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Sons of Anarchy
For the Motorcycle Club, see Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.
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Sons of Anarchy is an American television drama series created by Kurt Sutter that premiered on the cable network FX. Making its debut on September 3, 2008 with the series' premiere episode, "Pilot", in the series' first season, the show aired its first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, and ended on September 9, 2014 with the series' finale episode, "Papa's Goods" in the series' seventh, and final, season.

A spinoff series, Mayans MC, was created which occurs two years after the events seen in Sons of Anarchy. Creator Kurt Sutter refers to it as the second chapter of a four-part story.


Sons of Anarchy MC, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses through its many charters in various U.S. states, some Canadian provinces and at least three charters overseas. Specifically, the MC's mother charter, Redwood Original (aka SAMCRO) combines arms dealing with an automotive garage, plus involvement in the pornographic and prostitution industries. Residing in Charming, CA, SAMCRO acts as the unofficial protector of its small town and holds the respect of its people. The charter however is not as united as it may outwardly appear. President, Clay, likes it old school and violent; while Jax, his stepson and the club's VP, has thoughts about changing the way things are, based on his dead father's manuscript & intentions for the club he founded decades ago. Their conflict has effects on both the club and their personal relationships.[1]

SAMCRO is an Acronym for 'Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original'.


The third season of the series attracted an average of 4.9 million viewers per week, making it FX's highest rated series ever, surpassing FX's other hits The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Rescue Me. On February 3, 2012, Sons of Anarchy was renewed for two additional seasons, a fifth and a sixth. After the release of the 5th and 6th season Kurt Sutter announced the seventh season stating it would be the last season of the series and that Sons of Anarchy would end in a "big" way. The first episode of the seventh season of Sons of Anarchy aired on September 9, 2014 the last episode aired on December 9, 2014.

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There is more to the Sons of Anarchy, please click the references number and read what ever is on the link. Thanks for your co-operation. [2] The cast below is listed according to the opening. Veteran regular members are above new regular members if they'd occupied the same place in the opening (that explains why William Lucking is above David Labrava, for example) and Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff are credited higher because of their characters' importance, which, according to Kurt Sutter, only puts them below Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal.



Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pilot.jpg "Pilot" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Allen Coulter & Michael Dinner September 3, 2008 #101
When a rival club cleans out and then destroys their illegal arms warehouse, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) executes their own sense of justice in retrieving their guns. Meanwhile, family issues take center stage with a medical emergency involving Jax Teller's newborn son.
Seeds.jpg "Seeds" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Charles Haid September 10, 2008 #102
As the club deals with the aftermath of their illegal arms warehouse attack, the Deputy Chief of Police poses a new threat to SAMCRO's reign over Charming. Jax continues to worry about the fate of his newborn son and begins to question the club's rough way of doing business. Opie's financial struggles leave him with a difficult choice.
Fun Town.jpg "Fun Town" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Stephen T. Kay September 17, 2008 #103
When the young daughter of a prominent Charming family is assaulted during a visiting carnival, SAMCRO races the authorities to capture the assailant. Meanwhile, a new shipment of guns arrives from their IRA connection with an additional price. Tara's ex-boyfriend arrives in Charming.
Patch Over.jpg "Patch Over" Writer: Jim Parriott Director: Paris Barclay September 24, 2008 #104
The club travels to Nevada to store arms with a brother club, The Devil's Tribe. When the Mayans pose a threat, Clay decides to "patch-over" the tribe, making them an official SOA charter. Tara's ex, ATF agent Kohn, begins investigating SAMCRO.
Giving Back.jpg "Giving Back" Writer: Jack LoGiudice Director: Tim Hunter October 1, 2008 #105
Gemma hosts a town fundraiser, which brings the ex club member who was responsible for Opie's arrest back to town… and into direct conflict with Jax and Opie. Clay deals with protecting a perverse parolee who can lead to a big payoff. ATF agent Kohn continues to investigate SOA.
AK-51.jpg "AK-51" Writer: N. Beattie Rapaport Director: Seith Mann October 8, 2008 #106
A small favor for Piney's old war buddy turns into a big problem for SAMCRO. With Clay detained, Jax must step-up to handle the situation.
Old Bones.jpg "Old Bones" Writer: Dave Erickson Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 15, 2008 #107
When old bones are discovered on the outskirts of Charming, Clay is forced to deal with secrets he buried long ago. Meanwhile, the club sets its sights on prize money, backing Half-Sack in a bare-knuckle brawl. ATF agent Kohn's investigation turns personal when his true intentions are revealed.
The Pull.jpg "The Pull" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Jack LoGiudice Director: Guy Ferland October 22, 2008 #108
With the IRA gun payment looming, SAMCRO scrambles to come up with the cash. The Mayans and Nords take a drastic step in strengthening their alliance. And Jax finds himself in a dangerous position with Tara.
Hell Followed.jpg "Hell Followed" Writer: Brett Conrad Director: Billy Gierhart October 29, 2008 #109
SAMCRO plans retaliation on a rival biker club while dealing with a wounded Cameron Hayes in the clubhouse. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby, and Opie aim to put an end to the gun debt for good.
Better Half.jpg "Better Half" Writer: Pat Charles Director: Mario Van Peebles November 5, 2008 #110
With ATF agent Stahl pressing the women of SAMCRO, Jax sees Chief Unser as the key to the club's salvation. Tara still reels from the Kohn situation. And Cherry reveals some interesting information about her past to Gemma.
Capybara.jpg "Capybara" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Dave Erickson Director: Stephen T. Kay November 12, 2008 #111
When one SOA member is arrested for murder and another goes missing, Jax must choose between friendship and the club. Meanwhile, Abel grows stronger and is soon to be released from the NICU, but he's not the only one coming home.
The Sleep of Babies.jpg "The Sleep of Babies" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Terrence O'Hara November 19, 2008 #112
In need of cash to fund Bobby's defense, Clay's solution leaves SAMCRO in a vulnerable position. What's supposed to be a happy homecoming for Abel ends in more turmoil for the club.
The Revelator.jpg "The Revelator" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Kurt Sutter November 26, 2008 #113
In the wake of a great tragedy, the club must re-evaluate their bonds of brotherhood.

