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"I realized that a good father and good outlaw can't settle inside the same man."
―Jax Teller[src]

Jackson 'Jax' Nathaniel Teller was the son of John Teller and Gemma Teller Morrow on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by English actor Charlie Hunnam, Jax makes his debut in the series' premiere episode, "Pilot", in the series' first season. Before being voted to “Meet Mr. Mayhem”, he was President, (previously the Vice President) of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO) based in Charming, California, and SAMCRO is the only life Jax has ever known. He is the main protagonist throughout the entire series, and one of only two people to appear in every episode. (The other is Gemma Teller Morrow). Jax lives for the club, but questions the violent extremes it will go to for "business". Eventually he comes to acknowledge, like his father before him, that he was nothing more than a criminal and makes it his final ambition to fulfill his father's legacy and make sure his sons never come to know the life of chaos he lived. Jax meets his demise in the series' finale, "Papa's Goods".

Physical Appearance[]

Jackson Teller is young, handsome, and corded with hard lines of muscle. He has deep-set, blue eyes and unkempt dirty blonde hair that is most often cut around his shoulders. Jax has multiple tattoos on his body—one on his right arm of his father, John Teller, one on his chest for his firstborn son, Abel, one on his left arm for his second-born son, Thomas, and most noticeably, the crest of the club on his back.

Personality and Traits[]

A born, brave and beloved leader, Jax is extremely loyal to his Club. However, in earlier seasons, he finds himself doubting SAMCRO's outlaw violence and illegal business-oriented direction, growing weary of all the problems and stress associated with the lifestyle, which causes tension between him and then Club President, Clay Morrow. However, Jax remains loyal to his comrades, always doing his best to keep his brothers out of trouble and to make the best decisions for the Club. Jax is calm and collected most of the time but is easily angered and has no remorse in killing people he thinks deserves it. However, he does usually act in a friendly and warm-hearted manner but is hard to reason with when is angry. Realizing leading SAMCRO is his destiny, something he later admits to never really wanting, Jax attempts to lead the Club away from all of the relationships and activities that cause so many problems for him, his family and his brothers. Jax leads the Club far more liberally than Clay had done, as he is very tolerant and farsighted, having no problems with people of other colors or sexual orientation. Very close with his mother, Gemma Teller, she commands a powerful influence over him.

Jax is smart, a headstrong and skilled tactician and businessman. He has extensive knowledge of the area within his Club's outreach, and as such must remain stern and smart to keep on terms with rival and ally gangs and organizations in areas surrounding Charming. A brawler, Jax is an adept street fighter, usually opting to try and resolve conflicts before they must be settled by fists, but when the need does arise, Jax is quick to the fight. He, along with the majority of SAMCRO live by a code of outlaw justice, opting for an "eye for an eye" mentality, usually resulting in using violent action. He is also a trained and skilled marksman, having been seen operating a multitude of firearms with deadly effect. His skill set, leadership abilities and loyalty command him respect from both allied and rival gangs and leaders such as the Mayans MC President Marcus Alvarez, leaders of White Supremacy groups such as the Nordics and Aryan Brotherhood, One-Niners leaders Laroy Wayne and later Tyler, kingpin gangsters Damon Pope, August Marks and Henry Lin, as well as high-ranking IRA members, Galindo Cartel members, his fellow SOA members, gangster and business partner Nero Padilla and even various current and former law enforcement officials. His brothers in SAMCRO are all completely loyal to him, trusting him without a doubt and some, specifically Chibs Telford and Bobby Munson, do their best to guide him. He was closest to childhood friend Opie before he is killed; an event that changes Jax indefinitely.

Despite this, the vision he has for his Club—one of legitimate business and an end to unnecessary violence—finds itself put to the side in lieu of a plethora of problems and violent occurrences that plague SAMCRO throughout a number of years. The anarchy, brutality and multitude of problems and hardships Jax faces begins to turn him into a cold, ruthless killer. Having been transformed away from his "Brains Before Bullets" mentality in season one, Jax soon becomes explosively violent, something ally and enemy alike take note of, as well as his childhood sweetheart and beloved wife Tara Knowles, who tells him he's become a "monster". By season seven, Jax's kill count numbers well over thirty as he displays increasing levels of mayhem and violence. In the wake of Tara's murder and his Club's conflict with powerful organized crime groups, his personality changed drastically; he now has no problems killing numerous men, torturing and killing a man in prison or torturing and then putting salt on a man's wounds before stabbing him in the head. Also, the death of Bobby contributes to this violence. At one point, Jax sadistically plucks a man's eye out with his finger and then shoots him in the head. Jax becomes extremely selfish and reckless, caring more about avenging the death of Tara than what is best for him or the club. He loses all of his honor and becomes a compulsive liar, readily betraying and murdering friends and allies. However, by the end of the series, he was able to find some semblance of peace as he completed Tara's last wishes of getting his boys out of Charming, getting SAMCRO out of gun-running completely and avenging Bobby.



Jackson "Jax" Teller is the son of Gemma and John Teller and was born in 1978 (even though in the pilot's first script was 1976[1]), and raised in Charming, California. He lives with a genetic heart disorder ("family flaw" as Gemma calls it) that his brother Thomas "Tommy" Teller (January 8, 1984 – April 4, 1990) died from at the age of 6. His father, the founder and President of SAMCRO, died in 1993 and his mother was re-married to Clay Morrow, who then became President of the Club. At 16, while still in school, he ends up falling in love with Tara Knowles. They loved each other deeply; deeply enough for her to at some point get the Crow Tattoo marking her as Jax's Old Lady. They were in a relationship for three years, during which they got arrested three times: for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and possession of stolen property. Towards the end of their relationship, they fought as Tara began to realize that she wanted more out of life and wanted to leave Charming, while the only thing that Jax wanted more than Tara, was SAMCRO. They break up when she and Jax are 19, but Jax never got over her. Shortly before the Pilot, Tara comes back to Charming after 11 years. His pull between Tara and the Club is a conflict that lasts throughout their entire relationship up to Tara's murder.

Also at 16, in addition to meeting/dating Tara, Jax gets his GED and drops out of high school in order to fulfill his legacy and begins prospecting with the Club. It is unclear if his early start at being a Prospect was at the behest of Gemma in order to cement his staying, or because SAMCRO is truly the only thing he ever saw for his future even after Tara came around. He does, however, love the Club and has deep ties and loyalty to it. He prospects alongside his lifelong best-friend Opie Winston, son of Club co-founder Piney Winston. They both become fully patched members of SAMCRO in 1995. After Tara leaves he falls deeper into pussy and the club, and at some point, Jax assumes the role of Vice President of SAMCRO. Jax also works as a mechanic at Teller-Morrow Automotive Repair, his father's and Clay's business. He has been charged with smuggling, gun-running, extortion, and assault and battery. He got off on all these charges, except for the Federal Automatic Weapons charge at the end of Season 3 that sentenced him to 3 years/14 months with probation.

Living out the outlaw motorcyclist lifestyle, Jax (probably rightfully so) claims to have slept with hundreds of women. But after feeling lonely for too long he married a woman named Wendy Case (though this didn't stop him from cheating on her). Shortly after, he filed for divorce because of her drug habit and the fact that he didn't love her. After Wendy got clean, they attempted to reconcile and conceived a son, Abel. Overwhelmed by the idea of being a father and tired of fighting with Wendy, Jax leaves his pregnant wife, allowing her to continue to live in his home in Charming while he moved into the clubhouse. Left on her own, Wendy begins using again and winds up overdosing in the Pilot, leading to Abel being born 10 weeks premature and addicted to crank in addition to having the genetic heart defect. Also in the Pilot, while searching for baby items he discovers several of his father's old journals and an old manuscript titled "The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way", which collectively lays out the original manifesto for SAMCRO. He finds himself doubting the Club's direction, causing friction between himself and his stepfather Clay, and spreading doubt among the other members.

Season 1[]

"Don't ever sit on another man's bike, asshole."

Season One begins with the Sons of Anarchy finding their weapon storage warehouse burnt down. The SOA arrive on the scene, where local police officers are already investigating. Jax and Clay talk to Sheriff Vic Trammel about the blaze, who claims that propane tanks inside the building blew up, and suspects arson due to the bootprints both inside and outside. Trammel then shows them the burned corpses of two women hidden beneath the building, who were illegal immigrants. It is later revealed that they were Mexican prostitutes who had sex with the club's Sergeant-at-Arms, Tig.

