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NS is the thirteenth episode of the third season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' thirty-ninth episode overall.


SAMCRO looks to heal old wounds while the ATF and the Russians stand in the way.


It begins with Jax and Tara

The episode begins with Jax waking up next to Tara. Jax says good morning to Tara and Tara says the same. Jax tells Tara that he loves her. Tara tells Jax that she loves him as well. Jax looks down at Tara's stomach and tells his unborn son good he loves him too. Tara laughs and says that he doesn't know that for sure. Jax tells her that he has a feeling. Tara touches his face and says to him, "whatever happens today, I'm right here." Jax says that he knows that. The two kiss and then proceed to make love. Meanwhile, at the Morrow House, Clay gives Gemma a big hug while she's making breakfast. Gemma turns around and smiles at him. Clay gives her a kiss. Jax goes to Abel's crib and picks him up to comfort him. He sits down on the couch with Abel and smiles at him. At Stahl's house, Stahl wakes up in her bed alone after she shot Tyler the previous day. She looks up and smiles knowing that she'll get victory today.

Later, at the clubhouse, all of the members are throwing a big party. Everyone, including Unser, is attending. Bobby is holding Abel and Clay tells Abel that he has something for him. He notes it may be too small, but it's his. It's Abel's hat and he puts it back on his head. Clay gives Jax a hug and tells him that he's happy for him. Bobby gives Gemma a hug after she sits down. Opie tells the group that Lyla has something to say to everyone. Lyla reveals that she and Opie are getting married. Everyone claps and is very happy for the two. Everyone toasts to Opie and Lyla's happiness.

Family back together

After the party, Gemma starts to clean up after everyone. When she walks into Jax's bedroom, she sees his cut on the bed and a folder. Gemma is curious and she opens it up. She hears Jax inside the bathroom and she makes sure to be quick. It's the photos of Brogan, Dooley, and Roarke and the deal that Jax has made with Stahl. Gemma looks at it all with a worried look. Clay calls for Gemma and Gemma quickly hides the folder from Clay's sight. Clay comes into the bedroom and says he's been looking for her. Gemma says she was just cleaning up. Jax comes out of the bathroom and Clay tells him that they're going to see Otto. Jax says that he'll get Filthy Phil and Miles ready for the pickup. Jax gives Gemma a kiss and picks up his cut and the folder hidden underneath it. Clay tells Gemma to sit down on the bed for a minute. Gemma asks what's wrong. Clay tells her that today is going to be a difficult day. He tells her that they have to find Jimmy O before they have to go back to jail. Gemma understands what he has to do. Clay says that this is more than retaliation for the club. He tells her about the deal that they made with the IRA Council. Clay informs Gemma about the expanding income they will receive from the IRA in exchange for taking out Jimmy O. Gemma can't believe that they actually met with the IRA Council. Clay says that they were the same men that made the deal to get Abel back. He refers to them as the redheaded godfathers and warns Gemma that they don't refuse requests from them. Clay tells Gemma that this is good for the two of them. Clay acknowledges that he doesn't have very many years left as president and this could be the opportunity for them to end with a lot of money. He thinks this will set them up for the rest of their lives. Gemma notes that she'll be behind bars if that happens. Clay tells her that they don't really know how any of that is going to turn out so they shouldn't worry about it now. Gemma says that he's right and says she'll worry about it tomorrow when they are both going to be in jail anyways. Clay tells Gemma that he's sorry. He gives her a kiss and tells her he loves her. Clay then heads off to take care of business. Gemma is left to sit on the bed and sob.

At Putlova's house, Putlova presents Jimmy O with the fake passports and identification he needs. Jimmy O tells Putlova that he is very impressed with the work. Putlova informs Jimmy O that he is making the arrangements for him in Brazil so that they will be transferred. Jimmy O tells Putlova that Donny is closing business arrangements here and he'll be back in a couple of hours. Jimmy O think that they should try to get a flight out of California tonight. Putlova says he'll do his best to set it up.