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Albification.jpg "Albification" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Guy Ferland September 8, 2009 #201
With the club divided in the wake of Donna's death, Clay sets up a new gun deal with the IRA. Meanwhile, a white separatist group takes root in Charming and threatens more than just Samcro's control over Charming. The L.O.A.N gang kidnaps and rapes Gemma and tells her to stop Samcro from selling guns to blacks and other non-white gangs.
Small Tears.jpg "Small Tears" Writer: Jack LoGiudice Director: Stephen T. Kay September 15, 2009 #202
Following a traumatic event, Gemma finds herself unable to tell either Clay or Jax about it. Meanwhile, a rival porn producer (Tom Arnold) moves to put Luanne out of business; and Clay takes exception to Jax's hasty decision making.
Fix.jpg "Fix" Writer: Dave Erickson Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton September 22, 2009 #203
Zobelle (Adam Arkin) cooks up a "temporary problem" for Hale to solve as a way to undermine Samcro; Gemma's rape is undermining her relationship with Clay; and Jax's involvement in Luanne's porn business is getting to Tara. Meanwhile, Clay tells Bobby, who needs a job, to run the business end of Luanne's business.
Eureka.jpg "Eureka" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Brett Conrad Director: Guy Ferland September 29, 2009 #204
Tensions between Jax and Clay escalate when they disagree over strategy for rescuing Tig after he's captured by bounty hunters on a gun-running mission. Back in Charming, Gemma is rattled by a graphic reminder of her attack, and she sets out to do something about it.
Smite.jpg "Smite" Writer: Chris Collins Director: Terrence O'Hara October 6, 2009 #205
Charming and its small-town appeal become vulnerable to The League, which finds new ways to provoke SOA members. Tara's compassionate efforts to help a distraught Gemma don't go unpunished.
Falx Cerebri.jpg "Falx Cerebri" Writer: Regina Corrado Director: Billy Gierhart October 13, 2009 #206
Incited by Zobelle, Clay sets a course for retaliation, forcing Jax to turn to an unlikely source to save the club from destruction. Gemma shows Tara how an old lady handles her anger.
Gilead.jpg "Gilead" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 20, 2009 #207
Since The League has SAMCRO members behind bars, the club must make new alliances in prison to survive. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agent Stahl uses this imprisonment to test Clay and Jax's relationship.
Potlatch.jpg "Potlatch" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Misha Green Director: Paul Maibaum October 27, 2009 #208
Zobelle's business dealings with SAMCRO rivals exacerbate divisions in the club, which is already riven by the Jax-Clay split. And complicating matters further, Georgie Caruso's thugs attack Luanne's studio. Meanwhile, Clay comes to an agreement with Elliott Oswald; and Chibs' estranged wife shows up at his hospital bedside.
Fa Guan.jpg "Fa Guan" Writer: Brett Conrad & Liz Sagal Director: Stephen T. Kay November 3, 2009 #209
When Samcro's adult-film business becomes a hindrance to the club, Clay seizes the opportunity to revive the gun-running cartel. As Jax and Clay continue to clash over club activities, their relationship reaches a new level of antagonism.
Balm.jpg "Balm" Writer: Dave Erickson & Stevie Long Director: Paris Barclay November 10, 2009 #210
Agent Stahl takes notice at the handsome profits Samcro is reaping from the repo business. Meanwhile, the Jax-Clay standoff forces Gemma to make a difficult decision.
Service.jpg "Service" Writer: Kurt Sutter and Jack LoGiudice (teleplay)

