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Obispo 'Bishop' Losa is the President of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, Santo Padre charter on Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Michael Irby, Obispo makes his debut in the series' premiere episode, "Perro/Oc", in the series' first season. Playing a recurring role through the same season, he was last seen in the Season 1 finale episode "Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul".


Bishop is characterized as being a strict, level-headed, no-nonsense, careful and tactical leader to his charter, well befitting his position as not just a charter president but also the president of the most vital charter for the Mayans' organization. He often tries to keep his members in line and can at times be stern, although he generally means well. He gets along very well with his primo Alvarez, with the two often discussing plans and the general direction of the Mayans as well as personal concern over one another, as they deeply trust on each other, many times acting in coordination.

Bishop is very proud of his position and what he has achieved in his motorcycle life, and is unwilling to let disrespect pass freely, be it either at his name or his charter's, and even engaging on physical reprisal when his authority is challenged no matter if it is a fellow club member or an outsider, as he feels the need to defend his hard earned reputation, which are also be a means to protect his own power and leverage.

Bishop does however, hide more vulnerable aspects of himself. Bishop believes in the idea of belonging to something superior and greater than oneself, a philosophy he shares with EZ, which for Bishop might mean the life of brotherhood, as he has shown to be fiercely loyal and supportive of his charter and its members, although this doesn't completely guide his actions. After becoming officially one of the three kings of the Mayans, he has felt an increased sense of responsability and prestige with his newfound power which he extends to the rest of the organization, partaking in decisions that affect all charters, resolving disputes, and sometimes weighing decisions that make go against the benefit of his charter to protect the organization, although there are limits to this, and he is willing to make his charter engage in unjustified self-sacrifice to benefit the others, and has clashed with other charters over certain demands made to him.

In the third season Bishop is shown to be more irritable, growing increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of the border lockdown and how it is affecting the business, along having to be on the receiving end of the angry demands of other charters and those of Alvarez himself who often tries to guide Bishop into what Alvarez believes is the right decision even if it does against Bishop's wishes, growing more antagonical and confrontational, although much of this comes from the fact he believes he is being blamed despite his best efforts and the fact much of the current situation is out of control and his own perception that he is being treated unfairly as the charters were angry that Bishop had carried out the execution of the Vatos Malditos who had carried a treacherous hit on his charter and soured on a gun deal, and had fatal repercusions.

As a result, Bishop quickly warms to EZ's plan of circumventing the other Kings and being the direct distributor of product to other charters, thereby depriving the other Kings of their leverage and consolidating the power of the Mayans entirely on Bishop, and by proxy granting him unilateral power. He makes little effort to hide not only his approval for the idea, but frequently flaunts that it is entirely justified (albeit as the charter was also growing tired of impositions placed upon them by the other Kings), showing and increased sense of greed and self-importance. Under such circumstances he grows visibly more impatient, and frustrated when his product transporting operations are thwarted, as not only it deprives him of his much yearned power grab, but also because it threathens to expose his machinations for the other charters to see and without achieving any progress to validate the risk, which in turn causes him to take more risky, daring and even reckless approaches in order to deliver drugs. It should be noted, however, this push isn't entirely self-serving as some charters like Tucson were under realistic pressure to be able to secure heroin as a means to protect their imprisoned members who were otherwise highly vulnerable to assassination, a situation Bishop was genuinely sympathetic of. He was also more than willing to lie and act in direct defiance of Alvarez's wishes as in Bishop's perception he had no authority over him as he was no longer a Mayan.

