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"Sweet and Vaded" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventy-third episode overall.


SAMCRO comes to the aid of Nero's transsexual friend. Tara is more determined to make a break from Gemma, though possibly not from Jax. Tara fakes an assault, and gets a restraining order against Gemma.


(Opening montage) Back in the charred remains of the clubhouse the Sons start digging through the wreckage. Tara drops the boys off at daycare at the hospital, meeting Wendy there; she gives her a supportive hug, encouraging Wendy to follow through. Gemma pines alone at the garage without Nero. He meets with his lawyer in jail. Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) primps at Diosa. The Sons take the salvageable parts of the clubhouse to their new temporary home at Scoops & Sweets, a closed ice cream parlor owned by Jacob Hale. Jax gives him three months rent up front.

Hale tells him the town is spooked about the MC -- they've got about three months left in his term to buy some goodwill. After that, he expects to lose the election and any ability to help them on the council.

Charming Heights development has slowed to a standstill after the murder of Damon Pope. The transfer papers have delayed everything so it'll be another six months before the Sons' maintenance contracts kick in.

At the hospital, Tara draws her own blood in her office. Margaret brings her files and checks that she's OK. "Thank you, I know I've put a lot on you, things I've had no right to ask," Tara says. "We've been through a lot together, Tara. I know you. I have been where you are. I thought a lot about all this last night and I can imagine how extreme it must feel to you, but you have to stay focused on the big picture," Margaret says. "Dire circumstances require desperate measures," Tara says, resigned.

Tyne Patterson meets with Nero Padilla and his lawyer, Rodriguez. Patterson mocks Nero's business and his past criminal history then offers him a walk if he testifies that Jax and the Sons sold him the KG 9 that ended up in the school shooter's hands. She gives him 24 hours to think about it.

The Sons meet in their new clubhouse -- the upstairs of the ice cream parlor. Before they vote in the new patches, Jax says the Irish peace looks real. Bobby recaps their sad financials, hurting from the slowdown on Charming Heights and the destruction of Teller Morrow garage. They're relying on Diosa, but paying Nero back out of the profits.

Collette is spooked by Nero's arrest, so the Stockton expansion of Diosa is on hold.

They move on to accepting the new patches, Montez, Quinn and West.

After the hugs, Jax suggests making Rat Boy a full patch. They agree unanimously then holler for him to join them.

They all put on their most serious faces and command him to sit at the table and take off his cut. He's very worried, but they finally break the good news and welcome him.

August Marks comes to meet Jax and all the Sons at the warehouse. Jax explains his proposal that August take over their gun distribution wasn't exactly well received by the racist Irish Kings. He says he's working on something, but he's not ready to talk details. Jax explains why Connor is there and still alive, and August notes that Jax is learning. Bobby approves.

Jax gives Connor a message for Galen: They'll go along with Clay running distribution, but if that doesn't work, August is still willing to step in. As he's being put back in the van to be taken to his people, Connor thanks Chibs for sparing him. Chibs clarifies that he'd prefer Connor dead; Jax is the reason he's alive.

Gemma meets with Nero in jail. His lawyer is advising him to take the deal against the club. She mentions Venus coming by the club. Nero is clearly fond of her, calling her "familia." Gemma tells him that Venus's mother Alice has custody of Venus's nephew and Venus is worried about him. Nero is immediately alarmed and tells Gemma urgently that she has to get Jax to get the boy away from Alice, who will end up hurting him.

Roosevelt meets with Patterson, again making the not-so-subtle case against her railroading Nero. The DNA from Toric's room proving Nero's innocence could be back as early as tomorrow. She's trying to get Nero to take a deal before then, but doesn't expect him to.

Roosevelt tells her about running into Barosky outside a house in Stockton. She knows him as "a product of every slimy loophole in our system." She tells Roosevelt to look in to Barosky for a connection to the MC or the Byz Lats.

The Sons ride back to ice cream HQ and see Venus waiting for them with Gemma. Tig's jaw hits the floor, he is captivated. Jax is hesitant to get involved in anything, but Gemma convinces him to hear her out.

Joey, Venus's "sensitive" 15 year old nephew, ended up in the custody of his mother Alice when Venus's sister died while Venus was away. Venus tells the Sons that "abuse abounds in that house." She delicately explains how her mother tried to straighten her out when she was a 10 year old boy and her sexual inclinations and affiliations began to show themselves: She filmed young Venus in child porn.

Venus tried to talk to her mother yesterday, but her current husband "Mr. Dim and Dangerous" decked her. Venus suggests Joey can be watched by her friends in Seattle for a few months until he's old enough to emancipate. She's a wreck and practically dissolves when Jax agrees to help. (So does Tig.)

