30. Clay says that they need to protect the club and tells Tig that he has to kill Opie today. Tig says he'll do it. At the meeting, the SOA discuss how they are going to come up with the money to pay Rosen to defend Bobby. Additionally, Alvarez wants guns right away and they have nothing to sell because the Irish don't start shipping until next month. Clay suggests selling their security surplus to the Mayans as a goodwill gesture, expecting them to then place a bigger order with half of the cash in advance. The club, especially Jax is not happy about selling their only means of protecting the clubhouse. They plan to set up two locations in Oakland; one for picking up the money and the other to drop off the guns. Clay tells Opie to go with Tig to pick up the money and he and Jax will drop off the guns. Piney offers to go with Opie and Tig but Clay denies his request, much to the frustration of Piney, and tries to send him on a useless errand to keep him away from this plan to kill Opie at the meet.

At the hospital, Tara finds Jax signing some papers for Abel's release. Tara confronts him, telling him that now that Abel is part of the picture they really need to think about what they're doing. Jax reassures Tara that he is crazy about her, but says that they really have to work on things and he needs more time. Tara agrees to give him more time and they kiss just as Wendy walks around the hall and sees them.

Wendy arrives home to find Gemma preparing for the party. Wendy tells Gemma that she knows she's just being used to hurt Tara and get her out of Jax's life. Gemma says it didn't change anything and tells her that she still meant everything that she said. Gemma asks why she cares about what her motives are because in the end, they are both going to get what they want; Jax happy. Wendy tells Gemma that she is a changed person and can't be part of this. Wendy tells Gemma that she can't play with people's lives. Gemma claims that she's only protecting the innocent and if she steps on a few toes in the process she can deal with it. Wendy can't believe she actually feels that way.

ATF agents escort the murder witness, Eviqua to a safe house where she will stay until the trial starts. Stahl assures Eviqua not to worry because she has the sheriff's office outside and the agents are going to stay with her. She promises that it will all be over with before she knows it. Stable is openly annoyed by all her questions about the trial and basically brushes her off.

At the clubhouse, Opie and Jax start to collect their surplus weapons for the sale to the Mayans. Opie asks Jax if he thinks that he's walking into something bad. Jax says a lot has happened in the last few months with the warehouse burning down, Clay's assassination attempt, Bobby in jail, and the ATF is really starting to get to him. He tells Opie that his father saw the nightmare that was coming to SAMCRO and warns Opie that SAMCRO has to change to survive. Opie tells Jax to have faith and that change might happen. Donna arrives to tell Opie that Mary wants to take the kids to Fun Town and tells Opie that he should talk to her because she is trying to use excuses to stay around until she can talk with him. Opie agrees and tells Donna that Jax is having a homecoming party for Abel. Donna, much to Opie's surprise says that she wants to go and thinks that their family should be there as well. It seems jax's heart to heart with Donna at the charity event has caused a change of heart in Donna.

Clay and Tig meet with Laroy. Clay tells Laroy about how Alvarez tried to kill him and says that he made the peace with him to prevent war from coming to Charming. Laroy is angry that he would sell to the Mayans, but Clay gives Laroy the locations and times for the deal and tells Laroy he wants the Niners to attack both of the Mayan groups at the locations. When Laroy asks why he would want to do the dirty work for SAMCRO, Clay offers him guns at a lower price than they currently get from the Russians. Laroy agrees. Later, Tig voices his concern that this will result in war. Clay assures him the peace will stay intact because the Mayans are going to think the Niners got their intel off the streets so it'll make SAMCRO look like victims as well. He tells Tig to shoot Opie in the back of the head after the gun handover to make it look like he was the victim of gangland violence.

Back at the station, an agent reports to Stahl that Donna took the truck to the store for groceries and they checked it. He confirms that the bug inside the truck and phone aren't working. During this conversation, Hale stands outside the door and listens. Stahl is convinced that Clay found the bug and is convinced that Opie is working for the ATF. Stahl says that's why Clay came into the station this morning because he's feeling guilty about the fact that he might have to kill Opie. The agent asks what they will do. Stahl says they need to put an extra team on tracking Opie. Hale is able to slip away before they notice he was listening.

