Jose Galindo

Jose Galindo


'Romeo', a lieutenant in the Galindo Cartel, portrayed by Danny Trejo.

The Galindo Cartel is a cartel on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and its first spinoff, Mayans MC. First appearing in the series' fourth season, their primary source of income is drug trafficking, mainly cocaine and heroin. Based in the Mexican state of Sonora, the Cartel was headed by Jose Galindo and his lieutenant Romero 'Romeo' Parada until Jose's death and is currently lead by Jose's son, Miguel Galindo.   


Sons of AnarchyEdit

They are first seen in season four, first introduced to the Sons by the Mayan leader Marcus Alvarez, where the cartel leader and his associates are shown a heavy arsenal of weapons hidden in a crashed car and are then tested by Romeo's associates. Romeo agrees to regularly buy guns from the Sons, and then tells Clay to pick up the cocaine soon.

It is at this point where Jax finds out that Clay has secretly agreed to mule cocaine for the cartel; a risky move that no one in the club had known about. Clay claims he had no choice, saying that the Galindos were the only force powerful enough to stop the Russians from retaliating against the Sons after the events of Opie's wedding. Jax immediately sees through Clay's own greed, where he then admits that he needs money for his retirement as there has been little improvement from the club's efforts in the last few years.

Mayans MCEdit

Marcus Alvarez had long-standing ties to Jose Galindo, the former leader of the Galindo Cartel, being the main source of drugs for the Mayans. Not only did Alvarez and Galindo have a profitable relationship, but harbored a great amount of mutual respect for one another. His son, Miguel Galindo, succeeded him after his death. Nestor Oceteva has a military contact that supply Galindo weapons, as well as Israelis based in Honduras. In addition, SAMCRO has once again been selling arms to the cartel, albeit under the feds radar.

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