Tara meets with Ally at the hospital. She's prepared something that would legally prevent Gemma from being part of her sons' lives. Ally reminds Tara that the paper has no weight without both parents' signatures. Tara is sure Jax will sign it.

When Unser arrives, Tara asks him if he's still friends with a city clerk in Lodi. She wants to get a restraining order.

Roosevelt and Patterson pay Charlie Barosky a visit at his bakery. They know about the escort license Jax and Nero applied for at the Stockton house. Patterson tells him to get some dirt on them or she'll spend all her resources "inconveniencing every last one of your retirement funds."

Jax, Tig, Bobby and Chibs escort Venus to her mother's house. Gemma waits at the car.

They walk in the living room and see Joey drinking a beer watching TV with three other men. Venus's mother calls her "Vincent" and calls her a mutation. Venus tries to convince Joey to come with her calmly, but Alice intervenes. Then Alice grabs Venus's package and all hell breaks loose.

Alice's husband blasts a shotgun in Venus's direction, Jax tackles Venus to safety. Joey wonders why Grandpa has a gun. Bobby and Chibs subdue the other men, but Alice gets Joey into her minivan and drives off.

Venus hustles the Sons into their car and they take off after Alice and Joey. As they drive off, Alice's husband shouts: "You ain't ever getting your son back you lady-boy freak!"

Venus explains: "His mother Lula, she was my best friend. I was 21 and still discovering my womanhood when we both got drunk and coiled in a clumsy act of confused love. Joey was the result."

Tig looks like he loves her even more.

Lula raised him in Seattle and "Aunt Venus" sent money and visited when she could. They didn't want to confuse Joey by introducing him to his father turned auntie.

The cars are still racing down the road, with Bobby and Chibs on their bikes, when two of the men from Alice's house catch up in a car and ram Jax's SUV. Venus, in the back seat, grabs a gun from the open cooler beside her and shoots out the SUV's back window in retaliation, blasting into the following car's windshield. It veers and crashes, but gets away.

Jax pulls over, angry at Venus. She apologizes, saying her "Vincent" rage became uncorked. Jax delicately suggests she recork Vincent. The plate fell off the getaway car. Jax suggests they call Barosky to have it traced in the hopes of finding where they took Joey.

At the hospital, Margaret tells Tara it's time for something that Tara obviously isn't looking forward to. Margaret tells Wendy: "It's time for that meeting."

Unser gives Tara the restraining order and asks who it's for. Tara tells him only that it'll all make sense soon.

Barosky meets up with Jax outside the address -- a children's portrait studio.

Chibs, Tig, Jax and Barosky bust in the door and find Joey drugged and passed out on the couch. When Alice comes back, Venus grabs a gun and holds it on her. Jax gently gets her to turn it over.

They run the two guys off, but Alice stays to hurl insults at Venus, calling her a "freak of the fringe."

Alice absolutely lays into Venus and her words cut deeply into Jax as well as she talks about fathers and sons. "When he finds out what you are, he's going to grow up hating you. Hating your lies, hating the life you forced him into and hating himself. This boy's going to blow his brains out....because of you, the awful thing that turned out to be his father." She doesn't get any further than that because Jax blows her brains out.

Later, Barosky and Jax watch two seconds of taped video that nauseatingly confirms everything Venus said about child porn and puts the crib and kids things in the studio in a frightening, sickening light. Barosky tells Jax he'll track down the two other guys and make sure they don't come back. "You did this hood a service," he tells Jax. He offers to deal with dead Alice, "my treat."

Jax tells Venus she should tell Joey the truth. "I'm just not ready to lose him yet," she says.

Jax suggests Joey would be proud of her, but Venus worries about her family history of hate being passed down.

Bobby brings Gemma back to TM, where Wendy is waiting. She angrily tells Gemma that Tara thinks her commitment to the boys is wavering, so she picked Margaret to be the boys' guardian instead. She tells Gemma that Tara is plotting something with Ally and she thinks she's going to divorce Jax and keep them away from the boys.

Gemma goes off to the hospital in a rage. She finds Tara and Margaret in the cafeteria and starts making a scene. Tara walks off, refusing to let her have that conversation in front of everyone. When Margaret tries to follow, Gemma tosses her against a vending machine in a chokehold. Unser has to pull her off.

Tara races to her office, where she stuffs the bag of blood she drew earlier into her underwear and braces herself for what's about to come.

Gemma storms through the door and starts yelling. Tara yells back, telling her that the boys will not be raised in Charming and "they will not know their angry and psychotic grandmother!" Gemma slaps her, hard. Tara hits her back hard, throwing her against the wall. She braces herself for a counter punch, but it doesn't come.

