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"Rata/Ch'o" is the eighth episode of the first season of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' eighth episode overall.


EZ’s past continues to haunt him, but present horrors give him a new perspective.


The episode opens with EZ reading through Felipe’s papers and getting a flashback about Emily. In it, she tried comforting him by saying something wasn’t his fault. Meanwhile, Felipe goes to see the Bishop who is hearing confessions. Speaking of confessions, Johnny is trying to clean up his mom’s body and the rogue Mayan is telling his brethren about the tunnel. Despite him saying he’s not earning a profit off it, it could put the Mayan MC's operations at risk. While the DEA is raiding the Galindo house, Emily is arrested for failing to report a kidnapping.

The Bishop and Felipe have a drink and chat about old times. Felipe tells him that Galindo found their old comrade and had him killed. He also says that Adelita is coming for him and with that tip he now considers his debt to the Bishop fulfilled.

EZ comes across Johnny’s daughter who says she has to speak to her father because her grandmother did nothing to her and the injuries are all her own work. He asks for the address and agrees to check on things.

Galindo is being held in a casual interrogation room before coming face to face with Assistant U.S. Attorney Lincoln Potter, the man in charge of the operation. Potter eventually informs him that under the laws they can hold Galindo and Emily as long as he wants.

EZ arrives at the address and Johnny asks for his help in getting rid of his mother’s body. While sharing a joint, he comments that this must bring back memories for EZ. He also adds that while it may seem like EZ was supposed to get a good job and get out of this life, mistakes are really things that point to the truth.

Agent Jimenez meets with another agent who tells him that Galindo was busted. In her own casual interrogation room, Emily tells Jimenez’s boss that she knows they want something and they respond by asking her about the abortion regarding EZ Reyes. But Potter comes in and dismisses the other two agents after being displeased with this and talks to Emily alone. He tells her that he wants to work with her husband (much like Adelita does).

Potter then goes back to talk to Galindo and reveals that Galindo Sr. did business with the CIA and as a result, Potter spent years learning the drug trade in Mexico. Galindo responds by saying that deal cost his father dearly and rejects any sort of cooperation with them.

EZ gets another flashback about finding the car that fled from the butcher shop. Parking outside a  cantina where the car with a window sticker was parked, EZ waited with a gun. Then when the driver came out he followed in his truck. But this memory is interrupted by Johnny’s daughter knocking at the door. She goes after a brief visit and EZ is left with the woman’s body.

Returning to Emily, Potter tries talking to her only for her to shut down and subtly insult him at the same time. But Jimenez walks into the office and tries talking to his colleagues only to be discouraged despite being reassured that they’re at the same time. Frustrated, he blows up by saying he has plenty more intel and they’ll find out about it in a few days when he blows everything up.

Felipe comes home where Jimenez is waiting for him. He calls EZ and tells him to get the house. Meanwhile, Bishop meets and the other Mayans MC members meet with their own who they caught in the tunnel. They decide to resolve the matter in their own unique way.

But the Mayan in disfavor meets with Angel and Johnny afterward and hates that he got the short end of the stick and leaves after lashing out at them. At the same time, EZ meets with Jimenez and Felipe and finds out what’s going on. Jimenez tells EZ that he needs to run and offers to help him. But this time he refuses to and decides to fight.

Potter puts pressure on Emily while assuring Galindo they will do what they can to ensure his reign as heroin king in exchange for cooperation which includes information on other drug kingpins. Galindo acts unimpressed despite Potter’s attempt to make Emily choose between him and their son. But Galindo decides to read through Potter’s folder anyways and ends up signing the agreement.

EZ returns to the Mayans MC clubhouse and is assigned to fix a bike while everyone else meets to discuss an upcoming business meeting. They also know that Galindo was released and they got to Emily while in custody and it rattled her. Felipe and EZ talk more and confirm that Angel doesn’t know a thing. He hangs up and Felipe and Jimenez say goodbye.

Angel and the rogue Mayan are having a cage fight that Angel wins. As soon as it’s over, the two hug it out and everything is cool.

Returning home, Emily and Galindo discuss the situation and he resolves to never let them own him like they owned his father. As he prepares a plan, Potter goes through some paperwork and comes across EZ’s name on a document.

While the Bishop meets with Galindo’s henchman and says he thinks he can flush Adelita out, EZ and Angel put the body of Johnny’s mom in the trunk of a vintage car. But they wind up getting pulled over by local cops (one who the Mayans MC does business with). But of course the other is a new guy and finds the body in the trunk.


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Temple meetings[]

Riz: That tunnel is older than I am. My grandfather helped dig it. We get family in from Mexico.

Bishop: Is Vicky muling?

Riz: Nah she just uses it to help her girls. None of them have papers. That's what I was doing tonight. Ela hadn't seen her baby in weeks.

Angel: You should of told us about it.

Riz: But it's not in conflict, brother. I'm not earning a penny off of it.

Tranq: It's an illegal fucking tunnel.

Taza: If anyone else fell into that hole-

Bishop: It could of got a lot of people digging. Literally, into the club, our shit with Galindo, you fucked up!

Riz: So, what happens now?

Bishop: Club decision.


Bishop: Keeping this from the club, it erodes trust. And inside this current crucible, it's very dangerous. Anything you want to say?

Riz: I didn't think I was hiding anything. But, I get it.

Taza: Here's what's on the table. We let Riz stay a full patch, all privileges. Or he loses his office, we vote in a new secretary, and the club takes 10% of all that revenue from that tunnel. That includes Vicky's whores.

Riz: That's not my money.

Tranq: Then we shut it down, and it's no one's money.

(Bishop motions for Riz to leave, Riz leaves)

Bishop: All in favor? (Everyone raises their hands, Bishop hits gavel)


Creeper: Where the hell was it?

Alvarez: U.S attorney's office, DEA, Mexican feds. We'll fuck with brave men.

Angel: They talk to him?

Bishop: At that level, you don't need charges.

Alvarez: Devante just got done talking to the wife. They rattled her. She told him some very disturbing shit.

(cut to EZ entering the yard and talking to Chucky)

Bishop: You want me to set this up? I'll make sure we do it right.

Tranq: Needs to be on neutral ground. Maybe the casino? Private room.

Alvarez (to Angel): The prospect, where is he?

Angel: Not sure.

Tranq: I'll find him. (gets up)


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  • "Rata" in Spanish means "Rat", as does "Ch'o" in Yucatec Maya.
  • Responsible for spreading disease and destroying civilizations, rats are also thought to represent ambition and intelligence.

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