When Jax returns home, he begins looking through storage, where finds old photographs of his late father, and a journal entitled "The Life and Death of Sam Crow: How the Sons of Anarchy Lost Their Way" written by him for his sons Thomas (who had already died at the time the journal was written) and Jackson. He is then called away to a group meeting ("Church"), where all of the chapter's members meet. These are Clay Morrow (President), Bobby (Treasurer), Tig (Sergeant-at-Arms), Chibs (Medic), Piney (Co-founder), Juice (Intelligence Officer) and Happy. Clay announces that Juice has located the guns, and that they were stolen by the Mayans, a rival motorcycle gang. They decide to go and get some payback the next day, despite Jax suggesting the club looking into other ways of earning money instead of dealing weapons, especially with so many rival groups on their back.

Meanwhile, Gemma finds Jax's pregnant ex-wife, Wendy Case, collapsed in her home, and she rushes her to the hospital. Dr. Tara Knowles tells him that track marks were found on Wendy's hands and feet, and that they had to perform an emergency C-section on her, leaving the baby ten weeks premature. The baby has a heart defect and a tear in his abdomen. The latter is from Wendy's drug abuse, but the former is likely a genetic defect. Together, both defects are near-fatal, and the baby has just a 20% chance of survival. Jax and Tara were high school sweethearts, and she personally requested to help on his case. Jax decides not to visit his son, named Abel, and instead flees the hospital. He then goes to a local bar with Bobby and Chibs, and beats Wendy's dealer, a member of the Nordics gang, with a pool cue multiple times.

Later, Jax visits Opie Winston, a member of the club who was recently released from prison, and promised his wife that he wouldn't return to the club. However, Jax convinces him to ride along with the next day. Jax later goes back to visit Wendy in hospital. Wendy promises that she'll get clean. She also says that the doctors told her Abel is getting stronger, but she is facing a charge of fetal abuse, and that she has a stash in her drawer at home. She asks him to get rid of the stash before she faces time in jail. Jax turns up at Wendy's house, which he finds his mother feverishly cleaning. Jax tells her that Abel's going to die, which angers Gemma, who slaps him and tells him that he's the only one his son has. Jax asks her about his father's original vision of the club, and she responds that it was to create a brotherhood and a family. Jax tells her about the writings he found and how his father wanted a social rebellion, not an outlaw club. When she leaves, Jax flushes Wendy's stash down the toilet, and takes her gun. Clay and Gemma begin to worry that Jax is abandoning the club and what it stands for. The next day, Clay, Jax, and Bobby meet Ernest Darby, the Nordics' leader, and tell him never to bring methamphetamines or any other drug into Charming again. That night, as they prepare to go and get their guns back from San Leandro, Jax tells Opie not to come because of the situation with his family, and Bobby is occupied performing his Elvis act at a club in Lake Tahoe. When they arrive at the industrial storage warehouse and find the guns, three Mayans turn up in a car outside. Clay and Chibs shoot and kill the Mayans, and another man, who has a number of Nazi and white supremacist tattoos. He was a member of the Nordics, a local skinhead gang, who are allied with the Mayans, and it later emerges that his name was Whistler. Jax was also armed, but hit a mental barrier before he could fire a shot. They escape with the weapons and destroy the building, using explosives.

Wayne Unser, the Chief of the Charming Police Department, has always got along well with the Sons of Anarchy during his time in charge and even employed them as muscle at times. However, he is dying from cancer, and will retire at the end of the month, handing his power over to his Deputy, David Hale, who is overtly suspicious of SAMCRO, and will almost definitely begin an investigation into the club. Hale talks to Jax, telling him that when he becomes Chief, he won't look the other way with the Sons of Anarchy like his predecessor did. To distract the police from their activities, the burnt down warehouse in particular, Jax, Chibs, and Half-Sack (a Prospect in the club) acquire two dead bodies from the local morgue, and set them up in a fake shoot-out. The set-up shooting is made to look like a racist murder involving the Nordics. On his way back to town, Jax was cut off on the road by a man driving a red muscle car. He later caught up with this man at a petrol station, and beat him up. The driver then pulled out a pistol and attempted to shoot Jax, but was wrestled to the ground and then killed by the Pakistani shop keeper, who hit him with a fire axe. The trio then stole the CCTV tapes, and fled the scene. Later, Jax visits Abel, and Tara tells him that he will make a full recovery. She also says that Wendy is being put through sedated detox, and she will be out for a couple of days.

Local businessman Elliott Oswald goes to Clay after his 13-year-old daughter was raped at a carnival, and asks the Sons of Anarchy to hunt the rapist down and kill him, in exchange for money. Clay refuses the money, but insists that if they catch him, he must carry out the punishment himself. Juice and Gemma find out that the rapist is one of the carnies, and the gang capture him and bring him to Oswald, who tries to castrate him, but can't bring himself to do it. Clay then carries the punishment out, but wears gloves whilst doing it. He then blackmails Oswald for the crime, as only his fingerprints are on the knife, because he was about to sell off much of the land around Charming to big business and housing, which would challenge the SOA's reign over the town. Jax is unhappy that Clay did not tell him of the plan, however, and tells him to always inform him on his future motives.

When ATF agent, Josh Kohn, arrives in Charming and began investigating the club, they decided that they should move their weapons to Indian Hills, Nevada, where their brother club, the Devil's Tribe, are based. Clay sent Bobby and Jax to inform the Devil's Tribe that the Sons of Anarchy would be patching over them, and storing guns on their property. On the way there, they came across a group of Mayans on the road, and were involved in a shoot-out, although no one was killed. Later on, the pair ran into a couple as they left a petrol station. The man was extremely disrespectful to the woman, named Susie, and they beat him up. Jax then picked Susie up for sex, and carried on with his journey. When they arrived at the Devil's Tribe clubhouse and informed them of the news, their President, Jury, was not pleased, but eventually accepted that it was the best decision for both clubs. After the patch-over party, Jax went for a ride, and attracted the attention of a group of Mayans. He drew them back to the clubhouse, where the Sons of Anarchy were waiting for them. A large shoot-out ensued, during which Jury was shot and injured. After having sex with Jax, Susie left, and went back to her old boyfriend. Josh Kohn had been following Jax the whole time, taking photographs, and saw the shoot-out. He sent a picture of Jax and Susie having sex to Tara, who is revealed to be his former lover.

Jax and Gemma

Otto and a number of other imprisoned SAMCRO members have been protecting Chuck Marstein in Stockton State Prison‏‎. He is wanted by the Lin Triad because he stole money from them, then informed on a number of their members when he was arrested. When Clay and Jax went to visit Otto in prison, he told them that if they protected Chuck when he was released, he would inform them on where the Triads keep their money. They agreed, and picked him up from prison, and brought him to the clubhouse. SAMCRO intended on waiting until the restaurant, where the money is stored, was closed until they raided it, but Chuck's frequent unconscious masturbating was unbearable for them, and they decided to raid the restaurant straight away. At the restaurant, Jax used his knife to cut open a newly-plastered patch on the ceiling, where the bag of money was. However, just after they stole the money, and some counterfeiting plates, the Triads turned up. Instead of starting a war, Clay decided to make a deal; SAMCRO handed over Chuck and the plates, and the Triads gave them $60,000. Meanwhile, Kyle Hobart, a disgraced former SAMCRO member, went to Jax and asked him if the Sons wanted in on his deal selling stolen car parts. Jax accepted, and invited him to the clubhouse that night. This was a set-up, however, to punish him for not having his SOA tattoo removed after being disowned by the club. At the clubhouse, they tied him up and Tig used a blowtorch to burn off the tattoo.

Jax and Piney sold five AK-47s to Nate Meineke, Piney's old war buddy, and his right-wing state Militia. They used these guns to ambush a prison convoy, to free one of their members, Frank Cison. Three police officers were killed during the assault, during which Meineke dropped his cell phone, and his last calls had been to Teller-Morrow. When the ATF found the phone, they arrested Clay and raided the clubhouse. Clay was later released because no evidence was found, meaning he could no longer be kept in custody. Meanwhile, Jax, Piney, and Opie decided to kill Meineke and his gang to stop them from "snitching" if they were apprehended by the authorities. They pretended to sell them more weapons, but the boxes of guns were actually filled with explosives, and the militia loaded their trucks with them. All of the militia were killed when the bombs were detonated.

When Tara told Jax that ATF Agent Josh Kohn had been stalking her, he threatened to kill him if he went near Tara again. He also reported him to David Hale, who in turn informed the ATF. Upon learning that the authorities have not yet apprehended Kohn, he went and hunted for him himself. He found him at the local barber shop, and a brawl ensued, with Jax emerging the victor. Kohn was then arrested for breaching his restraining order on Tara.

While riding his motorcycle on the highway, Jax came across a truck driver on the hood of his truck. The driver had crashed his semi while he was high on meth. The Nords came to his hospital room and beat him, after which the trucker told the Sons that the Nordics had beaten him, because he owed money to them. They also later took his truck and tanker full of diesel. Jax and Opie hijacked the truck back from the Nords, and sold it to Wayne Unser, who runs a trucking company. This gave SAMCRO enough money to buy weapons from the True IRA. Later that night, he went to Tara's house after she phoned him and asked him to come over. Kohn had broken in and tried to rape her, but she grabbed his gun and shot him in the stomach. Jax killed him, and had sex with Tara, next to the body.

