Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy
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"Our Gang's Dark Oath" is the fourth episode of Season 3 of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' twenty-fourth episode overall.




Temple Meetings[]

Bishop: We're in a bad fucking spot. Somebody talked to B.P, and I want to fucking know who.

Taza: Had to be Alicia. First offense, isn't part of this world. It makes sense she'd flip.

EZ: She's smarter than that.

Tranq: Scared people make stupid decisions.

EZ: She wouldn't risk her family-

Bishop: Taza's right. She's the weak link.

EZ: What about Vicki?

Taza: Come on.

EZ: She's been holding a grudge since we found the tunnel. It's only gotten worse with Riz gone.

Gilly: She's got the most to gain if we get fucked.

Bishop: Go see Alicia. Find out for sure. And get it done today. We got 250 keys of heroin sitting on the south side. Alvarez is gonna be onto us, which means the Kings are gonna know our play.

Gilly: Yeah, and our brothers locked up are fucking sitting ducks.

Bishop: Yeah. Window's closing fast. But on the ride over, I figured that shit out. We learned the future's overrated. So let's look to the past. Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Gilly: Bish, come on.

Tranq: It's a big risk with a low success rate.

Taza: The Kwai move has always been a suicide mission. Now, with the added BP and government drones, we'd have a few minutes to execute the whole thing. It's impossible.

Bishop: The tunnel and checkpoint play are blown. Anyone got a better idea? Speak the fuck up. Then it's decided. (to Taza) You and Creeper go prep the south side. (to Gilly) Gilly, you get shit together here on the north.

Gilly: Could use an extra set of hands with the rig. You mind if I bring Coco along?

Bishop: Ok. Get it done. (hits gavel)


(Angel and Luisa's unnamed son) - died off-screen of unknown means

Allesandro Montez - suffocated by El Palo

Jaime - hung by Lobos Sonora New Generation

Teresa - hung by Lobos Sonora New Generation

Eduardo - hung by Lobos Sonora New Generation

Unnamed inmate (flashback) - stabbed to death in prison by Ezekiel Reyes

Vicki - Shot in head by Taza

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