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"The Mad King" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventy-first episode overall.


Gemma confides to Wendy that she always thought Wendy was better for Jax than Tara. Tara confides to Wendy that Wendy should take care of her kids if she leaves town. The SAMCRO crew hunt down Galen and Galen's crew, capturing a few guys. The IRA elders in Ireland don't like Jax's retaliation, but Jax tries to convince them that Galen is out of control and trying to profiteer for himself. Jax tells the IRA elders that Mr. Marks will be a solid customer for the arms shipments, despite being black.


Jax and Happy stake out an Irish hangout, Tig and Juice sit outside another. Chibs and Rat also camp out. Back at the clubhouse, everyone hunkers down for safety, bunking on the couches. At county, Clay is brought to his new cell with his cell mate. He's black, but doesn't seem to have a problem with Clay. Nero also arms himself at Diosa.

Eli Roosevelt looks over the crime scene photos of Lee Toric's death at the hands of Otto in prison.

Tig checks in with Jax, they don't see anything at their location. Jax waits for something to happen, staying up all night watching.

At TM, Chuckie waits on the girls there for the lock-down. He tells her they're low on soda and beer. Gemma can see he's upset and reminds him that Otto loved him, he wouldn't be there if he didn't.

Jax and Happy finally see a van pull up outside their location. They grab the driver after the other man goes inside. A honk brings him out and Jax chases him into the warehouse, beating the shotgun out of his hands. He sees the suitcase the man was going for. He thinks it belongs to Galen.

The man claims to just be a courier, with no intel on Galen or Connor, but he changes his tune after Jax drives a knife through his hand. Galen left the country yesterday, but they're picking up Connor later. He writes down the address for Jax.

They're picking up Connor at a beverage supply house at 2 p.m. Jax is about to leave to deal with Diosa stuff when Juice asks him who's watching Tara.

San Joaquin DA Tyne Patterson (CCH Pounder) pays Roosevelt a visit at his station, asking for an update on the murder of Erin Byrne. She immediately asks about Nero and the fire at the white supremacist's compound, where a stash of KG9s was found.

Patterson wants to use Tara to get information on the club, even after Roosevelt says she's not the bad guy. She orders him to use Nero to get info on the club. He's not happy about it.

Nero and Jax meet at TM. Tara tells Jax that Gemma scares her because she still thinks Tara's trying to take the boys away. She tells him she's going to meet with Lowen at the hospital and he tells her to take Rat with her for protection.

Nero and Jax head out, with Roosevelt on their tail. Nero asks Jax about the trouble with the Irish, even though he's said he doesn't want anything to do with that side of the Sons' business. He thinks he and Jax are both responsible for getting the gun that was used in the school shooting into the hands of the kid. He just wants to know what's going on. "You don't have to give me no details, just tell me when to duck," Nero says.

Jax can tell he's wary and asks him to have patience, even though he says things with the Irish might get worse before they get better. Jax sees their involvement with Nero and Diosa as the way out of gun running. Jax doesn't think Erin's death has anything to do with the Irish; they would have hit closer to home.

They pull up to Collette's house, which is undergoing an inspection. Roosevelt is waiting outside when a black BMW pulls up. It's Charlie Barosky. He asks Roosevelt what he's doing and when Eli won't talk, Barosky offers to call his friend with the local PD to "help."

Inside, Nero and Jax catch Barosky up to speed on Erin's death and assume that's why Roosevelt is tailing them. Nero thinks it's his problem to solve because they're looking at him because of his criminal past. They assure Barosky it won't be an issue.

Jax has to leave when Tig pulls up. Nero invites Barosky to check out Diosa later.

Back at TM, Unser asks Tara if she's working on an "exit strategy." He can tell Tara didn't want Gemma to know about her meeting with Lowen. "Do you need my help?" he asks, but says he'd need to know all the facts.

The Sons pull up to the distribution warehouse to pick up Connor. He's walking toward their van when he stops and gets suspicious and takes off running. His guys start firing. Connor runs away but Happy comes around a corner in a van and runs him down. Connor dives through a window and into a warehouse. The Sons follow, racing through the warehouse until finally Jax drives an SUV through the warehouse and into crates of booze, which come crashing down on top of Connor.

Chibs surveys the scene. "Another fine Irishman, brought down by the bottle," he concludes. The Sons get Connor -- alive.

One Irish gets away but another is dead. The Sons find their stolen guns in the back. Jax decides to leave the dead guy and the guns, as a kind of peace offering for Galen's guys. They plan to take Connor to the Rez. Jax wants people guarding TM, but won't take Tig's suggestion to call Bobby. Chibs is annoyed.

In county, the prison library cart guy, who is Irish, brings Clay a copy of "The Mad King," with a note inside.

Back on the reservation, Jax asks Connor how to call the Irish Kings to make peace. He tells Connor he intends to let him go.

Jax reaches Brendan Roark and two other Kings in Belfast, trying to make peace. Jax explains to them the deal he offered to Galen but that he needed more time to make it work. He tells them Galen and Clay had deals outside of their organizations going back decades and Galen sabotaged things with Jax to protect that history with Clay.

Jax offers them August Marks as a new partner, saying he'll triple their business. He says Clay's days in Stockton State Prison‏‎ are numbered.

When the Kings hang up to consider Jax's deal, we see that Galen was sitting at the table with them listening in.

