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"Huang Wu" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' seventy-sixth episode overall.


Jax apologizes to Gemma and Nero for what happened with Tara after he discovered all the truth. After Clay locks down all of SAMCRO's gun customers only one customer is left waiting to close on the deal, the Italian Cacuzza family. Jax and the Irish meet with Jimmy Cacuzza to ensure that they're onboard with Clay being the new distributor. In an attempt to secure them as customers the Irish attack the Chinese (Lin) leaving SAMCRO in a very compromising position. After the meet SAMCRO is kidnapped by the Chinese who demand for the Sons to hand over the business and territory or else. The Chinese keep Happy as insurance that Jax will honor their demand. Tara catches Jax in bed with Colette and leaves angrily. Pissed off at everything that's gone on she decides to try to make a deal with DA Patterson but Patterson refuses, stating that the deal is no longer on the table.


Jax is not too pleased at his wife, as he just recently found out that the entire time that he has been trying to repair their relationship, she has been planning to divorce him, take his children away from him and set up his mother for the death of his fake child.

When Tara wakes, she realizes that her gun has gone missing. She hears a noise in the other room and immediately assumes that something horrible has happened to one of her boys. For a split second, it would seem like she had gotten confirmation.

She opens the door to Thomas’ room and finds his crib empty. In a panic, she calls out for Abel. When she opens the door to his room, she sees Abel tossing in bed and Jax standing over him with Thomas in his arms.

He tells her that she should let Abel sleep as he walks out of the room. Tara follows him quite attentively, unsure of how he is going to react to the news she is well aware that he has uncovered. Calmly enough, he hands Thomas to her. He tells her that he has to put some distance between them right now, or someone is going to get hurt. As he leaves with a bag of clothes he tells her she's being watched, so she doesn't try to skip town with the boys.

At St. Thomas, Margaret Murphy comes to see Tara. Margaret, appearing nervous, tells Tara that she saw the boys in Daycare and hoped that she would be there. Tara tells her that she is looking at lawyer resumes.

Tara tells her that Jax knows the truth and that Lowen has been pretty well scared off. Immediately, Margaret assumes the worst. Tara tells her that he didn’t hurt her. Tara can’t figure out what compelled Jax to talk to Lowen. Margaret tells her that it was Gemma, telling Tara that she showed up at the hospital yesterday. She tells Tara that Gemma knew that she forged documents for Tara, and she threatened to out her to the hospital. Margaret said that Gemma knew that she was lying. She tells Tara that when she replied to Gemma that she couldn’t prove anything, she replied to her that she wouldn’t have to, and that Jax would do that for her. She tells her that she lied to her husband and told him that she had to work through the night, and slept at the hospital. Tara tries to tell her that he got his information from Lowen, and that it was very doubtful that he would hurt her. Unfortunately for Tara, Margaret is not willing to take that chance.

She tells Tara that she has three weeks of vacation and comp time. She tells her that she is going to take them and go stay with her sister. Tara apologizes to her with tears in her eyes, and thanks her for her help.

Clay’s connection to the Irish comes to deliver a message to him in general population. Clay tells him that the District Attorney has moved up his trial, and that he is being taken to county tomorrow.

Jax shows up a Diosa Del Sur. It looks as if Nero and Colette are just finishing up with all the paperwork. Colette thanks the two of them for getting everything going.

Jax tells her that he wants to get Lyla to sit down with all the girls and make sure that they have all of their W-9s. This is, after all, a legitimate business now.

Jax tells her that he needs to crash there for a few nights. Of course, Colette has no objections. Now she doesn’t have to go anywhere to put her hands on her play toy.

Just as Colette is about to talk him upstairs to get settled in, almost the entire club comes walking in the door, along with Gemma. She tells him that she has a “Clay thing.”

They all head into Colette’s office to talk.

She tells Jax that Clay wants to see her. She tells him it is probably just an excuse to get a sit down with her.

Jax asks Chibs what the situation is with the Irish. Chibs is leery about saying anything with Nero in the room, but Jax tells him to go on seeing how he knows most of it anyway.

Chibs tells him that Galen is in town. Apparently, they have to see Galen in 20 minutes.