Gemma smooths herself out and stays where she is. "You're lucky you're pregnant," Gemma says.

Tara quickly calculates then tosses her midsection against her desk to rupture the bag of blood in her underwear. Gemma watches with horror as blood starts to pour from between Tara's legs.

Unser, Wendy and Margaret all come in as Tara screams about her baby. Gemma can't believe what's happening. Tara plays it out, crying that Gemma attacked her. Wendy watches, not feeling good about her role in what's unfolding.

Unser can't believe what he's seeing either. Margaret calls for security, saying they all saw Gemma attack Tara. They take a shocked Gemma away.

Later, Jax rushes to Tara's side.

Gemma is taken into police custody. She's quiet and still, still reeling.

Unser joins Wendy in the chapel.

A doctor examines Tara.

Venus puts Joey on a bus to Seattle, with Tig as her escort. He cuddles up to her as the bus pulls away.

Roosevelt briefs Jax on things with Gemma, who gets fingerprinted at the station.

>Nero lies in his prison bunk, trying to block out the sounds of two men having sex below.

Jax comforts Tara. "I lost our baby girl," she says. Tara tells him she can't be around Gemma anymore. Tara shows him her bruise. "She kicked me in the stomach, what kind of sick person does that? She thinks I'm trying to take the boys away from her. She's so violent, I don't even tell you half the things that happen. I don't ever want her near our children again. Promise me," she says. He does.

Ally joins them. Jax signs the paperwork barring Gemma from his children.

Roosevelt leaves Gemma in jail, not sure what to make of everything.

Gemma sits in the cell, stunned and beaten, for the moment.

Church meetings Edit

Bobby: Home is where the Reaper is. (hugs Jax)

Jax: Let's get the guys up here.

Bobby: Yeah. (cutaway to other scene)

(SAMCRO sits around table)

Jax: Welcome to the new clubhouse. I wanted our first order of business to be voting in our new patches. Before I do that, I think it's only fair they know exactly where the club is at. As far as the Irish go, it looks like the peace is real. We're gonna cut Connor loose today, make sure everything moves forward with Clay. Bobby can walk us through our sad financials.

Bobby: Yeah, they are pretty sad, I'm afraid. Looks like it's gonna be a while before we get the green light to open T-M. And even once we do, my guess is it's gonna be pretty slow for a while. As far as the maintenance contract for Charming Heights goes, looks like that is not gonna happen until the fall. So have Diosa. It helps. But we are paying Nero back straight out of the profits. So, just ain't putting out much.

Jax: Yeah, Colette and her girls are a little spooked by Nero's bullshit arrest. So, the Diosa expansion in Stockton's on hold until I can convince her otherwise. Let's just keep looking for ways to earn that don't put us in the fire. If you guys come up with any ideas, please, bring them to the table. You guys good with all that?

Quinn: Good.

Montez: Yeah, I get it.

West: I'm good, brother.

Jax: Okay. Allesandro Montez, Orlin West, Rane Quinn. Letters are good, they're free to jump charters. All in favor of making these 3 men Redwood Original. Yea!

(everyone): Yea!

Jax: Opposed? (silence) Welcome to SAMCRO, boys! (everyone pounds table)

Quinn: Yeah! (hugs all around, Bobby gets patches for new members)

Tig: Quinn, welcome to the Crow, man.

Chibs: Quinn. (hugs) (handshakes and back-slaps all around)

(Jax hits gavel 4 times): There's one more name I wanna put on the table. Ratboy. It's been almost a year since he put on the prospect patch, and I think he's shown us a lot. He's smart, he's loyal, fearless, works like a dog, and unlike most of you gossip whores, he knows when to shut up. (everyone laughs) As his sponsor, I think he deserves a full patch. So, all in favor of making George Skogstrom a member of Redwood Original?

(everyone): Yea!

Jax: Opposed? (silence, then smiles) Go get him.

(Tig pokes head out door): Hey Rat! Hey! Get your skinny ass up here!

(Ratboy appears at door): Yeah? (closes door and enters)

Jax: Sit down.

Ratboy: At the table?

Tig: No, on my dick. Yeah, at the table. (Ratboy sits) (everyone stares at Ratboy angrily)

Jax: Take off the cut. (Ratboy takes off cut) On the table. (Ratboy sets it on table) I need you to cut off that prospect rocker. (Ratboy pulls knife and starts to cut)

Chibs: Hey. Replace it with this, young brother. (puts patches on his cut) (hugs Ratboy while everyone laughs and pounds table)

Jax: You're in, son. (hugs)

Ratboy: Thanks, brother.



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