Clay and Jax meet up with Alvarez. Jax tells Alvarez it's $30,000 for this batch and another 30 upfront for the next shipment. Alvarez seems satisfied with the deal. Alvarez tells the group to call down to the warehouse to see if the deal for the cash has been made. Suddenly, the Niners show up to attack the meeting earlier than anticipated. Two Mayans are shot down immediately, and Alvarez is wounded in the leg. Clay curses Laroy for his mistake. At the warehouse, two ATF agents park near the area as Opie and Tig walk in to make the exchange. The Niners arrive shortly after and open fire at SAMCRO and the Mayans. One of the Niners approaches Tig and prepares to shoot him but Opie appears from behind and kills him. As Opie peeks around the corner to see if the coast is clear, Tig has a perfect opportunity to kill Opie but can't bring himself to do it. Opie and Tig exit the warehouse and drive away. At the other exchange site, Jax and Clay escape in the van, leaving Alvarez to fend for himself.

Back at the clubhouse, Opie asks if Laroy made a mistake or if he was sending a message. Clay admits he doesn't know. Jax notes this could be the worst-case scenario, as the Niners might want them dead, the Mayans aren't going to trust them, and they are broke with no guns. When Jax and Opie leave, Clay admits to Tig that Laroy was angrier than he thought and asks what happened with Opie. Tig lies and says he never got a clear shot in the chaos. Clay suggests that they stage a drive-by shooting tonight after the party and make it look like Niners did it.

At the police station, Unser spots Hale in an unlocked cell where he went to get away from the ATF. Unser says he can relate to that. Hale tells Unser that he has some information but that if he gives it to Unser he's betraying his badge, but if he doesn't, someone could get hurt. Unser asks what Hale wants to tell him.

At the hospital, Tara confronts Gemma for telling Wendy that she might have a shot at getting Jax and her family back and tells her that she is giving false hope to lay on a recovering addict. Gemma says that she was only trying to help Wendy and encourage her to change. Jax and Wendy arrive at the hospital and bring Abel home, where a party awaits and everyone eagerly greats Abel. At the party, Tara upsets Jax by kissing him in front of Wendy. He tells he doesn't want to do anything to set Wendy off and make her relapse. Tara asks if she's still in love with him. Jax says she's not, but they need to be cool around her with their display. Tara becomes upset and slaps Jax as he tries to grab her hand. She quickly leaves the house. Donna and Opie leave shortly with the children, and Clay gives Tig the signal to do the hit.

At the police station, Hale walks in to see Stahl packing up. Stahl informs him that her agency is pulling the plug in Charming. Hale says that Clay is under the impression that Stahl is with him, and presses the fact that Opie is in a lot of danger. Stahl says that it is out of her hands. Upset, Stahl leaves the office.

Outside, Donna and Opie get the kids in the car. Tig follows them outside and leaves on his bike. At the last minute Donna and Opie switch cars so that she can come back and help clean up while Opie takes the kids home to put them to bed. Tig is shown changing clothes and getting into a black SUV. Unser arrives at the party and tells Clay that the ATF has been laying Opie out to look like a rat, but the witness is somebody that lives in the building where Hefner was shot. When Unser leaves Clay tries to call Tig but is unable to reach him. When Donna stops at red light Tig pulls up behind her and fires the MAC-10 at her through the back window. He pulls up to see if Opie is dead, but instead sees Donna and flees.

Later, emergency personnel, Jax, Clay, and Chibs arrive at the scene. A moment later, Opie pulls up in the car. He runs through the police tape to find Donna dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Clay walks away realizing the mistake that he's made. Tig and Juice pull up. Clay talks to Unser, who remarks that unless Donna was living an unknown double life, he can safely say that this brutality was meant for Opie. Unser notes that someone made a terrible mistake, and Clay agrees. Stahl pulls up and Hale immediately confronts her. He punches an agent who tells him to back off and tells Stahl that this blood is on her. Stahl mouths that she's sorry when the emergency personnel put a body bag over Donna.