At the shop, Chuck tells Tig that he needs to show him something. Tig tells Chuck that things are a little busy right now and he'll check it out later. Chuck is disappointed. Outside, Opie starts to take the guns out to the van. He asks Tig for a hand. Unser arrives and tells the men that he'll be at the station when the club needs him. Tig says that he's the best and calls him a name that is related to his cancer treatment. Unser states that isn't funny. Tig calls back that it is. Unser starts his car up to head back to the station. Gemma gets in the car with Unser and Unser asks her what she's doing. Gemma informs him that she's going to turn herself in and tells Unser to drive to the station. Unser tries to protest, but Gemma tells him to drive to the station.

At Stockton State Prison‏‎, Clay and Bobby meet with Otto. Otto tells them that Lenny the Pimp is tight with Putlova's crew in prison. Clay says that they need a location on Putlova today. Otto says that he might be able to get a few minutes with Lenny at the infirmary, but it won't be easy. Clay says that they are doing their best to arrange things on the outside. Otto is glad to hear that things are going well for them. Bobby asks Otto how he's doing and asks him where the murder case is at. Otto says that he isn't sure and says that his public defender doesn't speak the best English. Otto and Bobby start to laugh. Clay doesn't understand why Otto is using a public defender and says that he put Rosen on the case. Otto says that they have security tapes of him murdering Squirrel in the library. He adds that doesn't provide him with much of a defense. Clay thinks he might be able to plea bargain the charges down. Otto says that he has no grace in Stockton and says that a report on him states that he continues to display a pattern of aggressive behavior. He is sure that he will be on Death Row by the time the club is arraigned. Clay and Bobby are devastated to hear that. Otto promises them that he'll do what he can to get in touch with Lenny. The three shake hands.

At Charming Police Station, Gemma is locked in a cell. Unser brings Stahl into the back to see Gemma. Unser asks Stahl if he needs to put a chaperone back here with the two women or if they will get along. Stahl promises that they'll be fine. Gemma shuts the door to the jail cell so Stahl can't enter. Unser wishes the two good luck and leaves. Stahl hands Gemma a file and Gemma asks her what that is. Stahl informs her that it's the statement that will exonerate her from the murder of Edmond Hayes. She informs Gemma that she's been let off the hook for Polly because that was self-defense. She informs Gemma that she still has to face the fleeing custody charge, but tells Gemma that because of her trip to the hospital she was able to get Gemma house arrest. She says that she'll have to wear an ankle bracelet for 6 months, but if she behaves it'll be reduced to 3 months.

Gemma warn's Stahl it will end up badly

Gemma tells Stahl that she will deny all of it. Stahl can't believe that she would sacrifice her life in prison just to put a stop to her case. Gemma reveals to Stahl that she saw the folder and what Jax is giving up to her in exchange for everything. Gemma says that Stahl is going to get him killed, and he would be in danger with the club and with the IRA. Gemma orders Stahl to kill the deal or she will tell the U.S. Attorney all of the lies. Stahl tells Gemma that her testimony has already been documented so even if she wanted to go to prison for all of this it's too late. She tells Gemma that she'll have to trust her. Gemma asks Stahl if she actually believes that is possible. She tells Stahl that the deals and the relationships that she has in life could never work. Stahl asks Gemma why she thinks that. Gemma tells her that it's because they are all built on a pack of lies. She says that she's lying to her bosses and Jax is lying to the club. She says that there is no trust and she is sure that something will go wrong with someone getting hurt. Gemma promises Stahl that it will all end badly. Stahl leaves the cell block without another word.

At the cemetery, Stahl meets up with Jax. Jax notes that she's late. Stahl informs Jax that she was just with Gemma at the Charming P.D. lockup. She informs him that she tried to turn herself in and break the deal. Jax can't believe it. Stahl says that it doesn't matter because Gemma has been cleared of the murder and nothing can stop that.

Jax meets with Stahl

Jax asks how that happened. Stahl hints at him that Tyler confessed to everything before she died and told her that everything that Gemma said was true. Jax shakes his head and notes that it's a good thing that her superiors don't know about their deal because killing one of her own agents might not be the best career move. Stahl insists that she didn't kill her and says that Mexican bikers did. Stahl also tells Jax that Gemma believes that they shouldn't trust each other and asks if they know something she doesn't. Jax tells her that Gemma is convinced that Stahl will get him killed for giving up this information. Jax asks Stahl if she is trying to get him killed. Stahl notes that the men are running out of time and the bail hearing is tomorrow. Jax informs Stahl that Otto is trying to set up a meeting with Lenny the Pimp tomorrow. He asks that she makes that happen so they can get the information. Stahl says the meeting has been arranged. Jax is glad to hear that. Stahl tells Jax that he owes her something. Jax shows Stahl the folder and says that the club met with Brogan, Dooley, and Roarke but not with anyone else. He tells her that if she puts that in with the statement that he made about Jimmy O he'll sign off on all of it. Stahl is satisfied with it all. She asks that he keep her informed about Jimmy O. Jax agrees and the two go their separate ways.