Just before they are about to head out, Jax has something to say. Something he wants everyone to hear. He tells them about his conversation with Lowen, and everything that was uncovered because of it. Everyone seems shocked, especially Bobby who just had a heart to heart with Tara. He apologizes to both Gemma and Nero for the way that he treated them.

Jax tells them that he has someone watching her right now, this way she can’t just skip town with the boys. Bobby tells Jax that she doesn’t know West, and that maybe it would be a better idea to put a familiar face on her. This way, she’ll be more motivated to stay close to home. Juice is going to start keeping an eye on her for him. On his way out the door, Colette tells him that she will see him later, to which he agrees. Everyone can see that there is something going on there. As the MC leaves, Gemma asks Nero how long that's been going on. He says not long.

Galen tells him about the change in the plans with Clay. He tells Jax that he has to help him with his plans to break out Clay. This is definitely something that Jax wants no part of. Galen tells him that he can’t get a team there in time, and that he is going to need about six of his men. Jax tells him that he’ll get him answer from the table. As they walk away, Bobby makes a very good point. They don’t really have time to take it to the table. If they don’t want to do it, they are going to have to find someone who will. As Tara pulls up to Wendy’s place, she realizes that she is being followed by Juice. She certainly doesn’t look pleased about it.

She knocks on Wendy’s door, and when she doesn’t answer she screams through the door that she knows she is in there.

Wendy finally opens the door and lets Tara in. Tara tells her that she knows that she told Gemma everything, and asks her what she thinks happens now. Wendy tells her that it can’t be any worse than what has already happened. Tara sees a needle and some drug paraphernalia. She looks at Wendy's arm and asks her if she is high right now. Wendy says no I'm getting on the other side of it. Trying to get into rehab or sober living.

Tara tells her that Jax knows everything and asks her if she knows what that means. She tells her that now the paperwork can be thrown out and that Gemma will get custody of the children when she goes to jail.

Wendy flat out tells her that everything they did was wrong. Wendy tells her that she needs to come clean to Jax and Gemma. Tara tells her that there is no need, and that they already know the truth. Wendy tells her that she needs to tell them about her pain and her truth. She tells Wendy that the reason she’s a bad mother is because she is a coward, and she tells Wendy that she is no longer afraid of Jax and Gemma. That is sure a change of tone from earlier this morning.

When she gets back into her car, Juice starts up his bike. Tara throws the car into reverse and tries to run Juice over. He is able to get out of the way just in time, but his bike is ran over.

The club gets together with the Italians, and Galen and the rest of the Irish show up. Jimmy seems rather put off by this; however, the party goes on. Galen helps Jax show off the guns.

In the middle of their demonstration, the Chinese show up. Suddenly, Galen tells him that the guns work even better on flesh. Then he turns and opens fire on the Chinese. Chibs screams for Galen to put the gun down as he puts a gun to Galen’s head. The Chinese get back in their car and speed away.

Jimmy asks Galen what that was all about. He says that it was him showing the Italians how much they want their business. He apologizes for the blood, but tells him that a strong message was needed.

Jimmy asks him what the message was. Galen says that they are the only source for guns in Northern California. Jimmy asks Jax if he knew that this was going down. Jax tells him no.

Jimmy and Galen come to an agreement on the pricing for the guns and the duration of the deal.

Galen asks Jax if he was able to talk to his table about their previous conversation. Jax tells him that they are good, but what just happened was a complication. Galen tells him that it was not and bids them farewell. Connor tells him that he had no idea what was going to happen, and apologizes to Jax.

When Gemma and Nero pull into TM, they are greeted rather quickly by Unser. He tells them that they just got a call from Wendy telling them that Tara came to see her and that she seemed unraveled. Unser tells them that they just had to send someone to pick up Juice because Tara ran him over with her car.

They both seem kind of shocked.

Gemma tells Unser to have Rat take Juice down to St. Thomas and keep an eye on the boys. Unser tells her that he ought to be the one to go and look for Tara.

She tells Unser that he needs to go see Wendy and make sure that she is ok. When he asks what they are going to do about Tara she tells him to let her unravel. Nero offers to go with Unser to see Wendy so that he can talk to her junkie to junkie. Unfortunately, Unser is not having any of it.

Before leaving to see Clay, Gemma checks the gun in her purse to make sure that it is loaded.

