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"The Revelator" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' thirteenth episode overall.


In the wake of a great tragedy, the club must re-evaluate their bonds of brotherhood.


Jax rides to Opie's the morning after Donna’s murder, seeing Mary, Opie's mother, is at the house cooking. Mary tells Jax that he is outside with his kids. The two friends hug, and Opie tells Jax he blames himself, believing that being a part of SAMCRO got Donna killed, and that Donna knew something like this would happen. When Jax says it wasn’t his fault, he angrily says to Jax a banger shot his wife and that he had to have something to do with it, then goes to his kids.

Gemma guesses that Clay ordered the hit that got Donna killed, and Clay breaks out in tears. Gemma tells him to feel the pain, and be the man he needs to be for SAMCRO. Clay walks away from the table, still racked with guilt.

At Charming P.D., Unser gives Hale a lead on the murder, but Hale says that they both know who was behind the murder. Hale says he understands why Unser made a deal with SAMCRO, and that he knows that some of the blame for Donna's death lands at his feet as well. Hale pleads with Unser to help him bring down SAMCRO, but he refuses. He does suggest that if Jax finds out that Clay ordered the hit, the outlaws may deliver their own justice for Donna’s death.

Jax goes back to his house where Wendy is having trouble with Abel. Jax calms him down quickly, while Wendy watches him. Wendy asks whether sleeping together the night before was the start of another chance to make their family work. Jax says it wasn’t, but that they just give it some time to work things out.

At Chapel, all of the Sons are quiet. Piney angrily pushes for retaliation against Laroy and the Niners, but when Clay tries to calm him down and to focus on being there for Opie, he leaves. Jax tells Half-Sack to keep an eye on him. Jax goes to the hospital to visit Tara, who gives her condolences for Donna and apologizes for the way she acted the night before. Tara breaks down, admitting she can’t keep up the lie about Kohn's murder and has decided to leave Charming again. Jax becomes angry, saying she is afraid of commitment, and that the only reason she came back was to let him deal with Kohn. Jax tells her that he married Wendy because he was lonely, and that he loves her. He angrily kisses her, and then leaves.

Gemma is cleaning up Jax's place again where she stumbles upon John Teller's half burnt manuscript. Physically shaken upon finding it, she begins to read the manuscript. At the same time, Rosen tells the club that an eye witness to the murder for which Bobby was arrested will testify against Opie as well, and that Opie will go back to jail. Clay and the club agree that the witness has to die. Jax gets a call from Half-Sack, who says Piney is about to walk into a Niner bar. Jax and Chibs go after Piney while Clay, Tig and Juice go find the location of the witness.

Clay meets with Sheriff Vic Trammel, who tells them that they will need to get the case number to locate the witness. Knowing who can get the information, they meet up with Elliott Oswald. Clay threatens Oswald with the knife and body of the man who raped his daughter, and that he will frame him for murder if he doesn't get the number. Elliot agrees, and while he and Juice go get the number, Tig explains to Clay that he didn’t know it was Donna until it was done, saying he couldn’t kill Opie if he saw his face. Clay forgives him, and Elliot returns with the number. Clay thanks him, but doesn’t hand over the knife, saying that he will hang onto it.

At the same time, Piney has held up the Niner bar, demanding to meet with Laroy. Laroy meets Jax and Chibs outside, and they enter the bar together. Jax makes a deal with Laroy, saying that if he can calm Piney down, they all walk out alive, to which Laroy agrees. After Jax and Half-Sack get the gun off Piney, Jax, Piney and Laroy sit down and talk. Piney continually insults Laroy, but Jax manages to defuse the situation. Laroy says that while he was angry with SAMCRO, he never ordered the hit on Opie, and that they wouldn’t be talking if he had. Both Jax and Piney believe him.

On returning to Charming, Jax visits Unser, asking if there were any new leads. Unser says there aren’t, but Hale pulls him away to the holding cells. Hale reveals Stahl's plan of setting Opie up as a rat, and speculates that Clay found the planted wires in Opie's truck and fell for Stahl's plan, resulting in Donna's death. While Hale says that he and Jax are on different sides, they both would never agree to the murder of an innocent woman.

Jax returns to Teller-Morrow Automotive, finding Gemma in the office. He tells her to let Clay know he is in the Chapel and wants to speak with him. Shortly afterwards Clay arrives. Gemma tells him that Jax knows something about Donna’s death, and that he has read John’s manuscript. Clay gets angry, telling her that she is being paranoid. He tells her to burn the manuscript, before going to talk to Jax. Jax asks for the truth about Donna’s death, but Clay lies, telling him he loves Opie and would never harm him. As Jax leaves, Clay says that the repercussions of Donna’s death could break the charter.

Later that night, Tig, Happy and Chibs raid the safe house where the eye witness is being protected. They silently take down the guards outside and inside the house, but discover that the witness is a young woman. All three are reluctant to murder her, but Tig says he will do it. As he points the gun at her head, he says he is sorry. Before he pulls the trigger, Jax bursts through the back door. Jax tells Tig to put down the gun, but he refuses, re-aiming at her head. Jax points a gun at Tig, saying he will kill him if he murders the woman. Telling Chibs and Happy to leave, Jax unbinds and takes the blindfold off of her, scaring her into hiding and telling her to leave California or she will die. She runs out the back door, and as Tig says he just crossed the line, Jax punches Tig. The two fight in the house, with Jax ultimately beating Tig and leaving.