Cameron Hayes, a member of the True IRA, offered SAMCRO a free shipment of guns if they carry out a hit on Brenan Hefner, the man who killed his cousin Michael McKeavey. Jax, Bobby and Opie went to the hotel room, where Hefner sees his African American mistress. Opie was supposed to shoot him when he left the room, but froze, so Bobby stepped in and shot him at close range with a silenced pistol.

The ATF arrested Luann Delaney and Cherry, the women of Otto and Half-Sack, and threatened them with prison if they did not give information on SAMCRO. Bobby, Piney, and Tig started a brawl at a local bar, and most of the town's small police force had to go to the scene to break it up. This gave Jax and Opie an opportunity to break into the police station, with the help of Unser, to give Luann a message to give to Otto. Cherry said she would rat if they didn't get her out, so he took her with him. Luann stayed behind because the ATF were about to get Otto to plead to a case that he thought was harmless, to secure him and Luann a deal, but in fact would lead to the arrest of every club member.

When Bobby was arrested for the murder of Brenan Hefner, Agent June Stahl made it seem like Opie was the one who identified him. Jax never told Clay and the other club members that Opie failed to shoot Hefner, forcing Bobby to shoot Hefner from the other side of the door, where the girl saw him. Still thinking that the Hefner shooting went down clean, and thus the only people that could have seen were the other SOA members, along with all the evidence engineered by Stahl, it seemed extremely likely that Opie was the rat. Jax defended him, however, and convinced some of the club that the ATF had set him up. Clay had Tig check Opie's car for wiretaps, and he found them. Tig and Clay were convinced Opie was guilty and decided to kill him.

Jax began living at Tara's house, or at least sleeping with her on a regular basis. When he and Tara were kissing at the hospital, Wendy saw them, and later confronted Tara. The next day, Jax went with Clay, Tig, and Opie to make an arms deal with the Mayans in Oakland. The One-Niners attacked the deal, however, and they escaped, while the Mayans and Niners fought it out. Clay and Tig had made a deal with the Niners, but didn't inform Jax or the others; the Niners were supposed to eliminate the Mayans after SOA left, but they decided to take them out also. Later that night, Abel was released from the hospital, and a party was held in celebration. Tara again kissed Jax at the party, purposely in plain view for Wendy to see. When Jax asked Tara why she did it, she slapped him, and left. When Opie left the party, he took his wife's car to take his children home in, and his wife took his pick-up truck. Tig thought it was Opie driving the car, and shot Donna Winston.

"Not fair? You wanna know how many women I've slept with over the last 10 years? Hundreds! Maybe more, I don't know. I barely see their faces. I married Wendy because I was lonely. Because I got tired of the endless disconnect. It was just a sad time-out. Because when I'm inside someone, there's only one face I see. When you came home, it was like some kind of sign to me. Like my past coming around to give me another shot to do this different; better. And now that chance is running back to Chicago."
Wendy told Jax that she wants to give their relationship another chance now that they have a child, but he refused, saying that things will be no different than before. When he later went to visit Tara, she told him that she was afraid of being caught for killing Kohn, and that she is moving back to Chicago. He admitted that she is the only woman that he has ever loved, and that he only married Wendy because he was lonely. At Church, Piney said he wanted to kill Laroy, as revenge for killing Donna, so Jax told Half-Sack to follow him, and make sure that he doesn't do anything unnecessary. Half-Sack called and said that Piney had gone into a bar in Oakland, where he was holding a Niner hostage. When Jax and Chibs got there, they managed to get Piney out, and had a talk with Laroy, who said it wasn't his gang who killed Donna. When he visited the police station to ask Unser if he had any leads on Donna's killing, David Hale approached him. He told him about Stahl setting up Opie, and Jax realized that it was SAMCRO who killed Donna. He confronted Clay about this at the clubhouse, and asked him if he had anything to do with Donna's death, and Clay denied it. As Jax left the clubhouse, Juice told him that the witness to Hefner's killing is a 17-year-old girl, and that Chibs, Happy, and Tig are on their way to kill her. Jax drove out to San Joaquin on his motorcycle, and stopped Tig from killing her at gunpoint. He told Chibs and Happy to leave, and threatened the witness into leaving the state. He fought with Tig, because he killed Donna. Jax spent the night in the graveyard drinking vodka. The next morning, he went to Donna's funeral, which was attended by Sons of Anarchy from all across the country. He and Tara shared one last kiss, and the Season ended as he stood and looked at his father's and brother's gravestones.}}

Season 2[]

"You showing me these photos trying to play my rage, my need for revenge, didn't work. See, I was able to take a moment to think. And I realized that if we did have a relationship with the Irish, which of course we don't, what'd stop me from tipping them off? Letting them know you got them under your thumb. You took a huge risk playing that card. Which means you are desperate. You got nothing."
―Jax to Agent Stahl

In the first episode of Season 2, Jax and Clay go head to head over the death of Donna. The only reason that Jax does not tell Opie the truth is because he loves Opie too much. He insists on coming with Opie, Chibs, and Tig to murder a Mayan member who SAMCRO frames for Donna's murder. After the Mayan is killed, Opie carves the Sons of Anarchy symbol into his stomach (so the Mayans would know why the man was killed). Jax removes the symbol and disposes of the body in Mayan territory, putting up 9 fingers to make it look like the Niners killed the man. Jax has gotten a new tattoo: his son Abel's name on his left peck. He is seen saving Tig from bounty hunters with Chibs, Happy, Half Sack, and Piney. He assumes that Ethan Zobelle and L.O.A.N. will fight an under-handed war against SAMCRO and he is against Clay's plans to strike at the Aryans head on.

After L.O.A.N. burns down Cara Cara, Jax suspects it was Clay, since Clay did not want the porn business around after Luann Delaney was murdered. This drives Jax over the edge, and he decides to go Nomad. The vote is unanimous and Jax goes Nomad, but after learning of his mothers rape at the hands of L.O.A.N., he comes back in as the Vice President of SAMCRO wanting revenge on L.O.A.N., specifically AJ Weston. After finding out that Tig told Opie the truth about Donna's death, Opie leaves the clubhouse looking for Stahl. Jax assumes that Opie will be after Zobelle and his crew, and goes off to follow Zobelle. While following Zobelle, Jax learns that Zobelle is dealing with the Mayans for their heroin behind Weston's back.

"Pull the trigger, man. That's the only way this leather's coming off my back."
In the Season 2 finale "Na Trioblóidí," Jax finally gets revenge on A.J. Weston by killing him in a tattoo parlor bathroom. However, at the end of the episode Cameron Hayes, who mistakenly thinks Gemma killed his son, kidnaps Jax's son Abel and flees on his motorboat to an unknown location. Jax is last seen distraught and crying on the docks while Clay and the other Sons console him, watching Hayes speed off with his son.

Season 3[]

The season begins with a distraught, complacent Jax in Abel's nursery. It is obvious he has taken his son's kidnapping hard, and eventually Clay and other members come to his house to help him. Tara is at a loss at what she can do to help Jax, Clay however tells her how helpful she has been. They continue to track leads on Abel. The entire club, including Tara have decided not to tell Gemma about Abel's kidnapping. During Half Sack's funeral, personally and politically, Jax has to pull it together. But Jax's heir apparent role isn't a voluntary one, as much as he loves and relies on the men around him. Jax's conflicting desires for connection and freedom tug at him. His encounter with Piney at the graveyard reminds him of his many personal losses (a father and brother dead, a child missing), but Jax's murderous rage at Half-Sack's funeral is just as believable as his impotent grief. In that moment at the end of 'SO,' his rage as a club member and as a father come together, and for once, the distinctions don't matter. At the end of the episode, there is a drive-by shooting. Spotting a young boy that has been shot, Jax loses it.

Those connections between Jax and Tara haven't been severed, but they're fraying. Gemma's on the run, and as she slowly goes mad in a motel, Clay has to lie to her about her own grandson. Jax and Tara reunite. Gemma reunites with her father, Nate Madock.

Jax at Nate's (his grandfathers)

Jax continues to channel his rage into the desperate search for Abel, and Clay continues to encourage that. Still searching, Jimmy O spins lies to Jax about Abel's whereabouts; he thinks he's in Canada.

