"Why the hell did Reggie turn in his patch? Dude had 18 years."
―Jax Teller, on Reggie’s unexplained quitting[src]

Reggie was a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Tucson, Arizona charter on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor John Bishop, Reggie was blackmailed into quitting the club, and appears only on the episode "Una Venta" in the series' fourth season.



As a prospect, Reggie was sponsored by Little Paul, and was patched into SAMTAZ. The two were goods friends, but that didn’t stop Reggie from eventually sleeping with Paul’s wife, Ellen. At some point, Reggie was confronted by SAMTAZ Vice President Huff, who had knowledge of the affair, but Huff agreed to keep it under wraps, ostensibly to protect Little Paul’s marriage.

Later, Reggie and Little Paul shook down a skinhead meth lab. They learned that two other members of SAMTAZ, Huff and Sergeant-at-Arms Benny, had set up a drug deal with the skinheads behind the club’s back. Not long afterwards, Reggie learns that Paul is dead, with Huff and Benny claiming Mexicans were responsible. Huff blackmails Reggie with his affair with Ellen in order to force him out of the club. Wanting to protect Ellen from being shunned, he regrettably quits SAMTAZ after 18 years, blacking out his tattoos and leaving in good standing.

Season 4Edit

"Una Venta"Edit

Before too long, several members of SAMCRO come looking for Reggie at the pet store where he is now employed. After they question him, he reveals the truth about his affair with Ellen and the circumstances behind Little Paul’s death and his own mysterious departure from the club.


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