The Swole Boys Motorcycle Club (SBMC) is a motorcycle club located in Inland Empire, specifically the Southside of San Bernardino. They make their debut in Mayans MC season 2 episode Xaman-Ek. Its membership comprises of mostly white americans with some Asians, their color is mostly blue, ride sports bikes, and their club patch is a raging gorilla. They are also weight-lifting enthusiasts and use a gym as their clubhouse.


Mayans MCEdit


The Swole Boys is a relatively new organization seemingly with little to no real recognition outside their turf as Mayans Santo Padre charter member, Angel Reyes claimed to have no idea who they were. Seemingly stemming from their lack of experience and fame, they try to put on a tough attitude towards visitors who are in their turf.

Season 2Edit


When Ezekiel Reyes and Angel Reyes travel to Stockton in order to exact revenge on Happy Lowman for the murder of their mother, the two make a stop to fill in gasoline. Two members of the Swole Boys appear before them trying to impose on the Mayans' members by claiming they are on the turf threatening them to leave. In response Angel insults them as the "Slow Boys" with EZ, retorts with a verbally complex insult, poking fun at their lack of intellect.

As the two Swole Boys members try to attack them, Angel pulls out a gun saying that wearing a vest and a bike is not proof of being a real club. Deeming them and their tough talk attitude and embarassment he orders them to leave, which they comply with.

While reassuming their path the Reyes brothers hit at an Arcade to have fun playing some games. However, a female affiliated with the Swole Boys gives away the brothers' location to the club, prompting the coming of their members em masse.

The club arrives trying to take payback for their previous humiliation which fails when the Reyes brothers fight back with golf clubs creating an opening for Angel to retrieve his gun. Angel shoots a nearby car knowing it will attract the police. The two then ride away with the Swole Boys in pursuit, with EZ successfully kicking a member out of balance. When police arrives, Angel suggests they suspend their skirmish as avoiding law enforcement is prioritary. The club president agrees warning that their issue is not settled.

The Swole Boys and the Reyes brothers all take different paths, creating a smokescreen that blinds police causing them to crash, allowing the brothers to escape.

"Lahun Chan"Edit


  • Unnamed president
  • "Brad"
  • "Todd"



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