Clay, Jax, Tig, Tara and the rest deceived Gemma for what they thought were good reasons. Father Ashby needs someone to come to Belfast looking for Jimmy's head on a platter. And that person is Jax Teller. Once SAMCRO comes to Belfast, Jimmy will have very big problems indeed. After confronting yet more obstacles in his search for his son, Jax Teller, a man who still has the occasional impulse-control issue, doesn't take the violent path. He thinks up a clever scheme that will give him time to find his son, take care of club business and, most importantly, help Gemma. And if the deal goes down, Stahl will get out of the DEA doghouse and Maureen Ashby will have one less problem to deal with in Belfast.

Jax knows in his heart that he has to take Tara off that path. She's in love with Jax, not the club and the life. Given the opportunity to support the club—or, more accurately, support her man—she'll do it every time, but Jax doesn't want her to get those opportunities. He doesn't want her to have to try to change herself to fit into the world of the Sons.

Jax and the boys in Belfast

And with Abel still very much in danger, he can't handle the idea of another loved one being in harm's way. As much as he loves Tara, he breaks it off with her for good. Unlike last time he tried to cut her out of his life—at the start of the season, when he was filling up the hole inside him with alcohol and self-hatred—she fought back and she won. This time, Tara didn't even say a word.

This is a different Jax; this is a resolute man who is mentally arming himself for battle. He can't both worry about Tara and fight a war in Belfast, so he has to pick. He ends up following Clay's advice, in a manner of speaking—he finds a sexual outlet with the porn actress, Ima, who's been hitting on him. It's an uncomplicated relationship, but it still brings its own share of pain. At the end of the episode (The Push), when he was in bed with Ima, he looked like a man exorcising a painful memory. There was nothing intimate about that moment.

Now that the club is going over to Belfast, many more revelations and betrayals appear to be in the offing. Jax eventually discovers that Trinity Ashby is his sister as well.

Jax, Tara and Abel back home

Kellan Ashby hit Jax Teller's most vulnerable spot hard when the priest talked about how painful it could be for a child to grow up in "the life." Jax himself grew up in that life, embraced (or trapped) in the almost paralyzing, clannish world of the MC. For years, he'd harbored doubts about whether living life for and with SAMCRO was the wrong path for him. And now here's Ashby, echoing things that John Teller wrote in the manifesto that carried such weight with his son. Ashby is a liar and a manipulator, to be sure, but that doesn't make his words sting any less. John never wanted this difficult life for his sons. Jax has been looking for Abel all season, but, once he found the child, was he making a huge mistake by letting him come of age in the same world he found so brutal and off-putting at times? Once Gemma put some sense back into Jax however (even telling him Tara is pregnant), they were able to get Abel and leave Belfast. Before leaving Belfast however, Jax get's a call. He hears news that Tara has been kidnapped. Arriving back in Charming, Jax is able to save Tara, and the two reunite. Three-quarters of the way through the finale, when Jax Teller took Tara to his mother's house, and Tara took Abel in her arms, Jax finally allowed himself a half smile. It was one of those blink-and-you'll-miss it moments—it was not a moment that called attention to itself.

Once Jax and SAMCRO return from Belfast, they begin looking for Tara. The Mayans help in the search because Salazar is a threat to their new heroin operation in Stockton Prison. They find two women dead in the road. One is Salazar's girlfriend and the other is a woman Salazar killed for her car. Jax is worried about Tara's safety and Bobby promises him that they will bring her back safely. They discover that Salazar not only has Tara, but has taken Hale hostage as well. When Salazar reveals that he will trade Tara for Jax, he is ready and willing. Jax proceeds to get in a fight with Salazar. Salazar runs, only to end up cornered in the hall where Jax stabs him to death and makes it look like self-defense. Later, he goes with Tara to an ultrasound to make sure the baby is healthy. Jax later meets with Stahl who is still determined to see the deal through. In the finale it is revealed that his dealing with Stahl was set up by the club, when they were let in on his plans is not clear at this point. When she inevitably reneges on her promise of secrecy he acts the part knowing that she will soon be dead and they will serve light time. In a letter to Gemma, Jax assures her that he is not his father and would never rat on the club. However, in a letter from his father to his mistress Maureen Ashby read by Tara after the club is arrested, it is intensely suggested that Gemma and Clay were responsible for his death, knowledge of which may prove to change him.}}

Season 4[]

Jax and the other members of the club are released from prison. He has abdominal scars stemming from a prison stabbing incident involving the Russian Mob. Also, Jax's appearance is different. He has cut his hair and trimmed his beard.

After he returns home to Tara and their two sons, Abel and newborn Thomas, they make love. During a post coital discussion, Jax proposes to Tara, with the ring wrapped in the tiny fist of his second son, Thomas, which she accepts. The newly-engaged couple then have a discussion about their future as a family, in which Jax admits to wanting to leave the Sons once Clay has stepped down as President. Later, he attends Opie's wedding as his best man, and after the ceremony, Jax goes with Clay and the Russians to shoot a gun given to Opie as a wedding gift from the Russians. While Clay is testing the gun, he shoots Putlova's bodyguards, and Jax stabs Putlova to death in revenge for trying to kill him in prison, saying it's "just business". Jax then returns to the reception to dance with his fiancee, Tara. The next day, Jax and Tara are having breakfast with their sons, when they see on the news a story about four dead bodies found at the construction site of Charming Heights. Tara asks Jax to tell her all he knows about it, and he tells her that it was retaliation for him getting stabbed in prison. After breakfast, he goes with Clay to the deal they set up with the Galindo Cartel, were they meet Romeo and Luis. At the deal, Jax learns that Clay has set it up for SAMCRO to mule cocaine for the cartel and the Mayans. Clay tells Jax that everything that has happened the last two years has left him and Gemma with no money, and that he needs Jax to help him sell it to the rest of SAMCRO. Jax tells Clay that he will back him as long Clay lets Jax out of SAMCRO, and that the President's patch goes to Opie, and Clay agrees to the deal. Jax and Clay have a meeting with the rest of SAMCRO to try to convince them that the drug transporting would be good for them financially in which Jax shows them the money they made from the first deal to convince them. After the meeting, Jax and Opie go to the Indian Reservation to see about the ammunition, where they are encountered by some vengeful Russians. The Russians threaten to kill two Native American women they are holding hostage if they don't get their guns returned. After a scuffle, Jax agrees to call SAMCRO to get their guns to them. Jax and Opie are eventually rescued by the Galindo Cartel, who kills all but two Russians, one of which was given to the Native Americans for retribution. When he and Opie return to the Clubhouse, they find out the clubhouse was wrecked by Sheriff Roosevelt. To lighten the mood, Tara announces her and Jax's engagement. During the celebration, Jax and Bobby met eyes from across the room, and Bobby pours some expensive tequila out onto the floor, signifying respect for Jax's deceased father, John Teller, who could not be there for the family celebration.

Jax, Opie, Happy, Tig, and Kozik all struggle to try to find the guns that were stolen from Kozik by some kids, who challenged him to a basketball game, and stole them after attacking him. They first ask a French fence by the name of Vivica, who denies having any knowledge of where the guns are. When they find the ones who stole the guns, they are led back to Vivica, where it is discovered her sons were the ones who had them. They get the guns back and head to the clubhouse to vote on muling drugs for the Cartel. It passes, with a close vote of 6-5. When SAMCRO goes on a run to complete the gun sale, and get ready for their first drug transportation, they are aided by their Tucson charter, SAMTAZ, who they discover are cooking and selling crank. SAMCRO shows disapproval, and at a meeting at the SAMTAZ clubhouse, they try to convince SAMTAZ to stop dealing, but to no avail. They eventually track down Reggie, who left the club, and discover that the SAMTAZ V.P. and Sgt. at Arms have blackmailed him into leaving, and murdered his sponsor, Little Paul, to get their crank business voted in. After SAMTAZ learns about this, the V.P. and Sgt. at Arms are beaten up and excommunicated from the club. SAMCRO meets up with the cartel and delivers their guns, then prepare to mule the drugs back to Northern Cali. When the drugs arrive, they leave them stored in the gun warehouse. Jax then returns home, where he shows Tara the money he received, and instructs her to put the money in a safety deposit box. Later, Jax and the club try to track down Georgie Caruso for his involvement in Luanne's murder. When they find him, they come close to killing him, until they learn he access to Japanese investors, who can help them shut down Charming Heights. They keep him alive to get the Japanese to help, but still plan to kill once Charming Heights is gone. The next day, Jax discovers that Opie has slept with Ima, and the reason was due Lyla taking birth control. They later head to the warehouse, were they discover a kilo of coke was stolen from the drug load. SAMCRO suspects one of the prospects, and spends most of the day interrogating them. Jax and Opie later get a call, saying Ima pointed a gun at everyone in the clubhouse, after Lyla discovered that she had sex with Opie. When they get there, Jax is put in a bad spot with Tara, after she is reminded of the fact that Jax also had sex with Ima while Abel was missing. After the domestic problem is handled, Jax and Opie return to the warehouse, were they are told that it was Miles who stole the cocaine, and that Juice killed him and retrieved it. After the business transaction is done, Jax meets up with Ima under the pretense of wanting to have sex, and slams her face into the table, then warns to stay away from SAMCRO and his family. The next day, Jax and SAMCRO goes to a cut and bag operation of the Mayans, when Jax receives a call, telling him there has been a death threat made against Tara. The Mayan's drug operation is then attacked by gunmen, who they later confront, and discover they work for the Galindo Cartel's rival, Lobos Sonora. Jax later talks with Tara, who learns of the drug business, and voices her disapproval. Later, when SAMCRO has meeting to about how to handle the things that have happened, Bobby calls for an official challenge to have Clay removed as President of SAMCRO. The next day they prepare to vote, only to have their clubhouse shot up by Lobos Sonora, during which, they leave a bag of heads, one of which belongs to Armando, the SAMTAZ President. A Lobo was shot by Filthy Phil, and taken to warehouse, were he was tortured by Happy, but was unable to get him to talk. Luis eventually shows up, and injects the Lobo with truth serum, which makes him confess that there is a rat in the Mayans. Jax eventually goes to the cabin to apologize to Piney for backing the drugs. They have a discussion, were Jax tells Piney that he is done with his father's ideas, and Piney still defends John's actions. Later, SAMCRO, the Mayans, and the Galindo Cartel prepare for battle with Lobos Sonora, who leave a truck of headless bodies. Jax and Tara agree that she should take their sons and get clear of the violence taking place.