Piney is going through his old Army gear, pulling out a folded flag and a gun. Buried at the bottom is a package. Piney opens it and pulls out another copy of John Teller’s manuscript. Piney holds it in his hand, clearly thinking, while Jax smokes out the front of a mausoleum labeled "Patmos", which is where John "the Revelator" (just like this episode's title) is alleged to have lived and where the Book of Revelations is alleged to have been written. In this instance, John the Relevator could be John Teller, and his Book of Revelations could be seen as the The Life and Death of Sam Crow.

Jax wakes the next morning, having spent the night at the cemetery. Jax hands the blanket back to a homeless woman, and then goes and washes the blood off of his face. He walks to the funeral, and is handed his kutte by Tara. The two kiss as Gemma, Clay and Wendy look on. Jax places a flower on Donna’s coffin, then walks away, being watched by all members of SAMCRO. After the funeral, Piney finds him sitting on the grave of his brother Thomas. He hands him John’s manuscript, telling Jax it’s time for a change, then leaves. The episode ends with Clay and Gemma watching on as Jax stands at his father’s grave, manuscript in hand.


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Notable Quotes[]

Hale: This relationship you have with Clay…I don't like it…but I get it. You make a deal with the devil to keep the peace. But look at this. Look at what we let happen. An innocent woman was killed.
Unser: I didn't let that happen.
Hale: Yeah, you're right. It's on me. What was I supposed to do? Roll over and feed SAMCRO classified information?
Unser: I get the rock and hard place this all took you to. Sorry this guilt comes down on you.
Hale: Well, then, help me. For once, please. Just help me serve justice to these guys.
Unser: I should be fishing somewhere, or reading a book half buzzed on vodka and lemonade. And I'm still here in this suit of mine because I've got my own rock and hard place I'm living between. I ain't got much more of a run in me. A few years, maybe, but I need something to leave Della and my half-smart kids. I'm sorry, son.

Gemma: Motherless children. They make people do drastic things. This is bad.
Clay: You think I don't know that. You think I wanted this?
Gemma: You feel all that, baby. You feel it here. You walk out that be the man they all need you to be.

Clay: I know you're hurting. You think you're trying to help, but...
Piney: Don't you tell me what I'm thinking! You know, if this happened to your family, there'd be six charters halfway to Oakland.
Clay: This did happen to my family.
Piney: No it didn't! The Niners came gunning for my son. They killed my daughter-in-law. You got that, huh? You got that kind of hole in your family?

Half-Sack: Sister.

Bartender: Cracker.

Church meetings[]

Chibs: All clear.

Clay: (to Jax)-How is he?

Jax: I don't know.

Piney: How do you think he is?

Jax: There's no viewing. Funeral's tomorrow.

Clay: Well let's get people down for this. I want a good show of support.

Juice: Happy's already in town. I'll start making some calls.

Clay: I gotta take responsibility for this. I was the one that pushed for that deal with the Mayans. I knew there was gonna be some kind of Niner blowback, but I never though it would reach this far, go this way.

Chibs: We all voted yes on that Mayan deal. Nobody seen this coming.

Tig: That's right.

Piney: Yeah but it happened. So how do we handle it?

Clay: The Niners are gonna be dealt with. But right now, let's just walk through this, be there for Ope.

Piney: We help Ope by settling the score. We track down Laroy and put a bullet in that nigger's head. (Clay looks at Jax) Now, what are you lookin' at him for?! I'm the one talking to you.

Clay: I know, brother. I know you're hurting. You think you're trying to help-

Piney: Don't you tell me what i'm thinking! You know, if this happened to your family, there would be 6 charters halfway to Oakland.

Clay: This did happen to my family.

Piney: No it didn't! The Niners came gunning for my son. They killed my daughter-in-law. You got that, huh? You got that kind of hole in your family?! (Piney leaves)

Jax: I got it. (goes after Piney)


(Not technically a church meeting)

Clay: (to Jax)-You looking for me?

Jax: 2 days ago you sat there. You made me a promise. Told me Opie was safe. Now, I'm asking you. Brother to brother, father to son. Just tell me the truth, and I'll accept it. Whatever it is. Just be honest with me. Did you try to kill Opie? Kill Donna by mistake?

Clay: (sighs)- I don't know who's been filling your head with this shit, son. I'm gonna tell you again. I love Opie, loved Donna. I'd never do nothing to hurt 'em.

(Jax gets up to leave)

Clay: This is a rough time for SAMCRO. But we'd better put this shit behind us. Suspicion, resentment? That kind of shit eats up morale, fractures a charter.

Jax: Yeah.... It's true. (closes door.)


Featured Music[]

  • Tarbox Ramblers - "Were You There"
  • Ladies of the Canyon - "Every Minute"
  • Holloway & The Scrantones - "Temptation Took Control of Me"
  • Five Horse Johnson - "Lightening When I Need"
  • Tarbox Ramblers - "Ashes To Ashes"
  • Black Mountain - "Stay Free"
  • Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers - "John The Revelator"
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