"Issue 24" is the twenty-fourth story of "Sons of Anarchy", the first of two comic book series created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.


Penultimate issue! The Sons' big gun deal stalls when the SAMCRO gets caught up in a conflict with the ONH, a renegade Irish faction.




  • Finn - Shot to death by Tig

Church Meetings Edit

Clay: We all clear, then? We bait 'n' switch and take ONH out tonight.

Jax: This isn't so much a plan as it is a suicide mission. It's crazy.

Happy: It's not that crazy.

Tig: Says you - you're the one going in there, pal.

Clay: It'll work. These Irish aren't half as smart as they look, and that's being nice. C'mon, Jackson. We're outlaws, remember? Act like it.

Jax: This IRA deal better be worth it. We do this, we do it right. No loose ends.

Clay: (hits gavel) Let's go make a deal. Happy, get that dead Irish fuck's clothes. And someone check on Chibs. We could use him tonight.

Piney: On it. Gemma's checking on him right now. He's pretty rough though, Clay.



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