The next day, SAMCRO meets with Galindo and the Mayans to figure how Lobos Sonora gained a California network. They find out that the One-Niners may have become a costumer of the Lobos. They set the Niners up to meet the Galindo Cartel, and are forced to have the Lobos walk into a trap, which fails. Luis is close to killing Laroy and the Niners, until Jax steps up, and convinces Luis to spare them. Jax later is confronted by Bobby, who tells Jax that he knows about Jax's plan to leave SAMCRO, and tries to convince him not to go, because he is the best man to lead when Clay is gone. Jax later confronts Clay about breaking his promise not to tell anyone that Jax plans to leave. Jax also tells Clay that he is going to go through with one last gun deal, and help the club find a way to get free of the Cartel, and then he is leaving. After this discussion, Clay crosses the line by insulting Tara, and Jax tells him to never do it again, or he will damage Clay's already fragile hands. He decides to tell Tara that he will escort her and the boys to Oregon, and that he is out of the club. The next day, the Teller family are on their road trip, having a good time, until someone tries to abduct Tara. Jax is able to rescue her, but her hand is badly damaged in all of the excitement. After she taken to the hospital, SAMCRO and the Mayans go to talk to the One-Niners, to get information about how to contact Lobos Sonora, only for a Mayan and a Niner to end up dead. Jax goes back to the hospital to be with Tara, where he learns the extent of the damage done to her hand. His guilt grows after he sees that Tara has lost all hope of them ever getting out of SAMCRO and Charming. He later has an intense conversation with Opie, were Jax admits that he wants out of SAMCRO, and he admits that he should have let Opie leave when he wanted out, and that if he had, Donna might still be alive. Jax then gives Opie a heartfelt apology for the things that have gone wrong in his life. The next day, Jax sees Tara in the hospital, and though she has calmed down, she still shows doubt in their ability to leave SAMCRO. Later Jax sees that Clay has beaten Gemma, and this greatly angers Jax. During the conversation, Jax is asked by Gemma about his plans to leave, and he is forced to tell her the truth. Jax later confronts Clay about what happened to his mother, where Clay tries to hide behind club rules, by saying it is between him and his old lady, but Jax tells Clay he is not getting off that easy, because Gemma is still his mother. They go off to help the cartel deal with the remaining Lobos that are in Northern Cali. There is a battle, and some of SAMCRO stranded in mine field, where Kozik is killed after stepping on a mine. They are able to draw out the rest of the Lobos with rocket launchers, and kill them. After it is over, Jax sees Juice putting his life in danger by walking casually across the field, likely another suicide attempt, and later tells Chibs to talk to him. SAMCRO then gathers to together to discuss business, and give tribute to Kozik. Jax and Opie have another talk about Jax's discussion to leave the club. During this conversation, Opie reveals that he didn't stay because of what Jax said, but because he knew that he was an outlaw, and trying to be anything else would be living a lie. Jax apologizes to Opie for lying to him, and Opie continues to show his disappointment. In To Be, Act One, Gemma finally reveals the letter to Jax, angering him and vowing to kill Clay with a blood thinner, given to him by Tara.

In To Be, Act 2 (the season finale) Jax does not kill Clay, as he needs Clay alive for the Galindo Cartel/CIA deal. Instead, he threatens Clay, and tells him that he will be stepping down as President, thus making Jax SAMCRO's new President. He removes Clay's President patch from his cut, and Clay suggests Jax kill him, but he tells Clay that he is already dead, and spits in his face. Jax calls a meeting, and everyone attends except Opie. His first act as President is making Chibs his new Sergeant at Arms, and the episode ends with Jax banging the gavel, Tara standing behind him, with her arm over his shoulder, mirroring a photo of Gemma and John Teller back in the early SAMCRO days.}}

Season 5[]

Jax talking to Romeo

Jax is shown to be in an even more seasoned role as President. He is now starting to write his own manuscript for his sons when they are older. His appearance has changed again; his hair has grown back out and he has it slicked back kind of like an Italian gangster. While the Sons are transporting cocaine for the Galindo, they are attacked by Niners, retaliating for Tig murdering Oakland gangster Damon Pope's daughter (Veronica). He later promotes Bobby to be his VP after Opie rejects the offer due to his hatred for Clay. He later has a meeting with the new Niner leader and Pope's lieutenant August to cease hostilities between the Sons and Niners. Jax, Chibs and Bobby later find a broken Tig, having had to watch as Pope burned his daughter Dawn alive. After ensuring his other daughter's safety, Jax, Chibs and Tig are arrested when witnesses bought by Pope testify to Tig running down Veronica Pope and Jax and Chib's highway shooting of one of the Niners. They hide in a brothel owned by Gemma's new suitor Nero Padilla. He meets with the club attorney to kill the R.I.C.O. case against SAMCRO and reveals the threat it poses, to Bobby and Tara. Jax manages to get Romeo to provide protection for them inside. Opie later assaults Roosevelt to accompany them. While in prison Jax is visited by Pope. Pope tells Jax that to set things straight for his daughter's death Pope will receive half the money the Sons gets for transporting cocaine for the Galindo cartel. Pope tells Jax that due to the death, one of the Sons in prison must die and Jax will choose who it will be. Pope also wants Tig to remain in jail for the rest of his life so he can be tortured everyday. Once the death has occurred, the remaining Sons will be freed so they can earn. Jax tells Opie what Pope told him and confides in Opie about Clay killing JT and Piney. When the time comes for Jax to pick one of the Sons to fight to the death, Opie jumps in and hits one of the guards, volunteering himself to be the Son who is sacrificed. Opie is set up to fight against three black prisoners. They beat Opie to death with pipes. While being escorted back to his cell by the head guard who arranged the fight, Jax tells the guard that he is being freed the next day and that he will find him and kill him for killing his best friend.

He later meets with Nero (whose brothel business was shut down by a police raid) to propose he use SAMCRO's connections to Cara-Cara porn stars to restart his business and split the profits with the Club. He brings it to the Club to move them away from guns and drugs, and it is voted in at the urging of Clay. They later meet with Galen and the Galindo cartel to set up the big gun sale. He and Galen come to terms with their animosity towards each other and settle it in a fist-fight. To get a location to set up the brothel for Nero, Jax, Bobby, and Chibs meet with Hale asking to lease a piece of property to use. He denies, but later reconsiders when Jax offers him dirt on a member of city council to allow Charming Heights to proceed and Damon Pope as an investor. Jax has another meeting with Pope, who offers him a new deal; to double their muling fee from Galindo by cutting his gang in on moving the cocaine. The club votes on it and, despite strong objections, it is voted in. Pope also gives Jax the identity and address of the prison sergeant who had Opie killed. To allow the muling to go through, Jax meets with Alvarez, Henry Lin, and the Niner president as the cocaine will move through their territory. Everyone agrees to the agreement allowing things to proceed. At the end of the episode, Jax, Chibs, Bobby, and Tig break into the sergeant's house and Jax viciously beats him to death with a snow globe and needs to be pulled off of him by Chibs. In "Toad's Wild Ride," Jax, Bobby and Unser come to the conclusion that the three Nomads Gogo, Greg and Frankie are behind the break-ins and Rita's death. When Gogo and Greg are killed after trying to kill Unser, the club realizes Frankie has gone underground. Jax confronts Clay about his affiliation with the Nomads, which he denies. Jax merely remarks that when they find Frankie "they'll decide who lives and who dies". When he and Chibs are riding back to the clubhouse they're are attacked by two men with machine guns. They kill one and the other escapes; when they examine the dead shooter he's revealed to be black.

