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Suits of Woe is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' nintieth episode overall.


The SOA organization bears down on SAMCRO. Jax comes face to face with an ugly truth.


Jax spends all night awake next to his sleeping son, trying to figure out if there's any truth to what Abel said about Gemma killing Tara. Gemma talks to Tara's ghost again, apologizing for everything. Juice gives himself a pep talk to get through his ongoing rape by Tully and upcoming murder of Lin.

In the morning, feeling grateful to Jax for him telling Abel she's his birth mother, Wendy confesses her role in hiding Juice from the club, and tells Jax that Gemma and Unser also knew. He asks her not to tell anyone else while he gets answers. She wonders if she's signed someone's death warrant.

Jax pays Unser a visit. It's clear that Jax has the beginnings of a theory that he's having a hard time even considering. He is deliberate, calm and as methodical in his questions. He doesn't understand why Juice would go to Gemma, of all people, for help. Jax wants details on Gemma's behavior the night Tara was killed. When Jax asks Unser to get Jarry to set up a face to face with Juice, Unser says he knows the club's plans for Lin. Then he mentions that Chris Dun, the guy Gemma ID'd, wasn't even in the state the night of Tara's murder.

Whatever Jax has been telling himself to avoid thinking of his mother as a murderer takes a serious hit.

He pleads with Unser for the meeting with Juice, to finally get at the truth, telling him they can watch the surveillance. Unser is willing to give him one last chance, but warns him he's done doing favors if Jax burns him.

Meanwhile in Stockton, a guard tells Juice his window with Lin will come after breakfast.

Jax summons Tig and Chibs to get Tully to turn off the cameras while he meets with Juice. He won't say what the meeting's about.

In Stockton, a guard takes Juice to a boiler room and gives him a cell phone and a change of clothes. Lin is chained to a pipe inside. Juice sets up the camera as he asks Lin who sold out the club about the guns. He promises Lin nothing will happen to him. Lin says it was Charlie Barosky, in exchange for a ton of cash.

Juice turns off the camera, takes out his shiv and stabs Lin in the throat, smiling. "I'm a rat, what makes you think I wouldn't be a liar, too?" he says.

At TM, Unser tells Gemma that Jax knows they were helping Juice. She acts unfazed when Unser says Dunn was in Vegas the night Tara was killed, saying it was probably another Asian. Unser questions her nonchalantly, wanting to know when Juice asked her for help. She fumbles around and makes something up that sounds like she fumbled around and made something up. Unser tells her Jax is on the way to Stockton to talk to Juice and is determined to get at the truth. Gemma makes up an excuse to leave. Unser asks Chuckie to follow her, but he's not sure why.

At Red Woody, they discuss the fact that the Indian Hills forum did not go well. They need Juice to get Lin's confession that Jury was the rat or Jax could be facing a mayhem vote.

In Stockton, Tully visits with Jax. He gives him the confession footage and tells him Lin is dead. As Juice arrives, Tully is escorted out, leering at Juice.

Jax and Juice sit down.

Juice tells him Barosky was the rat. Then Jax tells him what he knows about Gemma and Dunn being in Vegas the night of the murder. "Why would you go to my mom to hide from the club? Did she owe you a favor?" Jax asks.

"We just kinda, uh, found each other," Juice says.

Jax considers him. Then he carefully and slowly tells Juice about Abel hurting himself and blaming Gemma, and Abel telling him Gemma had killed his first mommy. When Jax pressed, Abel said he had overheard Gemma telling Thomas that she was sorry she had killed his first mommy.

He doesn't know if Abel is delusional or tormented. "Every scenario seems insane to me. My son is twisted up," Jax says. He pleads with Juice with tears in his eyes, asking for the truth.

Juice gives it to him. "I went to your house that night, looking for Gemma, like you asked. I was still trying to wrap my head around what you said to me, about betraying you. I met Eli out front. He was waiting on Tara. I heard a crash. Eli ran in the house. I followed. Tara was dead. The place was trashed. She must have gotten in a brawl with Gemma. Your mom was on the floor, freaked out, covered in blood. Eli was about to call it in. I killed him."

Jax wipes away tears. "And then Gemma needed you as much as you needed her," Jax says.

Juice admits they just needed a fall guy in the Chinese. It was Juice's suggestion to use the Chinese.

Jax tells Juice that Bobby is dead, and what August did to him.

"Thank you for telling me the truth. I'll make sure it's quick," Jax says.

Later, Gemma gets a call from Juice telling her that he told Jax everything. And Gemma's world finally begins to unravel around her.

Jax returns to Red Woody and talks to Chibs and Tig. He tells them Lin is dead and Barosky was the rat. He's ready to deal with Barosky soon. "I just need to handle a family problem first," Jax says, then assigns guys to track down Gemma, without saying why.

At her house, Gemma packs a bag. When Wendy stops in, Gemma approves of Jax telling Abel she's his birth mom and doesn't offer any blowback over spilling about Juice. Gemma fits in cuddle time with Thomas.

At Diosa, Nero and Alvarez finish the paperwork transferring ownership. Montez and Quinn come in looking for Gemma.

At her house, Gemma tells Chuckie that she has to hide from the club and if they find her it'll be bad. He tells her to hit him. Moments later, when Rat and Happy show up looking for her, Chuckie sells them on Gemma hitting him for his car and taking off. Gemma hides in the other room until they leave, then thanks Chuckie.

"You're my best friend, Gem," he says.

"I accept that," she says.

Jarry shows up at Unser's trailer with news of Lin's death and the blank meeting room tape. When Jax, Tig and Chibs roll up, Unser confronts Jax. Tig relays word of Gemma's supposed flight from her house and Jax asks Unser to get her to come to TM. But Unser reminds him he's done helping after this latest burn. Jax says about Tara.