Back at the house, Tara is getting her gun out of the safe. She stuffs it in the back of her pants and puts the lock box back. Gemma opens the door only to see Tara standing there.

Gemma tells her that she didn’t know that anyone was there. When Tara asks her what she wants, she tells her that she is there to pick up a few of the boys’ things in case they needed to spend some time at Grandma’s.

Tara insists that is never going to happen. Gemma asks her what she thinks is going to happen. Tara tells her that the reason she hates what Tara did so much is that it is something that she would have done. She refers to Gemma as her “old lady coach”. Gemma tells her that there are a lot of things that she would do to protect her family, but pretending to kill a baby isn’t one of them. Tara tells her that she was unaware that she had a line that couldn’t be crossed.

Gemma tells her that she would think that Tara would be trying to make as many friends as possible. Tara tells her that she doesn’t need friends because she has her family. Gemma asks her how she thought that this was going to play out. Taking into consideration the best case scenario that she didn’t go to jail, she left Jax, and took the boys to Oregon…did she really think that Jax would let this happen. Tara says that he would have no choice. When Gemma asks her if she knows who her husband is, Tara tells her that she knows him better than her.

Gemma tells her that her son loves deep and hates deeper. She says it is in their genes. She tells her that betrayal is unforgivable. She tells her that there is no coming back from what she did, and that the only option she has is to apologize and go away. Tara tells her that she would never do that.

Gemma tells Tara that she needs to understand this on every level. Gemma tells her that "Thomas and Abel will not be raised by you, and that what you do now will determine how we deliver that message. Either Mommy moved away or Mommy passed away. Your call.”

Chibs tells Jax that they tried to reach out to Lin, but they couldn’t track him down. Jax tells them that he is going to make sure that tomorrow doesn’t turn into a 44 minute gun fight with 200 sheriffs.

Jax calls Patterson. He tells her that they got their license for Diosa Del Sur today. She asks him about his end of the bargain. He tells her that he will provide Galen O’Shay within in the next 48 hours. He tells her that he will meet her tomorrow and give her all the details. Now, he wants to know about her end. She tells him that she drafted an immunity agreement for him and the club. She tells him that the plea agreement for Tara is some fines, community service to which Jax is agreeable.

Jax tells her that Galen will have a large, well-armed crew and she is going to need a lot of manpower.

Once Jax hangs up the phone, Bobby asks him if he thinks she will take the bait. Jax says that it depends what it is. The club rides out and heads for Colette’s house. Suddenly, they are being tailed.

The club is riding down the highway, a large black van starts encroaching on them. Suddenly, a door swings open and a man with an automatic weapon opens fire on the MC. It turns out to be the Chinese.

Jax orders the MC to pull off of the interstate. Of course, the Chinese pursue.

The club starts swerving in and out of traffic in an attempt to lose the Chinese, but there is nothing doing. The Chinese open fire on them once again. Jax leads them down a dusty side road through a shipyard; He ducks down behind the shield of his bike and rams a tall metal fence causing him to wipe out pretty harshly.

Jax tells the MC to lower their weapons. They are all face down on the ground with the Chinese standing over them with automatic weapons. This can’t possibly be good.

They pull Jax to his feet. He tells them that they have no control over what Galen does. He tells him that Galen cut two of his guys to pieces and blew up their clubhouse.

Bohai tells him to relax and that if he wanted the MC dead that he could have killed them six times already. Lin tells him that he knows they are getting out of guns, and he feels that they should have that business. He tells Jax that the cartel shipments are grinding to a halt. He says that this is his territory and they deserve it.

Lin tells him that the only way that the club walks away from here is if they shut down the Irish pipeline, and that his family takes control in Northern California. Jax tells him that he guesses that he doesn’t have a choice.

Lin tells him that he can close the deal by telling them where Galen and the guns are. Jax tells him that Galen has a shipment coming in tomorrow, and the drop is at a new location. He tells Lin that he will let him know when and where.

Lin agrees, but tells him that he wants to keep one of the MC to keep everyone honest. He picks Happy out of the group. Jax tells him that he is not going to let him take one of his guys. Happy tells him that he is cool and for everyone else to split.

When Tara walks out into the hallway at the hospital, she sees Juice sitting in a chair in the hall. She walks up to him and asks him what he is doing there.