At Stockton, Otto is sitting in the infirmary when Lenny the Pimp is wheeled in by a nurse. Lenny gets out and sits down on the table. He asks the nurse if he's waiting for a tip and the nurse leaves the two alone. Lenny has to cover a tracheotomy incision in order to talk. Otto asks Lenny how he's doing. Lenny tells Otto that he's definitely doing better than Otto is. Otto laughs and says that is true. Otto says that it's a pretty solid majority in the courtroom. Lenny agrees that is the case. Otto tells Lenny that the club needs a favor from him and they need him to get in touch with his Eastern Russian contacts. He tells them that they are protecting Jimmy O somewhere in North California and the club needs him. Lenny asks Otto why they want Jimmy O. Otto informs Lenny that Jimmy O was involved with killing five SAMBEL members and they need the location of the safe house so they can grab him. Lenny says that Putlova has no love for the Irish and he would probably sell him out for the right price. Otto asks if they can really buy Jimmy O off of Putlova. Lenny is convinced that is the only way SAMCRO is getting Jimmy O. Otto tells Lenny to find out the price that they need and the location. Lenny says that he'll pass on the information to the attorneys. Otto says that'll work and he'll let Clay know. He shakes Lenny's hand and the two separate.

At the police station, Unser is reading a news article about how Jacob Hale is going to run for mayor and he's being labeled a hero after the hostage situation with Salazar. Unser knows that the whole thing is ridiculous. Clay comes into the station and asks Unser where Gemma is.

Clay goes back to where Gemma is and asks her why she did this. He notes that they just talked about a lot of things a few hours ago. Gemma apologizes to Clay. Clay sits down with Gemma and notes it was a very impulsive decision. Gemma tells Clay that they are in reckless times and people are doing things on impulse that they normally wouldn't do if they had time to think. Clay agrees with her reasoning. Gemma doesn't think that he understands. She reminds Clay that with Abel being kidnapped and all of the deaths that have resulted from it she knows that Clay has to make decisions that are based on these reckless circumstances. Clay asks Gemma what she's trying to say. Gemma says that they are in different times and they can't look at Jax the same way they looked at John Teller. Clay agrees with her and promises that he won't. He gives Gemma a hug.

At the cemetery, Jax walks out to John Teller's grave. As he stares at it, we see his SO ring that he left at the beginning of the season. Jax shakes his head and looks down at his hand.

Jax leaves both rings at his dad's tombstone

He takes off the NS ring and sits it next to the SO ring. Jax looks down at his father's grave again and then walks away.

At a round table meeting, Lowen meets with the club to exchange some information from Lenny's attorneys. She reads off an equation with some numbers that reads at the end true or false. Clay tells Lowen to give them a few minutes so they can do the math. Lowen tells them to take as long as they need because they're working with big numbers. The club closes the door and does the math. Piney notes that part of the equation, 20=0, means that Lenny didn't get a location. Juice notes that the other numbers are latitude and longitude. Clay knows that the two million indicates that they can buy out Jimmy O from the Russians for two million dollars. Chibs knows that they don't have the money. Tig thinks that they should just show up with guns and take Jimmy O. Bobby notes that the latitude and longitude are a meeting place because Putlova is bringing him in. Juice says that the location is a road off of Rio Vista which is forty minutes from where they are. Clay tells Opie to tell Lowen that the equation is true. Kozik asks Clay how they're going to get the money and asks if they're going to start robbing banks.