In the next episode "Ablation," Jax, Tig and Chibs cut the hands off the body and send one to Unser for identification and the other to Pope to send a message. He then learns that Gemma, Abel, and Thomas got in a car crash apparently caused by the escaping shooter running her off the road. Jax meets with Pope, questioning whether he was behind hiring the shooters or the Nomads. Pope denies this and the Niners lead Jax to the other shooter, who reveals that they were hired by Frankie. Jax shoots the gunman multiple times and then pushes him off the building, stunning Chibs and Happy. Later Jax, Chibs, and Bobby go to the new brothel to find Nero and Lyla held at gunpoint by Frankie. He demands $150,000 or he'll kill Lyla; Nero gives him $134,000 in cash and some good watches and he takes Chibs as a new hostage. He also reveals Clay put him, Gogo and Grey up to doing the break-ins and shoots Lyla in the leg. He also learns from Nero Gemma crashed because she was high. He tells Tara who hits Gemma and forbids her from seeing her boys. He is met by Roosevelt at the clubhouse who reveals there is another rat at the club's table, who helped them get their R.I.C.O. case started. He states he will reveal the rat in exchange for Jax bringing Frankie to him. Jax goes to see Tara and tells her that he needs evidence that Clay hired the Nomads to bring to the club, stating he has a plan she might not like. He meets with Gemma and tells her if she wants back into their lives she has to go back to Clay, gain his trust and help him get the evidence he needs. In "Andare Pescare," the club learning that Frankie is hiding with a Mafia family, paying them with Nero's cash. The club unanimously votes to kill Frankie after getting the identity of who hired him; however, Jax reveals the need to keep Frankie alive to Bobby to find out the identity of the other rat at the table. They meet with the Mafia Don hiding Frankie, and after a brawl with his bodyguards, Jax tells him that Frankie stole $500,000 from his club (lying to turn them against Frankie for not paying them enough) and gives them the location of the safehouse where Frankie is hiding. While on their way there, they spot an explosion and find the safehouse blown up with Clay and Juice holding Frankie at gunpoint. He stops them from killing him yet, but the Mafia Don, furious about one of his men killed by Frankie, guns him down before he can tell them anything. Jax has another meeting with Roosevelt where he reveals Frankie's death was out of his hands and he figured out that Juice is the rat. The episode ends with Jax in the van tailing Juice. In "Crucifixed", Jax, Chibs and Bobby meet to discuss Juice and the RICO case. They decide to wait out Juice to avoid damaging the Club's image. Jax later meets with Juice stating that if Juice wants to make sure the Club never finds out, he will find some legal documents that would confirm Clay set the Nomads in motion. They later go after another of Opie's killers, a cousin of Grim Bastard President T.O, who they corner and kill, despite Jax promising not to. The act greatly enrages the Bastards and Bobby.

The next episode, "To Thine Own Self," shows Jax ready to pull the club away from the Cartel, now that the RICO case is gone (Otto having killed a nurse with a cross given to him by Tara, causing the Feds to throw out his statement). He is shown to have a plan in motion to ensure everyone wins, which he reveals when he is kidnapped by Romeo; Jax has set up so the Mayans will take over muling the Cartel's cocaine and the Triads will use their connections to Ghana to keep getting them their "big guns." He reveals the deal and the dead RICO case to the Club and it is unanimously voted in. He goes to Clay's house, with Chibs and Bobby, as Juice states he found the legal documents confirming Clay's hand in the Nomad attacks. They find them gone as Clay moved them when he was alone. Jax punches Juice and sends him home. He then reveals to Bobby and Chibs he needs Clay to go down by revealing that Clay killed JT and Piney and tried to kill Tara. The next episode, "Darthy", shows that Bobby convinced Clay to confess to being behind the Nomad attacks in exchange for voting not to kill him. All members of the Club vote to kick Clay out of SAMCRO, but not to kill him due to Bobby's vote no, and Jax furiously beats Clay. He learns from Lin that it will take 3–4 months to start in on their gun shipments, however, Romeo states that Lobo Sonoras is pushing Galindo hard and they need one more shipment of IRA weapons to wait out the time to get the Chinese stock. Jax initially manages to convince Galen to give them the guns, but Romeo shows up with armed Galindo men to take the guns, resulting in a brief gunfight with Galen and his men, before getting the guns. Galen promises to make SAMCRO pay for this. Jax puts the Club on lockdown, but Galen manages to kidnap Wendy from the hospital. He demands $479,000 or he will kill Wendy and kidnap Abel. Jax gets the money from Nero in as a down payment for selling Biz Latz guns. When Wendy threatens to report the entire incident to police and take Abel, Jax goes to her apartment, overpowers and injects her with heroin to destroy her credibility.

The season finale shows Jax finalizing his deal with Pope; He gets a document promising automotive contracts for TM and subsidized housing for Opie's family. He joins the other Sons in tracking down Nero's rival Dante and at point during the ensuing fight, shoves a man's head into a bucket of nails for hurting Chibs. He later takes Tig to a remote location and seemingly hands him over to Pope before shooting three of Pope's men and giving the gun to Tig, who then shoots Pope. The gun is revealed to be Clay's; given to Jax by Juice. Jax then plants the gun for the cops to find. He meets with August putting all blame for Pope's death on Clay and he had nothing to do with it. He is seen at the end of the episode in dread, as Tara is arrested for her part in Otto's murder of the nurse.

Season 6[]

Jax is having problems with his wife Tara being behind bars for her involvement in the death of a nurse. He is trying to continue to move from guns to legitimate businesses. He is seen at the end of episode 1 cheating on Tara with Colette Jane, an escort handler. The next episode showing him meeting resistance from Galen O'Shay to end the gun relationship with the Irish. Galen insists they take a shipment of KG-9s after a school shooting is committed with one of theirs. Jax also meets with August Marks, to get status on Clay as well as still handing over Tig. He and Nero find the mother of the child, as she is with Nero's cousin, to make sure she doesn't reveal the origins of the weapon. They take her to the cabin, but she panics, grabs a gun and the two run. Nero shoots his cousin and the two bind and gag the woman. Against Nero's wishes, Jax has Juice smother her and make it seem she overdosed. Jax also learns that Clay has been talking to Lee Toric, the brother of the murdered nurse who is behind Tara's arrest. The two meet; Clay states he will not give Toric any damaging information and he is sorry. Jax then tells Toric to leave Tara alone or he will "show him how personal this is for him." He tries later to get a new charter to pick up SAMCRO's gun business. He also meets with August to seemingly give up Tig, but Tig is later shown to be okay. When the San Dino charter votes down the guns, he offers the pipeline to August. He seems to be making more calls behind the Club's back, causing friction with Chibs. When he learns of Neo-Nazis attack on Unser (in retaliation for Clay's murder of a Stockton member) he meets with Darby to find them. He later has a second, more aggressive meeting with Galen, telling him SAMCRO is done with guns and they are no more than gangsters. In retaliation, Galen kills Filthy Phil and a prospect, dismembering their bodies, and leaving two cases of KG-9s. The episode ends with Jax using them to wipe out the Neo-Nazis.

The next episode shows SAMCRO and its associates on lockdown while Jax, Tig, Juice, Chibs and Happy try to track down Galen's associate Connor. When they find Connor, they learn Galen is already gone. Jax then uses Connor's phone to talk to the Irish Kings and offer them August Marks as a new distributor and tells them he doesn't want a war. Roarke tells him they will call at 8 o'clock with an answer. When it is nearly 8, Jax notices something suspicious about a beer keg, realizing it's armed, the Sons get everyone out. Jax runs out of the clubhouse with Abel, just as it explodes. With the clubhouse destroyed, Jax and SAMCRO meet at Gemma's house and Jax talks to Galen and the Kings again, to find that they must cooperate with their terms or more SOA clubhouses will be bombed; They will spring Clay from prison, have him set up a crew to handle the gun-running and the Sons will turn over all their customers to them without profit. Jax agrees and surprises them by stating he didn't kill Connor and the other Irishmen they abducted. He then meets with all West Coast SOA members and announces the end of the SOA-IRA relationship and the gun-running in favor of legitimate income. At the end of the meeting Bobby rejoins SAMCRO, bringing in three new members. Jax then meets with Hale to lease an old ice cream parlor as their new clubhouse. SAMCRO votes in the new recruits and also patches Ratboy in. Jax later helps Venus, one of Nero's girls who helped them get dirt on a member of city council, get her son from her emotionally abusive mother Alice. When Alice viciously berates Venus, Jax shoots her in the head. He later finds Tara, who has suffered a miscarriage caused by Gemma. He signs legal forms to keep her from their children. Jax later finds out from Lowen the pregnancy was a lie to keep the boys from him and Gemma. He goes to Colette's to put distance between him and Tara and tells Juice to watch her. He then meets with Galen to discuss business; Galen claims SAMCRO must help with their plan to spring Clay from his transport. Jax objects to helping, but has no choice. He and Galen meet with the Cacuzza family to get them to switch to the Irish guns. When the Triads arrive, Galen opens fire on them and they flee. The Cacuzzas make the deal out of fear. This causes the Triads to confront the Sons. They take Happy hostage and tell them to shut down the Irish pipeline. It's also revealed Jax has made a deal with the district attorney Patterson to turn over Galen and his crew in exchange for immunity for Tara and the Club. Jax goes back to Colette's to unwind. They have sex, but are caught by Tara who attacks Colette and smacks Jax. She states he did this to her.

