Jeff Kober, born December 18, 1953 in Billings, Montana, is an American actor who played the role of Jacob Hale Jr. on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making his debut on the episode "Albification" in the series' second season, Jeff plays the role of a businessman and older brother of the late Deputy Chief David Hale. Playing a recurring role through the series' second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons, he was last seen on the episode "Sweet and Vaded" in the series' sixth season.


Jeff Kober is a native of Billings, Montana, was born on December 18, 1953. Not satisfied with being a rancher, Kober relocated to the L.A. area in his twenties with the desire to become an actor. His first appearance on the small screen was a non-billed role in the 1980s series V. Kober went on to supporting roles in the highly acclaimed Vietnamese War drama China Beach and the short-lived, but now-cult horror series Kindred: The Embraced.

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • China Beach as Sgt. Evan 'Dodger' Winslow
  • The Hills Have Eyes II as Redding
  • A Man Apart as Pomona Joe
  • Tank Girl as Booga
  • Re-Cut as John Fowler
  • World Without Waves as Doug
  • Multiple as Terry
  • The Walking Dead as Joe



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