Brady Dahl & Cori Uchida (story)

Director: Phil Abraham November 17, 2009 #211
Chibs contemplates making a secret deal with agent Stahl in order to protect his wife and daughter. Deep in emotional turmoil, Opie seeks both revenge and reconciliation.
The Culling.jpg "The Culling" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Dave Erickson Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton November 24, 2009 #212
The entire SAMCRO family goes on lockdown inside the clubhouse as Jax and Clay prepare to battle The League. A.J. Weston learns the truth about Ethan Zobelle's business dealings in Charming. Applying what she has learned from Gemma, Tara ensures her position at St. Thomas Hospital.
Na Trioblóidí.jpg "Na Trioblóidí" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Kurt Sutter December 1, 2009 #213
As SAMCRO attempts to rid Charming of Ethan Zobelle and The League permanently, familiar faces present new challenges.

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
SO.jpg "SO" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Stephen T. Kay September 7, 2010 #301
The aftermath of Abel's kidnapping has the Sons reeling, especially Jax; Gemma, who is still on the lam, gets hit with some unexpected news from her past.
Oiled.jpg "Oiled" Writer: Kurt Sutter
Dave Erickson
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton September 14, 2010 #302
To get intel on Abel's whereabouts, Jax and the club help a bounty hunter track down a skip; Gemma deals with her family issues.
Caregiver.jpg "Caregiver" Writer: Chris Collins
Regina Corrado
Director: Billy Gierhart September 21, 2010 #303
The club exploits its porn connections to entertain Henry Lin's clients, which doesn't sit well with one member.
Home.jpg "Home" Writer: Kurt Sutter
Liz Sagal
Director: Guy Ferland September 28, 2010 #304
SAMCRO heads north to help Happy with a pharmaceutical favor in redneck territory; Gemma tries to put old family matters to rest.
Turning and Turning.jpg "Turning and Turning" Writer: Dave Erickson
Marco Ramirez
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 5, 2010 #305
To help his mother, club, and son, Jax conspires with an unlikely source; the MC puts Chucky undercover.
The Push.jpg "The Push" Writer: Chris Collins
Julie Bush
Director: Stephen T. Kay October 12, 2010 #306
To protect their territory, Sons of Anarchy must handle a rat at St. Thomas.
WideningGyre.jpg "Widening Gyre" Writer: Kurt Sutter
Regina Corrado
Director: Billy Gierhart October 19, 2010 #307
The Grim Bastards have a problem that could jeopardize Samcro's new business arrangements.
LochanMor.jpg "Lochán Mór" Writer: Dave Erickson
Liz Sagal
Kurt Sutter
Director: Guy Ferland October 26, 2010 #308
When Samcro pays a visit to another charter, not everyone's happy to see the mother chapter.
Turas.jpg "Turas" Writer: Kurt Sutter (Story)
Chris Collins & Brady Dahl (Teleplay)
Director: Stephen T. Kay November 2, 2010 #309
The club embarks on a protection run, the likes of which they've never seen before.
Fírinne.jpg "Fírinne" Writer: Kurt Sutter
Vaun Wilmott
Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton November 9, 2010 #310
The True IRA wants proof that one of their own has flipped and Samcro intends to give it to them.
Bainne.jpg "Bainne" Writer: Dave Erickson
Regina Corrado
Kurt Sutter
Director: Adam Arkin November 16, 2010 #311
While the club's on a man hunt, Jax faces the toughest decision of his life.
June Wedding.jpg "June Wedding" Writer: Kurt Sutter (Story)
Chris Collins (Teleplay)
Director: Phil Abraham November 23, 2010 #312
Tara is held hostage and Jax must choose between revenge and the good of Charming. Jimmy O has also returned from Ireland and finds himself in a precarious position with Russian gunrunner Putlova.
NS.jpg "NS" Writer: Kurt Sutter
Dave Erickson
Director: Kurt Sutter November 30, 2010 #313
SAMCRO looks to heal old wounds while the ATF and the Russians stand in the way.