Underneath his charisma and strong leadership, lies an emotionally broken individual. Bishop heavily mourns the early death of his infant son Aidan, which 7 years after the fact continues to eat him from the inside and make him lost in life, as he feels he has lost everything that was important to him, even going as far as to admit that he has been "dead" and miserable for all those years, this in turn has made him scornful of moving on and looking at the future and is instead heavily chained to the past. He even angrily lashes against his ex wife for this, berating her for choosing a different path (now with a woman partner) and trying to cling to life and future, rather than live in perpetual misery even going as far as tell her she should have commited suicide, which was in the same day followed by his suggestion to transport heroin over a highly risky route, believing "the future is overrated" and to "look at the past". The date of Aidan's death makes him particularly sad and prone to angry outbursts, even blaming Alvarez for the incident, as it was Alvarez's push for Bishop to migrate to Santo Padre that inadvertently caused Aidan's demise, although this was like a spur of the moment rather than a genuinely sense of hatred towards his cousin, as Bishop was also under heavy pressure due to the intra-fighting within the Mayans, which Alvarez also reprimanded Bishop for. As he grows increasingly more angry as all things around him either collapse or in Pena's case, leaving to improve while his own situation worsens, he even authorizes the murder of the Stockton Mayans that attempted to kill EZ, all in the apex of a cummulation of building fury over all the anguish he has endured.



‘Bishop’ is from a broken home in the Salton Sea, he was taken in by the family of his cousin, Marcus Alvarez , Mayans M.C. Founder and National President. After a tour of duty in Iraq and one in Pelican Bay, Bishop was sent by Alvarez to set up and run the critical Mexi-Cali border charter. He is as deadly as he is loyal. He sponsored Will Medina when Will was a prospect in Oakland.

Season 1[]


Season 3[]

Bishop appears reprimanding EZ, Angel, Coco and Gilly over a fist fight in a bar against military soldiers, thinking the incident would put them under increased scrutiny adding to the already difficult situation with the border lockdown. The charter discusses how Alicia's capture means they weren't unable to transport product which will imperil their reunion with the Kings, who demanded to meet in neutral ground. Asking whether he wanted full charter to accompany him, he believed it was unnecessary. Bishop asked if there were any questions regarding the dead member of the Sons that was murdered on their assault on Palo, but that no one had asked anything. Bishop was confident they could divert the issue anyway by having their own questions on the matter. Hank revealed Packer had a bad state of cancer, to which he grew sympathetic of. Taza believed Palo was a threat and that the issue wasn't finished, but Bishop believed otherwise as Palo had lost everything.

Prior to the meeting with the Kings, Bishop ultimately decided to bring the entire chapter as back up and warned everyone to be ready. At the time of the actual reunion, Bishop was made to deliver the news that their mule was captured, all the while justifying but his attack on the Vatos Malditos and the current weakening of product delivery as a result of the border lockdown, stating it was "outside his control", argument that Canche thought of as mere excuses, which angered Bishop. Ramos intervened and told him they were not to fight but to repair and had a proposition; that Santo Padre was to distribute twice their original deliveries in order to supply and compensate the other charters for the loss of the gun trade deal. Bishop believed the request absurd and impossible to achieve, but Canche sternly said it wasn't a request. Bishop ultimately responded with an angry "fuck you" and dared them to try survive without Santo Padre's pipeline and left.

The following morning, Bishop held a temple meeting where they discussed their next course of action. As EZ was gonna voice his suggestion, Angel interrupted in open defiance of the Kings' demands, thinking they were being ungrateful and unreasonable as they had profitted form Santo Padre's work often to great sacrifice of the charter's thinking they should "fuck' em". Bishop pressed on EZ but the latter ultimately opted not to say anything. With the charter in agreement at their refusal to submit, Bishop swung the gavel.

Later during the day EZ eventually shared his idea with Bishop in private, to which he grew greatly supportive, and held another meeting now with Ibarra and Pavia also visting. With Angel surprised at was happening Bishop urged the members to sit down. Ibarra revealed that following the meeting, he was forced to beg the other Kings for help as his imprisoned brothers were in real danger of dying in prison if product wasn't delivered. Bishop was sympathetic to his pleas but unwilling to sacrifice his charter to the Kings' impositions. Although Ibarra was distressed that such a decision would cost his members' life, EZ revealed his plan to continue distributing as was originally ordered of them, but instead delivering directly to Tucson, which would serve as the distribution point and by proxy take Canche's and Ramos' power, leaving Bishop the one true king of the Mayans. Ibarra agreed with the plan since it worked for them but worried about what Alvarez would think, to which Bishop said Alvarez was no longer a Mayan and therefore had no real say.