Outside, Jax arrives back at the clubhouse. Opie steps outside and tells Lowen that the equation is true and says that they need a time. Lowen asks them if they know that she charges by the hour. Opie tells her to send it anyways. Lowen agrees. Chuck approaches Jax and tells him that he really needs to show him something really important. Jax tells Chuck that he's busy and he'll look at it later. Jax asks Opie if they've heard from Lenny yet. Opie says yes and informs him that Putlova wants two million dollars in exchange for Jimmy O. Tara stops Jax and says that she needs a minute. Jax asks who's at home with Abel. Tara says that Lyla and Neeta are. She informs Jax that Gemma is in jail. Jax says that he knows. She informs him that the homicide charges have been dropped and for some reason Gemma is still terrified about something. She asks Jax what is going on. She tells Jax that he can tell her. Chuck brings out the box to Jax which is what he's been wanting to show him. He pulls the lid off and tells Jax to look inside.

Jax and Chuck walk into the meeting room. Clay asks what is going on. Jax tells Chuck to inform the group. Chuck says that during the time Tara was kidnapped, he realized something that he had forgotten. He tells the club that when he did counterfeiting for Lin he was supposed to throw away the misprints and dirty runs. Chuck says that he didn't throw them away. Jax opens the box and reveals that Chuck has $20, $50, and $100 bills. He says that there is over five million counterfeit dollars in the boxes. The club is amazed and realizes that they have a way to get the money. Tig offers Chuck his own hand to masturbate with since Chuck is unable to with only one finger on each hand. Later, Juice comes back in and says that they are cutting the bills right now but it'll take a few hours. Bobby says that all of the bills are definitely fakes and that the Russians will surely know the difference. Clay says that they need to provide some type of distraction for Putlova. Bobby notes that Putlova is very smart and he doesn't know how they are going to be able to pull this off without it turning bloody. Clay says that they need to bring everyone in case it does. Jax says that if they put real money on top of the fake bills they might be able to buy enough time so that they can grab Jimmy O and get out. Clay says that he has forty dollars in his wallet and doesn't know how they'll pull this off. Jax says that he has an idea.

Jax meets up with Stahl at the Charming P.D. He informs her that Putlova wants two million dollars in order for him to hand over Jimmy O. Stahl is appalled. Jax tells her that he was able to get his hands on some counterfeit bills, but he needs some real money in order to make sure that the hand off goes down without it turning bloody. Stahl asks him where he got the counterfeit bills. Jax tells her that it isn't something she needs to worry about. He says that he needs the money. Stahl says that she still has access to the money that they were going to use for Tara's ransom. Jax says that'll work. Stahl asks him what will happen when the club asks him where he got it from. Jax says that he'll tell them that it was in evidence and he got Unser to sign it out. Stahl tells Jax that the ATF will be at the site of the exchange. Jax says that can't happen. He says that if the Russians see the ATF they will kill Jimmy O. He adds that if the club sees the ATF they will know that someone ratted and he's not willing to take that risk. Stahl tells him that's the only way he's getting the cash. Jax says he'll give her the location, but the ATF has to stay back a few miles at least. Stahl agrees to that. Jax says that they are going to put Jimmy O in the club van and take off. He tells Stahl that the ATF needs to pretend that they are going after the Russians and then they can grab Jimmy O out of the back. He says that they need to let the club go after that. Stahl agrees to do it his way and says she'll set everything up.

At Putlova's house, Jimmy O packs up and gets everything ready. Putlova comes in and informs Jimmy O that he has the charter flight ready for him. Jimmy O is glad to hear that. He asks Putlova if Donny is back yet. Putlova says he didn't see him. At another location, it is revealed that Putlova's men shot Donny. They cover him up in a plastic tarp to hide the body.

The clubhouse gets ready to go make the exchange. They load up the cash and their guns. Clay asks if they're ready. The group says yes and Tig hands out the MAC-10s and shotguns to everyone. Jax asks if there is any way they can spare one of the prospects to protect Tara and Abel. Clay says that they don't know what to expect at the meeting. He tells him that they need everyone. Happy tells Jax that Tara is here. Clay promises that they'll keep everyone safe.

