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"Los Fantasmas" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventy-fourth episode overall.


The DA leaks a story to the press of who the possible suppliers of the guns in school shooting are and the story ends up on the front page of the town's paper. An unknown man runs down and kills a Byz-Lat in the middle of street in the presence of Jax and the other club members. While the Byz-Lats attempt to kill him, Jax intervenes upon discovering that the man's son was killed in the school shooting and that the story in the paper was what made him kill the Byz-Lat. Police arrive at the man's house only to witness him commit suicide because he feels he no longer has a purpose in life. Nero, still in jail decides to give himself up as the source of the gun rather than blame the SOA. Patterson accepts his confession at first but later repents after seeing the effect the story she leaked had (the father committing suicide) and sets Nero free after it is forensically proven that Toric killed Erin Byrne.


Jax takes care of Tara as she recuperates from the "miscarriage" she supposedly suffered at Gemma's hands. The restraining order will keep Gemma away from Tara and the boys.

At the station, Sheriff Roosevelt asks Gemma what happened with Tara. He seems willing to believe Gemma didn't kick "pregnant" Tara like the eye witnesses -- Margaret and Wendy -- both say. Gemma tells Eli what actually happened, and that she doesn't believe Tara was ever pregnant.

Wendy deals with her guilt by going to buy a fix.

Jax heads to sweet shop HQ. Bobby shows him the paper, with a headline that says local gangs are tied to the school shooting.

In lock-up, Tyne Patterson shows Nero the paper. She plans to respond to public outrage by flooding his Byz Lats territory with police to bust them for every little infraction. She suggests he give up the Sons before someone else does.

Unser comes to see Tara, bothered by something. He got her the restraining order request before everything went down. Tara asks him if he really wants to know, but he's pretty much figured it out. She says she did what she did to protect her kids from Gemma and the club, but he's disturbed that Gemma could actually be charged with manslaughter. "It breaks my heart that you had to become something so wrong to do what you thought was right. I ain't gonna tell her, but I can't help you no more," he says.

At chapel, they figure out how to deal with the bad press. They're going to check in with Nero's gang to make sure they aren't freaking out. Also, they have interviews for potential porn actresses to deal with. Bobby gamely volunteers, anointing himself Director of Operations. Juice updates Jax that Connor is still stateside, the Kings decided to keep him there to handle distribution with Clay. Juice thinks he's a decent guy.

Jax thanks them for their unspoken concern about his family.

Unser goes to feel out Sheriff Roosevelt about Gemma v Tara. When Roosevelt asks what Unser would have done, Unser says if Tara isn't pressing charges, he wouldn't bring any against Gemma on behalf of the county, but reiterates that he knows it's up to Roosevelt. Unser gives Eli room, but also paints the picture for him. "The Tellers, the MC, they're so deeply woven into the fabric of this town, on some level you know, the same way I did, if you rip them out, Charming unravels. Never looks the same," Unser says.

The Sons ride down into Byz Lat territory. They offer their manpower to help them control their territory. They spot a vice car staked out. Jax tells them to just keep everything cool. No one breaks and it's business as usual.

The car down the street that they thought was vice suddenly takes off toward them. Tig has to dodge out of the way, Juice stands still and plays chicken. The car swerves to avoid him. The Byz Lats run from the old car, but it catches up and runs one clean over, killing him.

Jax gives orders to put the body in a trunk and clear out. Tig identifies the make and model of the old car and thinks they might be able to trace it. The driver looked Hispanic.

Unser gives Gemma a ride home. "I may not have earned this, Wayne, but I want to know the truth. I promise I won't turn on you. You know about any of this?" He says no, but then says Tara was trying to protect her family.

"I'm sorry this happened to you, I am. You got a lot of love in you, Gemma. Sweet, deep love, I've seen it. But it's so wrapped around secrets and hate, I don't know if you could find it anymore," Unser says.

Gemma wonders if what Tara is doing is payback for all her secrets and hate.

He explains her options, one of which is slow and probably very uncomfortable, but eventually leads back to her grandchildren. The other one is the road she's already on.

Lowen brings Tara her paperwork. She wants to talk about what Tara did, but Tara writes her a check from her own account and won't engage Lowen.

Patterson summons Charlie Barosky to her office and threatens to put the port under sheriff's control, which would hurt all his dirty cops working there. A homeless couple saw the Byz Lat get run down. She wants him to find out who it was and why it happened.

Gloria Rodriguez, Nero's lawyer, calls.

Jax comes home to check on Tara, but she's not there. He gets a text from Barosky, who catches him up to speed and tells him he needs the driver of the car.

Jax is about to leave when Wendy shows up on his doorstep. He tries to run her off, but she tells him she just wants his son to grow up without hate in his heart. She's tired of being hated.