Discussing the dire situation of the Tucson prisoners Bishop said he would visit Alvarez along with EZ in order to secure heroin for distribution, assuring his charter that the plan was solid and should work provided no one fails. Soon after, Steve clumsly let several glasses crack, to which Angel remarked they were "fucked up" to which Bishop showed visible annoyance. Bishop met with Alvarez and requested several kilos of heroin to transport. Alvarez was proud of Bishop saying he was making the right choice, thinking Bishop had ultimately agreed to Canche and Ramos' idea, while praising their leadership saying that was the reason he made them kings alongside Bishop to guide the Mayans, although Bishop hid the fact he attempted to take over their influence. Alvarez was taken off guard about being able to secure 250 keys of heroin in such short notice, but assured him he would contact Bishop.

On the afternoon, Santo Padre is visited by Happy and Montez, with the former revealing he has taken over Berdoo's operations as Pecker is in treatment. Happy subsequently explains that Mayans are to give a call if they want to pass through SOA territory. Bishop is taken aback by the sudden hostility, but Montez and Happy elaborate that their attack on the Vatos Malditos and the disrespect shown to Jax's dying wish has angered them greatly. Bishop wonders if this was Chibs' decision to which Happy confirms, before leaving. Although Bishop doesn't think much of Happy, he's wary of Montez's intelligence. Taza wonders if it is truly ok to trust on EZ's plan thinking he is still too new, but Bishop believes EZ to be the only one who sees the bigger picture angrily claiming they should look at the future instead of the past.

The charter was later set to distribute heroin through the border near Vicky's place, believing Border Patrol wouldn't be in place. As the operation is carried in the night Bishop praises EZ for his idea as he would save his fellow Mayans from death, but their cheer is cut off as they find border patrol as Vicky had secretly called them as she was spiteful towards Alicia's arrest and Riz's demise. With the plan thwarted the charted aborted the operation and retreated to their place, with Bishop angry the plan had failed and now potentially exposing them to the Kings. He later went to Pena's place looking for solace.

Bishop awoke in Pena's place and the two discussed about Aidan, with Pena annoyed that Bishop only visited her for the date of Aidan's death, revealing she had no intention of visiting his grave anymore as it effectively meant they were being chained to the past. Bishop ultimately didn't hide his spite for Pena for choosing to move on with her life and seek happiness with Katrina. Bishop was increasingly angry over what had transpired last night, and whether Alicia has turned traitorous. EZ, however, suggests that Vicky has motivations to betray the club since she's holding a grudge over Riz's demise and the discovery of her tunnel. Bishop orders EZ to check Alicia to confirm any potential guilt from her part. Bishop further suggests they use the bridge over Kwai River as a distribution path thinking "the future was overrated" and looking at the past, a plan than many opposed, as it is risky, with a low success rate and heavily monitored with patrol and drones, leaving only few minutes to execute the operation. Bishop insists it is the only viable method left as the tunnel is not safe. With no other idea proposed, the plan is decided.

EZ later returns and confides that Alicia is not the traitor as she was available for visit and in general population, neither of which would be the case if she was under federal protection, wanting to be left alone, Bishop tells him to "fuck off". Suspicious of Vicky, he sent Steve to scort her, while secretly having Creeper and Taza lying in wait in the tunnel near her home in case Vicky tried to escape. As predicted Vicky did indeed attempt to flee through the tunnel, thus proving her guilt and was instantly executed by Taza. Later on the night Taza reports on Vicky's death, much to Bishop's disappointment, and is shocked to learn that Taza had killed her knowing they were close. Bishop expresses confusion as to why Vicky ended up betraying them since Riz was a brother, and was frustrated that no one understood the concept of family of loyalty anymore. Bishop asked whether the preparations were set to which Taza confirmed they were, as Taza expressed concern over the anniversary of Aidan's death but Bishop cut him short. Bishop claimed their one king plan was necessary for the charter's survival and that he needed Taza's help, and requested he rested as he wanted him focused. Taza silently agreed and left.

Murders Committed[]



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