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Season4InfoboxOUT.png "Out" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Paris Barclay September 6, 2011 #401
The incarcerated SAMCRO members (including Jax and Clay) are released from prison after serving 14 months for federal weapons charges. They return to Charming and encounter a new sheriff, Eli Roosevelt, and an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Lincoln Potter. Roosevelt and Potter set up a secret task force to indict the club for their weapons dealing. Opie and Lyla get married and Jax proposes to Tara.
BoosterInfobox.png "Booster" Writer: Dave Erickson & Chris Collins Director: Guy Ferland September 13, 2011 #402
Clay and Jax make a deal with Gallindo drug cartel representative Romero Parada. They agree to supply weapons to, and transport cocaine on behalf of, the cartel. Clay asks for Jax's support in the club's vote on the deal, Jax agrees begrudgingly in exchange for the freedom to leave the club when Clay eventually steps down as president. Gemma finds a note from John Tellerin Tara's things, and takes it to Unser. After the clubhouse has been destroyed in a show of power by Roosevelt, Tara manages to change the mood by announcing her engagement with Jax.
DorylusMain.jpg "Dorylus" Writer: Regina Corrado & Liz Sagal Director: Peter Weller September 20, 2011 #403
SAMCRO encounters an unlikely foe when a shipment of guns is stolen.
UnaVentaMain.jpg "Una Venta" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Billy Gierhart September 27, 2011 #404
SAMCRO makes a run to Tucson to set up their cocaine and weapons routes. They find that the SAMTAZ charter has begun manufacturing and selling methamphetamines and investigate the circumstances that led the charter to become involved in drugs. Gemma befriends Roosevelt's wife.
BrickMain.jpg "Brick" Writer: Dave Erickson & Brady Dahl Director: Paris Barclay October 4, 2011 #405
Police Chief Roosevelt threatens to tell SAMCRO of Juice’s African American ancestry and forces Juice to take a sample of the cocaine that SAMCRO is transporting for the Gallindo drug cartel.
WithAnXMAIN.jpg "With An X" Writer: Chris Collins & Regina Corrado Director: Guy Ferland October 11, 2011 #406
Juice scrambles to survive as the theft of cocaine from the club is discovered. Tig's daughter Dawn comes to town looking for financial support. Lyla discovers Opie's infidelity.
Sons-of-anarchy-promo-fruit-for-the-crows 439x300.png "Fruit For The Crows" Writer: Kurt Sutter and Liz Sagal Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 18, 2011 #407
The rival Lobos Sonora cartel attacks the Mayans cocaine distribution operation and SAMCRO retaliates. Tara finds a death threat and fearing further attacks from the cartel the club goes into lockdown. Bobby calls a vote to replace Clay as president. Under increasing pressure from Roosevelt, Juice hangs himself from a tree.
FamilyRecipe.png "Family Recipe" Writer: Dave Erickson and Brady Dahl Director: Paul Maibaum October 25, 2011 #408
Juice survives when the tree branch snap but Chibs finds out about the suicide attempt. The Lobos Sonora cartel attacks the Teller Morrow compound just as SAMCRO begin the leadership vote. When they discover that Lobos Sonora are using a Mayans member as an informant SAMCRO postpone the vote and attempt to set a trap but the cartel remains a step ahead. Clay murders Piney before he can reveal JT's letters. Tara resolves to leave town for the safety of her family.
KissMain.png "Kiss" Writer: Regina Corrado & Marco Ramirez Director: Billy Gierhart November 1, 2011 #409
The Niners have made a new alliance that affects SAMCRO's agenda. Gemma and Unser see the fallout from Clay's actions. Tara plans a trip to Oregon to clear her head, with Jax deciding to escort her up. The Gallindo Cartel gives Clay a means to take out Tara once and for all.
HANDSmain.png "Hands" Writer: Chris Collins & David Labrava & Kurt Sutter Director: Peter Weller November 8, 2011 #410
Jax and Tara discover the peaceful possibilities of life outside of SAMCRO, but the harsh reality of their inability to leave the rest of the group behind quickly makes itself known to the two of them.
CallofDutyMain.jpg "Call of Duty" Writer: Liz Sagal & Gladys Rodriguez Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton November 15, 2011 #411
SAMCRO is in jeopardy of being muscled out of their own business when a formidable adversary arrives and quickly manages to pose a threat to their already fragile business relations with the Cartel.
BurntPurgedAway.jpg "Burnt and Purged Away" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Dave Erickson Director: Paris Barclay November 22, 2011 #412
SAMCRO negotiates with the Irish Kings to secure the club's future. Jax confronts Wendy over her return to Charming. Clay tries to make a deal with Tara. Meanwhile, Otto's deal with Potter goes through, much to Bobby's dismay. Opie's trust in Jax and the club is broken as he seeks revenge and reconciliation. On Gemma's request, Unser tries to undo the damage he's done. Opie shoots Clay twice in the clubhouse to avenge his father's and first wife's deaths.
Soa 413 ToBeAct1.jpg "To Be, Act 1" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins Director: Kurt Sutter November 29, 2011 #413
In the aftermath of Clay's shooting, Jax's cover up puts Tig on the hunt and Laroy in danger. While on the verge of the Irish/Cartel meeting, Juice and Bobby's disappearance puts the club on edge. Gemma reveals family history in an attempt to pull Jax closer, while Tara makes certain of her family's departure from Charming.
SonsofAnarchy-ToBeAct2.jpg "To Be, Act 2" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins Director: Kurt Sutter December 6, 2011 #414
History repeats itself when Jax's future in Charming and with the MC is finally determined. Potter's RICO case takes an unusual turn when the Gallindo Cartel reveals its true intentions. The vote is made on Hale's Charming Heights proposition. SAMCRO makes a shift in its member's rank.