The next episode, "Aon Rud Persanta", shows SAMCRO helping free Clay from his transport to trial. They succeed, but Bobby is injured and Juice kills a guard in the process. They meet with Galen who congratulates Jax. Jax then kills Galen, while Tig and Chibs kill his men. Jax explains that the Club took a vote on how to handle the situation. Clay realizes he is next and, resigned to his fate, stands ready. Jax then shoots Clay in the neck and numerous times in the chest. They then stage the killings to look like Clay and the Irish killed each other in a dispute, which Connor backs up.

Patterson meets with Jax at the new clubhouse, telling him that whatever happens today, the outcome lands on him and that he is a man, a husband, and a father before SAMCRO and that a good man would not let his family pay the price for his mistakes. Jax manages to track Tara down to a park in Lodi when Rat follows her new lawyer there. Jax assures her that he isn't going to hurt her or the kids and tells her to be a good mother and to keep their kids safe. Jax and Tara meet with Patterson, and he offers to give himself up as the source of the KG-9's, and Tara will be free to take the boys anywhere that she wants. Later that night, Jax says his goodbyes to the club members before departing (He also reveals his knowledge of Juice's betrayal during their hug). At his house, he comes across Tara and Eli Roosevelt's lifeless bodies on the floor. Jax holds Tara's body and begins to cry as Patterson and two police officers come in. Patterson takes notice of the bodies and Jax's gun lying on the floor.

Season 7[]

"I don't have a vision anymore..."

At the beginning of season 7 we see Jax trying to cope with Tara's death. He is shown to be held in County prison on parole violation for the gun he had when he was arrested as well as being a suspect for Tara and Eli's deaths. He uses the time in prison to viciously beat a rat for the Aryan Brotherhood leader, Ron Tully, in order to forge a partnership with them. He is later visited by Patterson, who attempts to dissuade him from thoughts of revenge before letting him go as police couldn't link him to either murder and the gun was determined to have been on scene. Gemma tells him that she saw two Chinese men leaving Tara's house the night she was murdered and pins the murder on one of Lin's thugs at a party Jax had set up for the Irish and Chinese. He then kidnaps the man and brings him to an empty house and tells him he will suffer for Tara's death. He then tortures the man with various instruments, including a hammer and salt before killing him by driving a carving fork in his head. In the next episode, "Toil and Till", SAMCRO meets with the Indian Hills charter as well as two hired guns brought in for muscle. Jax outlines his plan to destroy Lin to Jury and the club: cut off all sources of Chinese income, make him alone and desperate and then end him, slowly and painfully. They then hijack a Chinese gun shipment and steal the guns as well. Later that night, Jax, Bobby and Chibs drop by the apartment of the locals who helped them hijack the shipment. After checking that they're alone, the Sons shoot the two men then stage the scene, planting a kilo of Lin's heroin and making it look like they shot each other. Bobby later calls to report to Lin that they found the guys responsible.

In the episode "Playing with Monsters", Jax is visited by August Marks, who had previously warned Jax against retaliating against the Chinese as it would hurt business. He questions whether or not SAMCRO was involved with the hijacking which Jax denies. He warns Jax not to cross him or he will crush his club. To get around this, Jax decides to help the Niners become independent of Marks so they can remove him as an obstacle. SAMCRO gives them a portion of the stolen heroin and kill a gang member who was recruiting competition in order to get them on their side. In "Poor Little Lambs" Jax meets with Tully to help the Niners move the heroin, but Tully claims Jax will need to talk to his lieutenant Leland about working with black. This goes poorly as they are followed by two sheriffs who the AB open fire on, killing one and leaving another critically injured. Later in the episode, SAMCRO experiences Chinese retaliation when a grenade is thrown outside of the ice cream shop and several armed Chinese men come into Diosa and kill several escorts. They also learn that the warehouse where they were stashing the Chinese guns was robbed of the guns and West, the club member guarding it, was killed.

In "Some Strange Eruption," Jax is shown to be feeling the guilt of the innocents killed by the Chinese. He finds out that someone tipped of Lin where to find their stolen guns. Nero later visits Jax saying Lin has threatened him to hand Jax over or he will kill him and his son. Jax and Chibs manage to lure Lin and his men into an ambush where Barosky's cops handcuff Lin's men allowing Jax to fight him one on one. During their brawl, Jax blasts Lin with accusations about his role in Tara's death which he continues to deny. The San Joaquin sheriffs arrive soon after and arrest Lin on gun and drug charges. In "Smoke Em if You Got Em" Jax learns that August has learned about their plans against him and plans to strike. SAMCRO decides to take out the East Dub crew that Marks will use in order to protect the club. He is contacted by Alvarez who was approached by Juice who offered the Mayans intel on SAMCRO in exchange for transportation to Mexico. They negotiate Juice being handed over to them in exchange for handing over the gun business to the Mayans once Marks is forced out. The next episodes shows Jax and the club working with the wife and son of a pastor the Sons mistakenly killed who August has been trying to blackmail in a real estate scam. They get the mother to sign an affidavit stating that Marks killed the pastor as well as taking pictures of the man's body on a Pope Industries construction site. When they attempt to blackmail August, he kidnaps Bobby and has his eye removed and sent to the Sons to show them that he is in charge. Jax tries to negotiate on Bobby's freedom, but holds on when he looks for the rat that tipped off Lin. Jax and the club pay Jury a visit and accuses him of betraying them. Jury denies this and also tells Jax that one of the men that helped them with the Chinese was his own son, Gib O' Leary,who knew Jax killed. When Jury speaks ill of John Teller, Jax decks him and shoots him in the face. Later Jax tries to negotiate with Marks to turn over Bobby, but backfires when he receives Bobby's severed fingers. Jax finally gives in. But August makes an example to Jax that if anyone betrayed him, they would die. To prove he is not messing around, Marks kills Bobby right in front of Jax.

After Bobby's death by Marks' hand, and Marks' subsequent arrest, Jax comes to the realization that the time has come to fulfill his father's legacy and bring the club fully into legitimate ventures. But his plans were nearly derailed when his oldest son Abel asked him a question that made him realized Gemma killed Tara that night, and not the member of Lin's crew killed by Jax. Unser confirmed the story the next morning, saying the man was in a Las Vegas drunk tank the night Tara was murdered.

With the club and Sheriff Jarry in search for his mother, Jax heads to Stockon to confront Juice who tearfully recounted the events that led to Tara and Eli Roosevelt's deaths. With that news as well as confirmation that Barosky tipped off Lin about the guns, Jax calls a forum of several SoA presidents. He explains to them that he killed Jury White because he thought he ratted the club out. The presidents recommended a Mayhem vote. Jax states his club will be on board and vote accordingly provided an "unwritten by-law" is tossed out. The presidents approved his request, which was to allow blacks to be patched into the SoA charters.

Jax later receives word from Wendy that a nursing home contacted her, stating Gemma was there attempting to visit his grandfather. He heads to Oregon and his grandfather's house where Unser was attempting to arrest Gemma in an effort save her from Jax. Jax pleaded with Unser to leave. "This is all I have left," Unser stated, just before Jax shoots him dead.

Jax - moments before killing his mother, Gemma.

Gemma leads Jax outside to the garden where she states to him that he has to kill her. "It's who we are," she says. In tears, Jax hesitates at first, but finally shoots his mother in the back of the head. He leaves both bodies as they lay and returns home to Charming, removes his bloody Nikes and makes love to Wendy.

In the series finale, "Papa's Goods," Jax wakes up and makes preparations at the house and the garage. He visits the storage unit and burns his father's manuscript and the pads he had been writing in for years before visiting Opie's gravesite, where he leaves his SONS rings. For the first time he also visits Tara's plot and leaves his wedding ring before kissing the headstone. After voting in former Grim Bastard president T.O. Cross as the club's first black patched member, Jax informs Chibs that the other presidents called for a Mayhem vote. He insisted that Chibs follow his instructions for his family and the club's sakes. Chibs reluctantly agrees.