Jax arrives home to Gemma and Wendy. Jax tells Gemma that she should go home. Gemma asks about Abel. Jax tells her that he can take care of his son. Gemma asks if he's sure. Jax tells her it's time for him to be a parent.

At the end of the episode, Mary comforts Piney after finding out his daughter-in-law was murdered. At the clubhouse, Chibs and Juice drink some beers. Tig mends a scratch on his forehead. In the bedroom, Gemma comforts Clay. At Opie's house, the children are put to bed while Opie stares at the mirror in anger and sorrow. Wendy comes into Abel's bedroom where Jax is and takes her into their room. She kisses him, and Jax returns it. At Tara's house, Tara lies in bed alone thinking about everything. Back at Jax's house, Jax holds Wendy after having sex with her.


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Notable Quotes[]

Opie: Let me borrow your cell. I got to check in with Donna.
Tig: Here.
Opie: Thanks. I found mine in a pitcher of beer. You know anything about that?
Tig: Maybe it was thirsty.

Opie: Do you ever see your kids?
Tig: Once or twice a year.
Opie: Not hard for you?
Tig: Used to be.
Opie: It was two girls, right?
Tig: Yeah, Dawn and Fawn.
(Opie smirks)
Tig: Yeah, man. I know.

Jax: The last few months, man. The warehouse gets blown up. Mayans tried to kill Clay. Bobby's in jail. We got the ATF trying to stick RICO up our ass. How much longer do you think this club's got? We're better than this, man. My old man? He saw the nightmare coming. He was smart, Opie, way smarter than me. He had ideas about where to take the club. You know? Legitimate ways to earn. He knew...SAMCRO's got to change to survive.

Wendy: I was okay with you slipping me enough crank to kill a horse. Because of what I did to Abel, I deserved that. But I am not the same person that I was two months ago. I can't be a part of this. You're playing with people's lives, Gemma.
Gemma: I'm protecting the innocent. If I step on a few toes in the meanwhile, so be it.

Clay: What you did to Opie and his family proves one thing; you're desperate, cause you got nothing on us. It kills you, doesn't it? To see me and my guys living good lives. Families, friends, nice homes. You hate the fact that we get the same rights and freedoms as you do.
Stahl: Gee, you make me so proud to be an American.
Clay: You're a fascist pig, and what Otto did to you is just the tip of the iceberg.

Church meetings[]

Tig sets down bug detector: We're good.

Clay: Our retainer with Rosen is good for one more week. If this thing with Bobby goes to trial, we're gonna have to pony up some serious up-front cash.

Juice: We have every dime in the warehouse rebuild.

Clay: I know. (sighs) I talked to Alvarez. The Mayans want guns. They want them right away.

Jax: We ain't got nothing to sell. Irish don't start shipping 'til next month.

Clay: We pull our security surplus, we sell 'em those.

Chibs: Wait a minute. I thought we didn't sell that surplus.

Jax: We don't.

Clay: We sell 'em those guns, it's a goodwill gesture. The Mayans turn around, place a big order. They give us half the cash in advance.

Jax: It leaves us nothing to protect the club.

Clay: You know, I'm out of ideas here, Jax. If we don't jump on this deal, we lose it. I'm just trying to help Bobby here.

Jax: I get that. But ATF are still camped out at Unser's office. You really wanna take that risk?

Clay: We can do this smart. We set up 2 locations in Oakland, right? We pick up the money from one, we drop off he guns at the other. This way even if the feds are watching us, they never see guns for money.

Opie: Why would the feds still be trailing us?

Clay: Maybe they're pissed off 'cuz you didn't turn. You and Tig pick up the money. Me and Jax drop off the guns.

Piney: I'll go with Ope and Tig.

Clay: Nah, nah, nah. The fewer the better. Why don't you just go up to the warehouse, let me know how that's going.

Piney: Some bullshit errand. I got stuff to do.... (leaves the room)


Featured Music[]

  • Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers - "Forever Young"
  • Fireball Ministry - "End of Story"
  • Greenleaf - "Stray Bullit Woman"
  • The Lions - "No Generation"
  • Mojo Monkeys - "Bodacious"
  • Boo Boo Davis - "Who Stole the Booty"
  • The Lions - "White Angel"
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