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pope Soveriegn.jpg "Sovereign" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Paris Barclay September 11, 2012 #501
Jax and Tara take their place as president and queen of SAMCRO while Tig faces the aftermath of the ordeal with Damon Pope's daughter and Bobby takes over his position in the SAMCRO ranks.
Jax Tara Authorized Wedding.jpg "Authority Vested" Writer: Regina Corrado Director: Peter Weller September 18, 2012 #502
Jax and Chibs hide out at Nero's escort offices while planning their next move. Tig and the club scour Oakland for Fawn. Clay makes a move that surprises Bobby and Opie. In the midst of chaos, Jax and Tara have an abrupt wedding ceremony. Nero begins to develop an alliance with Jax and a relationship with Gemma.
Season 5 Ep 3.jpg "Laying Pipe" Writer: Kem Nunn & Liz Sagal & Kurt Sutter Director: Adam Arkin September 25, 2012 #503
As Jax, Chibs, Tig, and Opie struggle to stay alive during their time in County jail, Bobby finds out from Luis that the cartel is looking to secure a backup plan. Gemma turns to an unlikely source as Tara continues to maneuver Thomas and Abel away from her. Meanwhile, Clay uses Nero's escort services to get a rise out of Gemma. Damon Pope gives Jax his terms and conditions, which could effectively change the entire dynamic of SAMCRO. Opie is killed so the other members can be released.
Stolen Huffy.jpg "Stolen Huffy" Writer: Chris Collins Director: Paris Barclay October 2, 2012 #504
The police raid on Nero's brothel leaves Nero and Carla without an office space. Meanwhile, Jax and Chibs try to protect the escort the Byz Lats believe is responsible. Wendy tries to come to honest terms with Tara while Gemma makes a move to get Tara back on her side. Opie's wake is held, with all of SAMCRO in attendance.
Orca Shrugged.jpg "Orca Shrugged" Writer: Regina Corrado & Kurt Sutter Director: Gwyneth Horder-Payton October 9, 2012 #505
The club votes on getting into the companion business with Nero. Meanwhile, Jax begins to build bridges by getting Jacob Hale's Charming Heights development back on track. The Gallindo/Irish Kings meeting finally happens. Gemma confronts her son over her relationship with Nero. Roosevelt's wife shoots herself while she is pushed to the floor during a home invasion. A transvestite hooker does a favor for SAMCRO.
Small World.jpg "Small World" Writer: Roberto Patino Director: Adam Arkin October 16, 2012 #506
SAMCRO's drug hauling arrangement with Damon Pope and the Cartel takes a riskier, more profitable turn; bringing the Niners, Lin's Triad and the Mayans together in an uneasy pact. Back at Charming hospital, Rita Roosevelt dies of wounds sustained thanks to the home invasion. Jax learns the identity of the County Jail officer who led Opie to his death and takes bloody revenge. Tara tries, but fails, to convince Otto Delaney to reverse his testimony against the club.
Toad's Wild Ride.png "Toad's Wild Ride" Writer: Kurt Sutter & Chris Collins Director: Peter Weller October 23, 2012 #507
The club begins to connect the dots on the series of home invasions. The nomads are believed to be somehow involved and sheriff Roosevelt knows the club brought on the attacks, although Jax had nothing to do with it. Clay is behind the attacks and sends the nomads to kill Unser who is getting close to the truth, but double crosses them, thwarting the attack on Unser, killing two of the Nomads, one remains at large. Gemma falls asleep at the wheel and is involved in a car accident while taking Jax's kids home. The accident appears to have one fatality. At the same time Jax and Chibs are run off the road by two masked men in a van, Jax shoots one and they unmask him; he is black.