Securing Connor's allegiance to Alvarez after killing Rourke and his soldiers, Jax meets with Nero at the garage. He states that the garage and houses are to go to Wendy and she is to sell everything and take the boys away from Charming forever. He also set up instructions for his stake in Diosa to leave to the club and also to purchase Scoops from Mayor Jacob Hale to use as its permanent headquarters. Nero asks why, to which Jax admitted he killed Gemma and that his sons should not have any memory of him other than hatred. After kissing Wendy and shaking Chucky's hand, he departs on his father's newly repaired motorcycle.

A reluctant and tearful Chibs calls a vote for Jax to meet Mr. Mayhem. Each of them stated yes, sentencing Jackson Teller to death.

Jax visits District Attorney Patterson and offered information that Gemma murdered Tara, and Juice murdered Roosevelt. He also said that the violence that has escalated in the past few months will end by close of the day, leaving her with an appreciation for her fairness and an address where Gemma and Unser were located in Oregon.

To drum home his point, Jax first goes to Barosky's donut shop and shoots him dead behind the counter in retaliation for ratting against the club. Later, he shoots Marks, freed on bond, in front of the courthouse. Sheriff Jarry, notified of Gemma's and Unser's murders, issued an all points bulletin for Jax.

At Red Woody, Jax arrives to accept his fate, passing his president's patch to Chibs. Chibs takes his VP patch and gives it to Tig. Chibs takes Jax's gun but shoots Happy instead, saying a false story will be given to the SoA presidents to allow him time to escape. Jax hugs each of them in turn (except T.O, who was not present at the time of the Mayhem vote) and leaves. "I got this," he says, echoing Opie's last words.

The End

"I'm leaving, Nero"
"It's not too late for my boys. I promise they will never know this life of chaos. I know who you are now.. and what you did. I love you dad."
―Jax's final words.

Jax reflects on his father's life, and the sacrifice he made.

After saying goodbye to the club, Jax went to visit J.T's memorial to say his goodbyes to his father. Jax told J.T that he understood the struggle he went through, with all the things he wanted for SAMCRO, despite what they became. Despite that, Jax noted that the struggle of the mind was more prevalent to him, and that the fear and guilt of trying to get right with family and patch crippled him. Noting the mutual realization he had with J.T that a good father and a good outlaw couldn't co-exist in the same man, Jax noticed a patrol car parking nearby, but ignored it and apologized to his father. As despite J.T's best efforts, it was too late for him because he was already inside, and Gemma had plans for him. In spite of that, Jax promised J.T that it wasn't too late for Abel and Thomas, and that they would never know their life of chaos. Lamenting that he finally understood the man his father was and the sacrifice he made to protect Jax from the life he lived, he told J.T that he loved him. After getting back on J.T's bike, the officer in the patrol car got out and attempted to arrest Jax. Already intending to die, Jax proceeded to fire several rounds at the officer before riding off.

Jax, moments before the collision that would end his life.

After calling for backup, the California Highway Patrol engaged Jax in a high speed chase. While Jax nonchalantly ignored them as he rode, he noticed a sign reading "West Interstate 580", the same road where his father had died. Shortly after, Jax notices Milo's semi-truck driving in the opposite lane towards him. Smiling thoughtfully, Jax took his hands off the handlebar as J.T's bike swerved towards the semi, which shocked and horrified Milo. Closing his eyes with a smile and bracing himself for death, Jax collided with the truck head on, dying in exactly same way (and place) as his father before him.

Murders Committed[]


Jax rides a 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Sport. His bike features a black powder coated engine and a tape wrapped exhaust. Like most of the other members with Dynas, Jax's bike has the front drag fairing. His maw is called the reaper, fading towards the back of the tank. He has customized T-bars with high risers for handlebars. The Dyna was blown up by Galen O'Shay along with Chibs and Happy's when he was showing the Galindo cartel their weapons.

In Season 5, episode 6 Jax is shown riding a Harley-Davidson Street Glide when the sheriff's deputy tried to run them off the road.

In Season 5, episode 8 Jax and Chibs have new Dynas with LED lighted mirrors.


  • Jax is the only character to have appeared alive in every episode of the series; Gemma appears only as a corpse in the series finale. Prior to her death in the season 6 finale, Tara had appeared in every episode. Tig appeared in all episodes except the episode "AK-51" in Season 1 and Chibs missed two episodes in season 1 and in season 2. All other characters missed at least two episodes, even prior to their deaths.
  • Jax is the tenth and final main character to die in the series.
    • After season 7 episode 9, "What a Piece of Work is Man", Jax, Tig, and Chibs were the only remaining members of SAMCRO alive from the first season. By the end of the series finale, only Tig and Chibs are left.
    • Jax is the only character not to die by murder; though Juice did attempt suicide it was not successful.
  • Jax has the highest kill counts with 45 direct murders shown throughout the series by the finale, 27 of which were named.
    • Jax has killed the most main antagonists in the series, with six: Josh Kohn, AJ Weston, Hector Salazar, Clay Morrow, Galen O'Shay, and Gemma Teller Morrow.
    • Jax killed the most Presidents of the Sons of Anarchy, with three: Jury White, who was the President of the Indian Hills charter at the time of his death, Clay Morrow, who was the former President of SAMCRO, and himself, also a former President of SAMCRO.
    • Jax was the only character to kill someone in every season of Sons of Anarchy.
    • Jax is one of only two characters to kill someone in the series premiere and the series finale, the other being Tig Trager.
    • Jax is the only known person to kill both a member of the Lobos Sonora Cartel and the Galindo Cartel.
    • Jax is the only character in the show who has committed both patricide (step-father) and matricide as well as suicide.
    • Jax directly killed four main cast characters directly, and one by proxy.
    • Jax is one of only three main characters to have killed another regular. The other two are Clay Morrow, who killed Piney Winston, and Gemma Teller Morrow, who killed Tara Knowles. Jax ended up killing both of them, and later himself. All other main characters: Half-Sack, Opie, Bobby, and Juice were killed by recurring characters: Cameron Hayes, Randall Hightower, August Marks, and Ron Tully, respectively.
  • Jax has multiple scars on his body. On his left wrist, a scar from a cut from a fire ax self-inflicted by Jax in order to establish self-defense against Hector Salazar, even though Jax murdered him in cold blood. The second series of scars is on Jax's chest, where he was shanked in prison by Russian inmates as retaliation.
  • Jax has had the most named sexual relationships shown throughout the series: Emily Duncan, Susie, Wendy, Ima, Colette, Winsome, and of course, Tara.
  • Jax, after becoming the President of SAMCRO, begins to share many traits with Clay.
    • Jax is more likely to resort to violence to solve a situation, though he only began to use violence more after Opie's death.
    • Jax, like Clay, has killed Presidents of the Sons of Anarchy.
      • Additionally, Jax killed Jury and lied about his reason for doing so, similar to Clay's situation with Piney. Clay's murder of Piney eventually caused him to be excommunicated, and Jury's death at Jax's hands caused Gaines to call for a forum of other SOA charters to decide what would be done with Jax. The decision ended up being a forced unanimous Mayhem vote.
  • In Season 7 Episode 12, Jax stands up from his bed and has pain in his right foot; he doesn't know what happened. During the episode, he's limping several times. At the end of the episode, his right shoe is covered with his mother's blood.
  • Like his mother Gemma, who lost her brother (Jax's uncle) at an early age due to his heart condition, Jax lost his brother Thomas due to the same genetic heart condition, during his childhood.
  • Jax, along with Opie are the only known "Legacies" in SAMCRO. A "legacy" is biker terminology for being the offspring of a member, with said offspring eventually becoming members themselves of the MC.

Filming Locations[]

The house in which Jax lives throughout the series was filmed at a real house located at 10709 Floralita Avenue, Sunland-Tujunga, California, 91040. Possessing a total of 1,993 sq. ft., the house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and was built in 1957.

Family Tree[]

Mr. Teller
Mrs. Teller
Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Mr. Madock
Mrs. Madock
Mr. Knowles †
Mrs. Knowles †
Mr. Ashby
Mrs. Ashby
Nate Madock
Rose Madock
Mr. Morrow
Mrs. Morrow
Kellan Ashby
Maureen Ashby
John Teller
Gemma Teller
Clay Morrow
Nathaniel Madock
Unknown Mother
Unknown Father
Mr. Case
Mrs. Case
Michael McKeavey
Trinity Ashby
Thomas Teller
Wendy Case
Jax Teller
Tara Knowles
Cameron Hayes
Unknown Mother
Abel Teller
Thomas Teller II
Edmond Hayes



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