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Piney and Tara is the third of the Appisodes created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.


On the 85th day of incarceration, a pregnant Tara enters the clubhouse to find Piney sitting alone, eating. He tells her that Gemma is in the office but she says she is there to see him. He offers her a cup of coffee (decaf) as she puts her jacket on the back of the chair across from him. She says "no, thank you" before sitting down. He offers her a bite to eat to which she also declines. She says she wants to know more about John Teller's death. She asks if he thought it was suspicious to which Piney says "he was hit by a semi". She empathizes but asks if it could have been more than an accident, perhaps due to the club having so many enemies. He insists it was an accident before trying to rush her off. She informs him of having read a letter John had written. She says that Piney was his best friend but that he didn't trust Clay. Piney doesn't want to hear any more of it. A calm comes over him before he tells her that whatever she wanted to know, she really didn't, and that she should focus on her family and to "stay out of the club business". He's worried that she will get herself, Jax, or their two sons hurt. He sees she is saddened and tells her that whatever she read was "dead history". He gets up and walks off, leaving his steak, and his coffee, sitting on the table. Tara slowly gets up, holding her stomach, as the camera focuses on the picture of John Teller that was hanging on the wall behind them. She picks up her jacket, and as she walks off, crossing in front of the photograph, the scene fades out.


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