She orders him to tell Jax that she doesn’t need a watchdog. He stands and gets in her face and tells her that he is just keeping an eye on Abel and Thomas and that they don’t go anywhere that they are not supposed to, by request of their Grandmother. She asks Juice where Jax is, but he tells her that he doesn’t know. She gets a little ruder with him and asks him once again. Juice tells her that he is at the Diosa in Stockton with his new partner Colette. He happily goes into his phone and gets the address for her. When Unser and Nero get to Wendy’s house they bang on her door, but no one answers. After a minute or two, they start to smell smoke. Soon, they realize that it is coming from inside the house.

Nero kicks the door in, and they find Wendy passed out on the floor and a pan on fire in the kitchen. Nero finds the spoon she was using. Both of them get Wendy up and out of the house.

They sit her on the stairs and try to help her wake up. They find fresh tracks on her arms.

Gemma shows up at Wendy’s place. Nero tells Gemma that Wendy was trying to get herself in rehab. Gemma looks over, and there are pictures of Abel on her refrigerator. Gemma tells Wayne to pack her a bag. He asks Gemma where she is going to which Gemma replies, rehab.

She tells Wayne it is the “Use Again and I’ll Rip Your Tits Off Rehab.”

Gemma and Nero get Wendy off of the couch. When she asks where they are going, Gemma tells her that they are going home. Gemma shows up at the prison to see Clay. He thanks her for making the trip on such short notice.

He tells her that he had his lawyer draft a letter of intent to turn everything over to Gemma when he goes inside. She asks him why he is doing this. He tells her that when he drops out, he won’t be able to be there when she files for divorce, and this will make it less of a hassle for her. She nods in agreement.

She asks him if his dropout is all set. He tells her that they are still working on it. She tells him that she hopes it all works out the way he wants it to.

As she turns to leave, he tells her that he will see her on the other side.

Jax arrives at Diosa Del Sur to a packed house. Jax asks Colette how things are going. Obviously, they aren’t hurting too badly with a full house. She tells him that she is going to sit down with Lyla tomorrow to come up with a schedule.

Colette tells them all to make themselves at home. The, she tells Jax that it is time for him to unwind, and she takes him upstairs.

After a little time passes, the front door opens to Diosa Del Sur. In comes Tara, Tara asks where Colette is. One of the girls tell her that she is upstairs with a client, but that if she wants to have a seat she will let her know when she is done. As soon as the girl walks away, Tara starts to make her way up the stairs. When Tara walks in, Jax is butt naked, and underneath Colette. Jax doesn’t seem too rattled when she opens the door.

Tara slams her bag on the ground and marches straight up to Colette, grabs her by the hair, throws her to the ground and starts to hit her. As Jax tries to pull Tara off of her. She calls him a stupid piece of s*** as she slaps him.

She grabs her bag and storms out of the room. Tig tells Jax to go after Tara while he goes to look after Colette. Tig tells Colette that was Jax’s wife. Jax finally catches up to Tara outside. She pulls the gun out of the bag. She tells him, "Look at what you've done to me, look! What's happened to me?"

After the confrontation with Tara, Jax goes to the hospital to pick up the boys. Elsewhere, Tara puts the gun back into her bag and looks on. At Gemma’s place, Gemma is helping Wendy get settled in bed. It would seem that Nero and Unser have made up as they sit across the table from each other quietly.

Clay lies awake in his prison cell, knowing that the fate before him is not one that he can escape.

Jax is now putting the boys to bed. He kisses Abel goodnight before he turns out the light. He goes into his bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed staring intently at the wall. On the bed beside him is a small black duffel bag.

At Diosa Del Sur, Colette is looking at the scratches and bruises that Tara left on her face.

On the other hand, Happy seems to be having the time of his life. He is sitting in a room with some of Lin’s crew watching cartoons, laughing, and eating Chinese takeout.

Later, we see Jax working on the pieces of John’s bike that were damaged in the explosion.

Tara visits Patterson to take the deal she was offered. She wants her boys put in witness protection. Patterson informs her that her deal is no longer on the table due to another deal pending. Tara is visibly upset. Patterson says if you're in danger, I can help you. Tara replies, "No you can't, nobody can..." and walks out with tears streaming down her face.

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