The Russian Mafia (also spelled "Mafiya") was a Russian organized crime syndicate active on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Located in Northern California and Oregon, the Russian Mafia plays a recurring role through the series' first, third, and fourth seasons.



Imprisoned SAMCRO First 9 member Lenny Janowitz forms good relations with the Russian Mafia from inside Stockton State Prison

Season 1Edit

The Russian Mafia receives a visit from True IRA member Michael McKeavey, who offers to sell guns to them. The sale ultimately falls through.

Season 3Edit

The prospective Russian-IRA weapons deal is revived by rogue IRA member Jimmy O'Phelan, who contacts Viktor Putlova about protection. Putlova meets with O’Phelan, offering to smuggle him to South America for $2 million. O’Phelan can only get his hands on $700,000, but offers them a discount on guns, which Putlova accepts. O’Phelan’s lieutenant Donny brings the money, and Putlova presents O’Phelan with fake passports and identification for his new life in Brazil.

However, Putlova quickly turns on him when SAMCRO offers him $2 million for O’Phelan, and the Russians shoot Donny to death. Then they deliver O’Phelan to SAMCRO to be killed and get their payment. The $2 million turns out to be counterfeit, so the Russians chase after SAMCRO, though they are forced to abandon the pursuit because of an ATF roadblock.

Season 4Edit

As payback for SAMCRO’s betrayal, Russian Mafia member Ivo Alexei shanks their Vice President, Jax Teller, in Stockton State Prison. The only thing stopping the Russians from killing them all is the Sons’ new alliance with the powerful Galindo Cartel. Later, Alexei is stabbed in the ear and killed by SAMCRO member Otto Delaney. To make peace, SAMCRO President Clay Morrow gives the Russians 80% of their IRA business. However, when the Sons get out of Stockton, they meet with Putlova to discuss dropping it down to 50%.

Putlova, his lieutenant George Leskovich (actually an undercover FBI agent), and several other Russians attend the wedding of SAMCRO member Opie Winston. Afterwards, they meet with SAMCRO in woods. However, it is an ambush, and the Russians are gunned down. Jax Teller stabs Putlova repeatedly in the stomach, killing him.

In retaliation, several Russians kidnap Jax and Opie at the Wahewa reservation, killing two Wahewa men. The Russians are quickly killed by Romeo Parada and several other members of the Galindo Cartel. Afterwards, a Russian is kidnapped by the Wahewa and, to avenge the death of their tribesman, condemned to die by fire ants. Clay Morrow suffocates him after he overhears them discussing sensitive business matters.

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