Outside, Jax asks Tara if she really wants to do this. Tara says that she is and tells Jax to admit that he needs her for the job. Jax admits that he does need her. He puts a bulletproof vest around Tara and says that she needs to wear it. Tara says it's very fancy. Jax promises her that he won't let anything happen to her. Tara says to make sure that he protects the both of them. She asks Jax if he'll tell her everything after this is all over. Jax promises her that by the end of this she'll know everything. He kisses her. Unser pulls up in his patrol car. Clay and Jax walk over to him. Unser asks if they're heading out. Clay asks what gave it away. Unser laughs. He tells Clay that he almost has the paperwork done for Gemma and she'll be home shortly. He adds that he's ready for when the club needs him for the job. Clay thanks Unser. Unser tells Clay to be careful. Clay says he'll be alright. Clay stops Unser and promises him that everything he has done for the club won't be forgotten. The club meets together and all agree that no mistakes can be made. Chibs, Piney, Opie, and Kozik hug Jax goodbye because this is the last time they'll see him before he goes to jail. Jax gives Filthy Phil two letters and says that when he gets the message he is to deliver them to Tara and Gemma. Filthy Phil promises that it'll be done. As Jax gets on his motorcycle, Clay tells Jax that he loves him. Jax tells Clay that he loves him too. Clay asks Jax if he's alright. Jax says he's fine and tells everyone that they just need to finish this. The group starts up their motorcycles and take off.

On the road, Jimmy O and Putlova are driving to the location. Jimmy O gets off the phone, still unable to get in touch with Donny. Putlova notes that Donny may have run off and abandoned Jimmy O because of the target on his back. Jimmy O thinks Donny may have been taken out. The vehicles veer off the highway. Jimmy O asks where they're going. Putlova insists that they are just going to pick something up. Further down the road, Jimmy O sees SAMCRO waiting for them. Putlova apologizes to Jimmy O. Jimmy O is very angry at Putlova especially after everything he's done for him. He says that he's gotten a lot of money and guns for him over the years. He begs Putlova not to do this. Putlova doesn't say anything to him.

Jimmy O gets double-crossed

Putlova and his men get out of their vehicles and grab Jimmy O out of the vehicle. Clay tells Putlova that they have the stacks of cash for him and adds that each bag has one million dollars in it. Putlova thanks Clay for providing him with the money. One of his men grabs the cash and looks inside to make sure that it's there. They look through some of the bills and Tig looks at the guns in the van prepared to start the firefight if one happens. Down the road, Stahl and the ATF wait for them. Stahl says that they have five minutes and then they're moving in. Up the road, Putlova's men tell Putlova that they have the money. The group hands Jimmy O over to Clay and Jax. Clay tells Putlova that it's a pleasure doing business. The groups shake hands and go their separate ways.

SAMCRO drives down the hill and arrive at the spot where Tara is waiting for them with her car. Everyone stops, and Happy, Miles, and Filthy Phil get Jimmy O out of the back of the van. The rest of the group looks up the hill to make sure that the coast is clear. They throw Jimmy O into the trunk of Tara's car. Jax gives the keys to Miles and tells him that the car goes straight to the garage. Filthy Phil and Miles get in with Tara and they ride back to the clubhouse.

Tara helps the club

Putlova takes a better look at the cash. The men ask Putlova where they are going. Putlova then notices that the cash is fake and tells his men to pursue SAMCRO. Down the hill, SAMCRO notices that the Russians have caught on. Clay notes that the Russians did some counting. The group drives down the road with the Russians in pursuit. The Russians open fire and Tig fires back at them to protect the group. The group is approaching the ATF. The roadblock goes up and the van pulls off to the side of the road. Happy jumps on the back of Tig's bike and SAMCRO is able to drive through the ATF roadblock. The Russians see the ATF ahead and they turn back in the opposite direction to avoid them. Stahl and the ATF converge on the van. Stahl notes that as soon as they get Jimmy O she wants the Russians tracked down so the money can be retrieved. However, when the agents open the back of the van, they don't find Jimmy O. Stahl is mad that Jax double crossed her.

