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"I'm never going to die, Clinty."
― Roger, to his son Clint

Jolly Roger Lancet is a former president of SAMLIN in Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, a mobile gaming experience created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Voiced by American actor Keith Szarabajka, Roger owns a strip club called the Jolly Roger, and makes his debut in the game's first episode, "Into the Breach".



Jolly Roger was a member of the Sons of Anarchy and president of their Lincoln, Oregon charter. He was a Vietnam War Veteran and earned the Bronze Star. He was friends with John Teller and Clay Morrow during the Vietnam War. When he returned to Lincoln, Oregon he become a member of the Sons of Anarchy and become their charter president and was one of the most feared bikers in Oregon. He once safe a man named Knuckles who lied about doing a girl and nearly lost his life to her family and become a member in return. He valued the brotherhood and honor of the club and taught it to Knuckles when he patched in. He also ran the Jolly Roger Gentleman's Club which was popular around Lincoln and worked as a custom artist painting peoples vehicles and bikes.

Family LifeEdit

Jolly Roger had a wife and two sons Duke and Clint. Roger was known to beat his wife and son Duke at certain times when he was a club member. Club life took its toll when during a club war his wife disappeared and lost a kidney in a knife fight. He was later sent to jail and after getting out he gave up his club life and had his SOA tattoos blacked out. However his other kidney failed due to cancer and spent most of his time in bed on a dialysis machine with his parrot Peaches. Unable to work as a painter he lost his house to a man who rents it out to them. His relationship with his son Duke was strained due to beating he got when he was younger and it grew worse when he joined SAMLIN as a prospect. He managed to pull $5500 for his son Clint to attend college hoping to get him away from their dying town and make something of his life.

The ProspectEdit

Roger is in bed when the power is cut and he tells Clint to rig a car battery to his dialysis machine to keep him going. He later asks to be taken outside with his parrot Peaches. He makes it clear that he wants Clint to go to college and be a airplane mechanic unaware Clint has taken it all to pay for rent and his medical bills. He later enjoys a roll of weed that Officer Honeyhill brought him.

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