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"Just getting old Clay. This life hasn't given me much in the way of retirement. It was just about the money, brother."
―Keith, about his betrayal[src]

Keith McGee was the President of the SOA MC Charter known as the Sons of Anarchy Belfast, Northern Ireland charter (SAMBEL) on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by Australian actor Andrew McPhee, Keith makes his debut on the episode "Caregiver" in the series' third season. One of the First 9, and one of the three main antagonists during Season 3 (along with Jimmy O'Phelan and Hector Salazar), Keith plays a recurring role through the same season and meets his demise in the Season 3 episode "Fírinne".


Background information[]

McGee in 1968

McGee came to the States in the 60′s and rode from New York to CA, where he met John Teller, Piney Winston and Lenny 'The Pimp' Janowitz who had all just returned from Vietnam. They formed the “Sons” and when Clay joined them in the 70′s they settled in Charming and became the Redwood Originals. He later went back to Belfast, with John & Clay, to form SAMBEL in the 80's and become the link between SOA and the IRA. After John Teller was killed, McGee took care of Maureen Ashby and her daughter Trinity; eventually becoming a couple. It is unsure if they married, as neither wear a wedding band.

Season 3[]

Keith had formed a partnership with Jimmy O'Phelan, along with Liam O'Neill, to push the mother charter out of the True IRA gun smuggling business, so they could retire in comfort, from a greater share of the profits. Keith didn't want anything to happen to the club, but Jimmy never shared the same feelings and put Keith in a decision to decide where his loyalties were.

He hoped the first attempt to send the club back to the states would have worked, but the failure of the plan, began making the partnership dangerous to be in. McGee was nearly killed by the explosive-laden gun shipment that was meant to take out SAMCRO, his own cohort, Liam, pushing the button to blow the truck up killing five of his own members.

Liam O'Neill revealed that McGee was also a traitor to the club. The club cornered him on a roof where he confesses that is was for the money. Clay stripped him of his patch, hugged him, and pushed him off the roof for his betrayal. Before leaving Belfast, Clay gave McGee's First 9 patch to McGee's widow Maureen, after burning his Cut.


Keith had a Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide that he used regularly.


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