Galen refutes everything Jax said, insists that any deal he made helped them and says that Clay is still the key to distribution in Northern California. He has reached out and things with Clay will be set by the end of the day. None of them like the idea of working with a black gang.

"Our history with the Sons of Anarchy has come to an end. (Jax) gets what he wants -- out of guns, and ties severed," Galen says.

Wendy sees Gemma coming to see her at work and ducks into her office to cover up her non-existent neck bruises. Unser is with her but goes to wait in the car. Gemma tells her about the lockdown because of the Irish. Gemma thinks it'll send Tara's exit strategy into high gear.

Gemma wants Wendy to bring her a copy of Tara's will for her to show to Jax. She wants proof. Gemma gives Wendy some baby pictures of Abel, which she both appreciates and is suspicious of. Gemma tells Wendy she just wants the family drama to end and she liked Jax with her. Wendy is seriously torn over what she's up to with Tara.

Jax comes back to TM to hear Rogue River is on the way. Clay's lawyer calls to let them know Clay has a conjugal visit scheduled with Gemma -- the rooms aren't wired, so they figure he must want to tell the club something.

Nero drops in the station to see Roosevelt. He tells Nero the DA knows SAMCRO was involved in the school shooting. Nero lets him know he doesn't appreciate being followed. Roosevelt expects the DNA from his truck back in a few hours, after which he'll either charge Nero or leave him alone.

Tara meets with Ally Lowen in her office at the hospital. The lawyer explains why Lee Toric being dead hurts their case -- it looks like a hit because Lee was looking into the club, which hurts the argument that Otto killing Lee's sister was Otto acting alone and not something Tara helped facilitate. Suddenly, Wendy blows by Rat in the hallway and busts in to talk to Tara. She's freaking out about Gemma.

Tara tells Wendy to look big picture, getting Thomas and Abel away from the club. Tara knows she's going to jail and she needs Wendy to take care of her son, and Wendy's. Tara agrees to let Wendy spend time with Abel soon.

Gemma bribes a guard for two minutes in a conjugal room with Clay. He tells her the Irish reached out to him. She tells him about Galen killing V-Lin and Phil. He tells her about Jax trying to shift distribution to August Marks to get SAMCRO out of guns, which is news to her. Galen wants Clay to run the distribution, they'll bust him out on the way to his hearing in two weeks and he'll run the whole thing from Northern Ireland. It's not good news for the club. "Ask Jax what he wants me to do," Clay says.

Gemma knocks on the door to get let out, but two guards come in and tell them it's a conjugal visit for a reason. Either Clay has sex with Gemma while they watch or the guard will. They beat Clay until Gemma tells them to stop and agrees to do what they want.

They settle in to watch. Clay apologizes to Gemma but they have no choice but to go through with it.

After, Clay wants to kill both guards, but Gemma says Jax needs him alive right now.

As the guard escorts her out, he tells her "if you talk, he dies". Gemma doesn't say a word to Chibs.

Charlie Barosky chews out Nero and Jax for all the heat they're bringing with Patterson and the gun investigation. Jax promises if the case against them heats up, they'll pull out of Stockton.

Gemma comes in and waits at the bar, smoking a cigarette to cleanse herself. She sees Collette say good-bye to Jax.

Gemma has fully briefed Chibs, who relays Clay's conversation to Jax, but starts by throwing him around and asking him if he's crazy for trying to offer August Marks up as a partner to the genetically racist Irish Kings. Jax immediately grasps how bad the Irish offer to Clay is for the club. Chibs is angry Jax made another executive decision on his own, and says he could have warned Jax how deep the Irish hatred of black people runs.

"Do you trust me, Jaxy? Do you trust any of us? 'Cause it's not just your club," Chibs says. "It might not be anyone's club for much longer," Jax says.

"Don't give up Clay, he may be our only way into them," Chibs advises as Jax dials Ireland.

The Irish tell Jax to use a burner from the clubhouse and have a full table ready to vote on their terms in two hours. Chibs is suspicious.

At Diosa, Nero can tell something is off about Gemma, but she says she's just tired. Then she says she has to tell him something. "I don't want to keep things from you," she says.

Roosevelt gets the DNA results from Nero's truck and gets ready to go get him.

Back at TM, Jax waits at the table for the Irish call. Chibs checks in and tells him he's there for him. In the clubhouse, lockdown is starting to look like a kegger.

Tara is with Abel and Thomas in Jax's old room, but leaves with Thomas when Abel falls asleep.

Nero arrives with Gemma, angry. "You going to be ok with this?" she asks. "I'm trying," he says. She asks him to promise not to take it to Jax.

Roosevelt arrives and Unser goes out to check what he wants.

It's two minutes until the Irish call at 8 p.m.

Jax sees a pen with shamrocks on it and asks Chuckie where it came from -- the delivery guy who brought the beer left it a few hours ago. He assumed Gemma ordered the beer.

Chibs and Jax both realize they've received a bomb and shout to clear the clubhouse.

Jax runs to get a sleeping Abel from the back bedroom. He's running out the door with Chibs on his heels when all of TM blows. Everyone hunkers down outside as the explosion guts the clubhouse. Jax has Abel, Tara has Thomas, it seems like everyone made it out. They then watch as the clubhouse smolders.

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(not technically a church meeting)

(Chibs walks in): I brought everyone up to speed.

Jax: Okay. Thank you.

Chibs: We're all here for you. My brother.

Jax: I know. (Chibs leaves)



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