Ablation.png "Ablation" Writer: Mike Daniels Director: Karen Gaviola October 30, 2012 #508
In the aftermath of Gemma's car accident, Clay and Nero have different approaches on how to help her out of trouble with Jax and Tara. The Sons try to find out who was behind the attack on Jax and Chibs. Meanwhile, Roosevelt promises to give Jax the member of the club that has been informing on them for the RICO case in exchange for Frankie Diamonds. Juice finally lets someone in on all of the secrets that he's been hiding from the club. And Jax devises a plan trap Clay, which involves manipulating his mother.
Andare Pescare.png "Andare Pescare" Writer: Liz Sagal & Kurt Sutter Director: Billy Gierhart November 6, 2012 #509
Jax and the club go on the hunt for Frankie Diamonds, while Clay and Juice follow up on their own leads in an attempt to get to him first. Gemma and Nero share a tender moment as he buries his sister. Tara gets more than she bargained for as she makes a second attempt to get Otto to recant his story. Roosevelt and Jax's deal comes to a head, but neither is too thrilled with the results.
Crucifixed.png "Crucifixed" Writer: Kem Nunn Director: Guy Ferland November 13, 2012 #510
After confronting Juice about his betrayal of the club, Jax offers him a path to redemption. Avenging Opie's death proves difficult when one of the perpetrators turns up under the protection of the Grim Bastards, leading to a disagreement between Jax and Bobby. As Gemma attempts to get closer to Clay, Tara performs one last favor for Otto—with bloody results.
To Thine Own Self.png "To Thine Own Self" Writer: Mike Daniels & John Barcheski & Kurt Sutter Director: Paris Barclay November 20, 2012 #511
Jax scrambles to put his affairs in order, while Nero handles business with his old crew.
Darthy.png "Darthy" Writer: Chris Collins & Kurt Sutter Director: Guy Ferland November 27, 2012 #512
Jax makes arrangements to take the club in a different direction. Jax shoots up Wendy with Heroin in an attempt to stop her pursuing custody of Abel.
J'ai Obtenu Cette.png "J'ai Obtenu Cette" Writer: Chris Collins & Kurt Sutter Director: Kurt Sutter December 4, 2012 #513
Jax strikes a new deal while ridding himself of old problems, Jax and Tig kill Pope and frame Clay for the murder, and Tara is arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Straw.png "Straw" Writer: Kurt Sutter Director: Paris Barclay September 10, 2013 #601
Just days after Clay Morrow and Tara Knowles were imprisoned, much has changed within SAMCRO: Chibs Telford is now Vice President, Happy is the new Sergeant-at-Arms, Bobby Munson has distanced himself from SAMCRO and is considering going Nomad, and Juice Ortiz's status in the club is in question.
Wiki.png "One One Six" Writer: Director: September 17, 2013 #602
Wiki.png "Poenitentia" Writer: Director: September 24, 2013 #603
Wiki.png "Wolfsangel" Writer: Director: October 1, 2013 #604
Wiki.png "The Mad King" Writer: Director: October 8, 2013 #605
Wiki.png "Salvage" Writer: Director: October 15, 2013 #606
Wiki.png "Sweet and Vaded" Writer: Director: October 22, 2013 #607
Wiki.png "Los Fantasmas" Writer: Director: October 29, 2013 #608
Wiki.png "John 8:32" Writer: Director: November 5, 2013 #609
Wiki.png "[[]]" Writer: Director: November 12, 2013 #610
Wiki.png "[[]]" Writer: Director: November 19, 2013 #611
Wiki.png "[[]]" Writer: Director: November 26, 2013 #612
Wiki.png "[[]]" Writer: Director: December 3, 2013 #613




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