Patterson comes to see Nero -- who doesn't want his lawyer there. He's ready to give up the source of the KG 9. But first Nero wants his son Lucius moved to the best care in the state. He tells Patterson he didn't get the gun from the Sons, he bought it from some guy off the street and gave it to Darvity for protection.

Tara drops by the sweet shop. Bobby takes a break from his porn interviews to talk to her. He offers her his joint and his support. She asks if he thinks Jax can move SAMCRO into legitimate business. Bobby says Jax is still settling in to how to be king, but he'll figure it out. He asks what she thinks. "It doesn't matter what I think, I'm just an old lady," she says. Then Bobby asks her not to leave Jax -- he doesn't stand a chance without her.

Jax joins Tig, Chibs, and Juice down the block from the house where the hit and run car was spotted. They think the driver is a member of an old gang, but still don't know his motivation. Jax doesn't care and explains his plan to turn him over to Barosky to satisfy Patterson. They just have to keep the three Byz Lats who are itching for revenge cool until the cops arrive.

Roosevelt catches Patterson up to speed on Gemma v. Tara. He gives her the DNA from Lee Toric's room, proving Toric killed Erin Byrne. She doesn't care, she already has Nero's confession. She thinks Nero will stick with it to help out his son even after his lawyer learns the murder charge they were holding against him was bogus. Roosevelt bites his tongue, but doesn't approve of Patterson's methods.

Jax gets off the phone with Barosky but sees the Byz Lats are moving in. The Sons get there as the Byz Lats are charging in the door. Jax tries to intervene, but the man attacks with a knife. Jax manages to keep anyone from firing as he sees a framed photo of a young boy on the shelf. The man's son was killed in the school shooting. The Byz Lats calm down, understanding the hit and run motivation -- and everyone clears out when Jax says the cops are on the way.

When the cops arrive, the man is holding a photo of his son and the knife. Instead of dropping it like they command him to, he drives it into his neck.

Patterson sees the Count of Aquino photo of the young boy and puts it together quickly.

Wendy returns home to see Gemma waiting for her. "Just do what you're going to do, Gemma," Wendy says, resigned.

"Was any of it true?" Gemma asks. Wendy shakes her head.

Gemma almost admires Tara's plan. "I don't know how, but eventually, Jax is going to realize what she's done. And the question is, for you, what side of the fence do you want to be on?" Gemma asks.

Wendy thinks she loses either way.

Gemma wants her to tell the truth.

In return, she'll make sure Jax doesn't kill her.

Wendy tells her to take her gun back, and also tries to get her to take the drugs she bought that morning, but Gemma tells her she'll have to get rid of it herself to prove she can be trusted.

Jax and Chibs meet with Barosky, who thinks the hit and run is Patterson's fault for planting the story linking the gangs to the guns. "This is one headline she ain't going to want leaked: District Attorney Forces Victim's Daddy to Slit His Own Throat," Barosky says.

"Very catchy," says Chibs.

Jax asks about Alice. Barosky says he chopped, burned and buried her. Jax thinks he shouldn't have killed her.

"Don't worry kid, I'm not going to hold it against you -- unless I have to," Barosky winks.

Jax goes to the hospital and is surprised to see Gemma waiting for him. When she tries to explain, he seethes at her, telling her she'll never see his wife or his kids again. "Grandma is dead," he says.

Alone in her apartment, Wendy shoots up.

Patterson pays an angry visit to Nero with photos of the kids who were killed in the school shooting. She tells him Toric killed Erin, but he should still want to do the right thing for the kids who were killed. He's free to go.

At home at night, Jax tells Tara he doesn't know if he can put things back together. "I just feel so far away from you now, I know that's my fault. Please just tell me, how do I get back?" he asks.

"I'm not sure," she says. "Babe, please let me back in," Jax says.

Church meetings Edit

Jax: This is just a power play by the D.A. They've got nothing, so they're stirring shit up.

Bobby: Yeah, unfortunately it hurts us here. It's the last damn thing Charming needed.

Jax: I know. Talk to Hale. Let him know it's bullshit. See if he can help.

Tig: I'm more worried about the Byz-Lats. Man, they're already unraveled. Nero's inside, that shit going down with Arcadio.

Chibs: Aye. We should head to Stockton, check in with Fiasco. Make sure our brown brothers are level.

Jax: Yeah, okay. Let him know we're coming.

Chibs: 'Course.

Jax: We got interviews today, too. Caracara girls.

Bobby: I can handle that. (laughter) What? I'm manager of operations.

Juice: You totally just made that up. (laughing continues)

Bobby: They won't know that.

Jax: How'd it go with Connor?

Juice: Okay. Kings are keeping him stateside. Want us to start tying down our buyers for Clay. What Hap's doing. Connor knows he's alive because of us, Jax. We talked a lot on the way up. He's- he's a decent guy. I think he'll be onboard when we make the shift.

Jax: Good. I appreciate your concern about my family. You don't have to say anything, I can feel it. I love you all for that. Now, let's get to work. (hits gavel)



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