The President is the elected leader of a motorcycle club charter. On the FX original Sons of Anarchy, the President of SAMCRO, the Mother Chapter, is also the National President, and holds authority over the other chapters in the United States.



The President is always seated at the head of the table during club meetings. The Vice President sits to his left and the Sergeant-at-Arms sits to his right.

Season 2Edit

SAMCRO's interaction with SAMBEL during the series' second season seems to indicate that the President of SAMCRO also has some authority over chapters in other countries.

List of known PresidentsEdit


  • John Teller - One of the First 9, founder and first President of SAMCRO. Murdered and replaced by Clay Morrow.
  • Clay Morrow - One of the First 9, second President of SAMCRO after the murder of John Teller. Excommunicated in the penultimate episode of season 5 and killed by Jax Teller in season 6.
  • Jax Teller - Son of John Teller, named President after Clay Morrow's excommunication.
  • Bobby Munson - Named interim President at the end of season 6 in preparation for Jax going back to prison.
  • Chibs Telford - Was made President right before Jax's death in Papa's Goods.



  • Jury White - Former President of Devil's Tribe MC in Indian Hills, later patched over to become the SAMC Indian Hills charter. Killed by Jax Teller in 2014.
  • Armando - Former President of the Arizona charter (SAMTAZ), mudered by the Lobo Sonora cartel.
  • Lee - President of the Tacoma charter.
  • Les Packer - President of the San Bernardino charter (SAMDINO).
  • Gaines - President of Indian Hills charter after Jury was killed.
  • Monroe - President of Rogue River charter.
  • Hench - President of Reno charter.
  • SOA Oregon Leader - President of Joliette Oregon charter.
  • Rane Quinn - President of Nomad charter.
  • T.O. Cross - Former President of the Grim Bastards. Patched over to SAMCRO in 2014.
  • Marcus Alvarez - Former President of the Mayans Oakland charter.
  • Oscar El Oso Ramos - President of the Mayans Stockton charter.
  • Cid - President of the Slaughter MC Stanton, Arizona charter
  • Keats - President of the Screaming Dead in Sunnyside, Arizona
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