At an unknown location, Jax stands alone waiting for Stahl at the meeting point. Stahl gets out and demands to know where Jimmy O is. Jax assures her that Jimmy O is nice and cozy. Stahl asks Jax what he's trying to do. Jax says that he's keeping everyone honest. He promises Stahl that the ATF will get Jimmy O when SAMCRO is free from hard time in prison for the gun charges. Stahl shows Jax the form that will get the club's charges reduced from 15 years to 3 years. She adds that with good behavior they will be out on parole in 14 months. She shows Jax that her signature is on it. Jax asks if that is based on him handing over Jimmy O. Stahl says yes. She shows Jax his statement of cooperation and of his information on the gun running by the IRA and Jimmy O. She says that he needs to sign it. Jax asks her what's to stop her from getting the IRA and letting the club rot in prison. Stahl asks him what is to stop him from delivering the folder to his attorney and then killing Jimmy O. Stahl says that Jax just lied to her so it's his turn for him to show good faith. Jax hesitates, but he grabs the pen and signs his statement. He informs Stahl that he's now officially a rat. He tells Stahl that it's her turn. Stahl asks Jax where Jimmy O is. Jax starts to get upset that Stahl is going back on the deal. Stahl assures him that nothing changes. She just needs to see Jimmy O alive and then she signs off on it. She says that there is no play. Jax tells Stahl to follow him.

At the clubhouse, Lowen, Gemma, Tara, and the club wait at the clubhouse. Jax arrives back and moments after he does the ATF arrives. Clay asks Jax what's going on. Jax lies and says he isn't sure. Stahl and the agents get out. Stahl approaches Clay and asks him where Jimmy O is. She tells Clay that he should just give him up because otherwise the agents will tear apart the clubhouse. Clay relents and tells Tig and Juice to get Jimmy O. Some of the agents go with them. Jax stares after Stahl. The group opens the trunk and hands Jimmy O to the ATF. Jimmy O notes that he is thankful for the American Justice System. Stahl reads Jimmy O his rights and his charges. Jimmy O taunts the club and says that he's sorry things didn't work out the way that they planned. He adds that's the luck of the Irish. Clay asks Stahl how he knew that Jimmy O was here. Stahl turns around and stares at Jax. Jax gets a panicked look on his face. Stahl informs Clay that Jax made a deal with them. Jax lashes out and prepares to attack Stahl, but he is restrained. The rest of the club is in disbelief that Jax ratted. Jax insists that he didn't have a choice and it was for the club. Bobby shoves Jax and can't believe that he ratted. Jax screams at all of them that he didn't have a choice and says that the club was facing hard time if he didn't do this. Clay can't believe that this whole time Jax was going to hand Jimmy O over to them. Juice is also angry because Jimmy O killed five members of the club. Gemma tries to tell Clay that Jax was pushed into doing it, but Clay isn't listening. He screams at Jax that he should consider himself a dead man. Tara stares in disbelief and Gemma is sobbing. Jax tells Stahl that she just signed his death warrant. Stahl smirks at Jax and says that Gemma was right in saying that this could never work because there is no trust and she had to make sure that Jax had turned rat. Jax spits at Stahl. Jax, Clay, Bobby, Tig, Juice, and Happy are placed under arrest and are set up to be loaded into the back of a van. Tara runs up to Jax and is able to give him one final hug. Gemma is in disbelief. Stahl signs the document and hands it to Lowen. She tells them that the club will only get three years, and if they behave parole will be in fourteen months. Stahl gets in her car, leaving Gemma sobbing with Lyla and Tara to comfort her. In the van, Jax is shackled and put on the opposite side of the others so they can't get to him. Jax hangs his head in shame of what he's done.

Did Jax really snitch?

Elsewhere, Piney is driving a school bus with Chibs, Opie, and Kozik riding in the back. Unser takes off his Chief of Police badge and sets it down on his desk (because the Charming Police Department has been shut down), takes a few deep breaths, and places his police-issue Glock 17 next to the badge. He pulls open a drawer and picks up the Ruger GP100 revolver inside, holsters it, and shuts the drawer. He leaves the office. Filthy Phil and Miles ride down the road following the ATF van.

Unser drives behind the ATF agents and turns on his siren. The agents wonder what he is doing and ask Stahl if they should pull over. Stahl relents and says that they should pull over. Unser approaches Stahl's car where Jimmy O is seated in the backseat. Stahl asks what's going on. Unser apologizes and says that he didn't have her cell number and didn't want to put this announcement over the radio. Stahl asks what's going on. Unser says that he received an anonymous tip that four or five of Jimmy O's men are waiting down the road to ambush them. He offers to call the Sanwa Sheriffs to go check it out. Stahl tells Unser that she doesn't trust the Sanwa Sheriffs and tells some of the ATF agents to go check it out. One of the agents tells Stahl that he doesn't want to leave her alone. Unser offers to stay with Stahl and even says he'll call in backup just to be safe. Stahl agrees to this and the agents take off leaving Jimmy O behind with Stahl and Unser.