"If you gave a s--- about Tara maybe you'd spend a little less time being a thug and a little more time being a dad," Unser says.

Jax shoves him, but Unser doesn't back down, asking Jax if he's going to add him to his body count. "Maybe I should go into my trailer and wait in my kitchen for somebody to stick a fork in my head!" Unser shouts.

Jax slugs him. Jarry rushes to Unser as the Sons ride off. Unser doesn't know what's going on, but tells Jarry to put out an APB for assault to keep him from hurting anyone else.

Gemma calls Nero from the steps of a church, saying she needs to talk in private.

Jarry and Unser go to see Juice in Stockton. He's feeling chippy and resigned to his fate. He says he told Jax the truth, which Gemma also knows. "Gemma knows every truth behind every lie, inside every secret. She's the gatekeeper," he says.

When they try to offer protection, Juice says: "I'm all done. It's too late...for all of us."

Tig, Chibs and Jax wait for Barosky in his bakery. Chibs wants to know what's going on with Gemma, but Jax refuses to say until he talks to her.

Nero meets Gemma, parked across from the house she was born in and her dad's parish. Gemma tells Nero about how badly she wanted to be a mother and that she never quit on Jax. She says she was bad at everything except being a mother. She tells him she loves him and it sounds like she's saying good-bye.

She asks him not to answer Jax's call when his phone rings. But she won't tell him what happened. On the second call, Nero picks up. He won't give Jax any information. So then Jax says he went to see Juice. We don't hear the rest of what he says, but the pain of the truth is all over Nero's face. He hangs up, barely able to stand.

"Is that true?" is all he says to Gemma. She says it's complicated and Nero dies a little inside. He asks again.

"Yes," she says.

Nero fights for air. Then he says: "You should go."

Gemma gets in her car and drives off, leaving Nero a wreck, sobbing on the curb over the lies and the woman he loved.

At Barosky's shop, Tig and Chibs see Sheriff's deputies out front and shout APB then stall them just long enough for Jax to run out the back and steal some dude's car. (One of the final chase scenes of the year is set not to hip hop or heavy metal, but to the frantic jazz saxophone of Jackie McLean on "Jackknife.") Jax races down a hill, drawing a deputy into a parked car and getting away.

Gemma visits Abel on the other side of the fence at school. She gives him the "Sons" ring that belonged to John Teller and later Jax. She tells Abel that his parents love him and he did nothing wrong. Abel's teacher Mrs. Harrison sees and tells Gemma she needs to leave. Gemma doesn't protest when Mrs. Harrison says she'll have to report her. Gemma thanks her for looking out for Abel and leaves.

Jax hides out at Alvarez's. Jax wants to handle Baroksy quietly and lays out plans to sit down with Tyler, and also Connor about guns, so that black, white and brown are united when August Marks gets out soon on bail.

Two guards visit Juice and tell him they're hopping on the "Orient Express," and Juice needs to be in the infirmary. They beat him up to send him there.

Sitting around a make-shift table at Alvarez's, Jax tells them what Abel said and Juice confirmed. "The Chinese didn't kill Tara, Gemma did," Jax. He fills them in on the rest, including that "the Chinese guy I tortured, whose head I split open, he wasn't even in the state the night Tara was killed."

"The level of brutality in Tara's murder, I thought it could only be gang retaliation -- a message. I was wrong. That mistake was mine and mine alone," he says. He takes responsibility for the deaths of West, Jury and Bobby.

Jax is going to sit down with Indians Hills and come clean, then patch up all their street relationships. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore and suggests they reconvene tomorrow. "I'm sorry that the family I was given has created so much chaos to the family I've chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much," Jax says.

Unser drops by Gemma's house and finds Chuckie there. "She's not coming back, is she, Wayne?" Chuckie says.

Hugs are exchanged as the Sons leave Jax alone. Nero joins Jax. Nero doesn't try to pretend he hasn't seen Gemma, but says he doesn't know where she is. "How do I come back from this? The damage to my club and my family," Jax says.

"Maybe it's time to honor Tara's wish," Nero says. Nero asks what will happen to Gemma and thinks he sees murder in Jax's eyes.

Nero cautions him that a son killing his mother would be too deep a wound to heal.

"That's the part that hurts the most about all this. After everything she did, all the lies and death and wreckage, I still love her. She's my mom. How could she do this to Tara?" Jax sobs. Nero hugs him.

Gemma smokes in her car out on the road driving north, listening to hymns.

Church meetings[]

Jax: I'm sorry for the lack of communication today. I got some information last night from my son. Something he overheard Gemma say. Juice confirmed it this morning. I didn't want to believe it, but after my mom took off.... The Chinese didn't kill Tara. Gemma did. It was a fit of rage, I guess. Juice was with Eli when he found her and he killed Roosevelt. And then Gemma and Juice put together the lie. The Chinese guy that I tortured, whose head I split open, he wasn't even in the state the night Tara was killed. The level of brutality in Tara's murder, I thought it could only be gang retaliation. A message. I was wrong. That mistake is mine, and mine alone. Everything that happened as a result of that mistake, every body that dropped, every relationship that was scorched. West, Jury, Bobby, everything that jeopradized this club was my fault.

Chibs: Jackie-

Jax: Chibs. I'm gonna sit down with Packer and the other presidents. Come clean about Jury. Then we sit down with Tyler, the Irish and the Mayans, we discuss guns and territories. I can't do anything to change what's happened. But I'm gonna make damn sure I do everything I can to make it right. I can't talk about any of this right now, and I'd appreciate some time to think. I suggest you do the same. We'll meet back here tomorrow. I'm sorry that the family I was given has created so much chaos in the family I've chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much. (leaves)


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