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Second Son is the second of the Appisodes created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.


Taking place on the 196th day of incarceration, Gemma and Tara are sitting at a table talking when Jax enters. Gemma jumps up to give him a hug. He hugs her, and then hugs and kisses Tara. He tries to shrug off the injuries received from being attacked while waiting to use the pay phone. Jax gets to see his son, Thomas, for the first time. Tara didn't bring Abel, saying he had a cold, but would bring him next week. Gemma leaves to give Jax and Tara time to talk and Jax apologizes for not being there. Tara says that Gemma was in the room with her, to which Jax also apologizes. He promises never to be gone for anything like this again. Jax and Tara embrace while Jax holds Thomas between them. He comments "he's beautiful" as the screen fades to black.


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