Unser offers Stahl a hit off his joint

When the other agents leave, Unser pulls out a marijuana joint and lights it up. Stahl can't believe what he's doing. Unser tells Stahl that he's a stage three cancer patient and he doesn't have that many perks left. He offers Stahl a hit, but she refuses. Unser tells Stahl that she should have some. Suddenly, the school bus pulls up and Unser pulls his Ruger out on Stahl. Stahl is shocked and asks what's going on. Kozik, Opie, and Chibs get out of the bus. Stahl asks what's going on. Nobody answers her and Opie disarms Stahl and holds a MAC-10 on her. Chibs walks around to Jimmy O and pulls him out of the car. He walks him over towards the side of the road. Jimmy O tells Chibs to take good care of the girls. Chibs says that he will. He takes out two knives and slices Jimmy O's cheeks, giving him the scars that he once gave Chibs. He then stabs both of the knives into Jimmy O's throats and twists them around. Jimmy O falls to the ground dead. Chibs spits on him.

Opie arrives to get revenge

Opie grabs Stahl and opens the front door of her car. Stahl begins to shudder as Opie puts her in the driver's seat of her car. Opie gets in the back seat right behind her. Stahl screams at Opie that this is insane and asks him if he has any idea what kind of heat this will bring SAMCRO. Opie orders Stahl to put her hands on the wheel. Stahl starts to sob and begs him not to do this. Opie orders her again to put her hands on the wheel. Stahl finally complies and does this. She continues to beg Opie not to do this. She reminds Opie that he had mercy before and is begging him not to do this. Opie smirks and tells her that he doesn't have mercy anymore. Opie tells Stahl that this is what Donna felt. He then takes the MAC-10 and shoots Stahl through the back of the head. Brain and blood-splatter end up on the front windshield of the car. With Jimmy O and Stahl now dead, Kozik tells Opie that they need to go. Opie grabs the deal that Jax made with Stahl and he rips it up. Kozik walks over to Unser. Unser tells him to hit him on the left side because he had bridge work done on the right side. Kozik complies and hits Unser on the left side of his face. Kozik asks if he's alright. Unser says he's fine and tells them to get out. Before they leave, Chibs grabs Jimmy O's handkerchief and wipes it in his blood. He then draws the IRA symbol on the back of the car signifying that this was done by the IRA. The group then gets on the bus and takes off. Filthy Phil and Miles get the text message that they have been waiting for. They drive past the van and start to beep their horns at it. The group listens and they start to look around. Suddenly, they all start to laugh and the guards look back wondering what is funny. Everyone continues to laugh. Jax looks at them all with a triumphant look.

At Jax's house, Tara cleans up the bedroom and goes through his duffel bag that he took to Belfast. She eventually finds the letters from Maureen. A note is made out to Jax says that these are letters from John. She says that it will tell him the truth and that he should know John Teller like she did. Tara sits down in the rocking chair and opens up the bundle. She opens one of them and starts to read it.

At the Morrow House, Gemma is wearing her ankle bracelet. She sits with Abel on her bed. Lyla comes into the room and says that Filthy Phil and Miles need to see her. Gemma allows them to come in. Filthy Phil tells Gemma that Jax wants her to read this letter and then burn it. Gemma asks what it is. Filthy Phil says he honestly doesn't know. Miles asks Gemma if Tara is here. Gemma says no and adds she's at Jax's house. Filthy Phil and Miles thank her and leave. Lyla gives Gemma some private time so she can read the letter. Gemma puts on her glasses to read it. The letter tells Gemma that if she's reading this then Stahl and Jimmy O are dead and the club will be doing short time. He apologizes to Gemma for everything and says that despite how hard it was he couldn't tell her. He says that fore-knowledge of their plans would make her an accessory and says that he would never turn on his club or his family. He says that he isn't like His father.

The plan worked

While Gemma reads the letter from Jax, the two voices mold together and we shift to Tara reading a letter from John to Maureen. It talks about how John wishes that he could be with Maureen. He says that every day becomes clearer that he doesn't belong in Charming. He says that Gemma and Clay are drawing closer together each day and they barely hide it from him. He says that Gemma hates his apathy and the chill from Gemma terrifies him. The letter says that John knows that his days are numbered and it says that whenever the letters stop coming to Maureen, then she should be under the impression that he has been killed by his wife and his friend, i.e. Gemma and Clay. John is glad that Thomas will never have to follow down his path, but admits that he misses him since he died. John hopes that Jax is able to find a different path because he already acts so much like him. During the reading of the letter, we see a triumphant look on both Gemma and Clay's faces as they realize that they won for the club. We also see a shocked expression on Tara's face and we also get a close-up of Jax's face when John Teller says that Jax reminds him so much of himself. The episode ends with the ATF van heading to jail and Jax, Clay, Bobby, Tig, Juice, and Happy wondering what is waiting for them down the road.

Church meetings[]

Lowen: These equations were forwarded to me by Lenny Janowitz's lawyer. Don't know what it means, don't really want to. "20=0. True. 38.358888-122.288818=2,000,000. True or false?"

Clay: Thanks. Give us a minute, will you? We gotta do the math.

Lowen: Take a few, they're big numbers. (leaves)

(Chibs shuts the door)

Piney: "20=0". Lenny couldn't get a location.

Juice: The others are longitude and latitude.

Clay: 2 million. Means we can buy Jimmy.

Chibs: 2 million, shit.

Tig: Why don't we just show up and take Jimmy? We got enough hardware.

Bobby: It's not gonna be in a safehouse. It's gonna be a place for the exchange. Trust me. Putlova's bringing an army.

Juice: Yeah. Looks like an access road outside of Rio Vista. 40 minutes.

Clay (to Opie): Ope. Tell Lowen the equation's true. (Opie goes to the door)

Kozik: Where the hell are we gonna get 2 million? What, are we robbing banks now?

(cutaway to Opie telling Lowen the equation is true, Jax pulling up, and Chucky showing Jax what's in the box)

(Jax enters carrying box)

Clay: What's this?

Jax: Tell them.

Chucky: After Tara got kidnapped, I tried to tell you guys about this. When I was running the counterfeit operation for Lin, I was supposed to throw away all the misprints and dirty runs. I didn't.

(Jax opens lid to box revealing imperfect counterfeit 50 dollar bills)

Jax: He's got 3 boxes full. 20's, 50's, 100's. Over 5 mil in fake currency!

Tig: Gotta be kidding me!

Clay: Holy shit.

(everybody looking at sheets and impressed)

Chucky: Hey, don't bend them.

Tig (pulls Chucky onto his lap): Sit down. I'm gonna lend you my hand so you can jerk yourself off. Go ahead take it. Come on, go ahead. (laughs)

Chucky: I accept that (laughs)

Clay: Don't you point that thing at me! Put it away!

(later on)

Juice: We got Eddy to loan us his print cutter. It's gonna take a couple hours.

Bobby: Every one of these bills is irregular. Any scrutiny, the Russians are gonna know.

Clay: Maybe we need to create some sort of distraction.

Bobby: Putlova's too smart. I don't see how this is going down without it turning bloody.

Clay: Well then, we gotta bring everybody just in case it does.

Jax: If we could front load the stacks with real cash, it could buy us enough time to get Jimmy out of there.

Clay: Hey, I got 40 bucks in my wallet.

Jax: I got an idea.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

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Notable Quotes[]

Unser: I'm at the station when you need me.
Tig: You're the best... Chemo Sabe.
Unser: That ain't funny.
Tig: Yes, it is.

Featured Music[]

  • Joan Armatrading - "This Charming Life"
  • Attika 7 - "Cracker Man"
  • Gary Clark Jr. - "Don't Owe You a Thing"
  • Sad Girl - "Today Again"
  • The Forest Rangers (featuring Battleme & Slash) - "Miles Away"
  • The White Buffalo - "The Matador"
  • TurboNegro - "Get It On"
  • Battleme - "Hey Hey, My My"
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