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"Fix" is the third episode of the second season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' sixteenth episode overall.


Zobelle (Adam Arkin) cooks up a "temporary problem" for Hale to solve as a way to undermine Samcro; Gemma's rape is undermining her relationship with Clay; and Jax's involvement in Luanne's porn business is getting to Tara. Meanwhile, Clay tells Bobby, who needs a job, to run the business end of Luanne's business.


A montage of scenes opens the episode. Bobby, still nursing the gunshot wound he received in the shootout with the Mayans, does his best Elvis impersonation as he sings at a bar mitzvah. Jax and Tara are out on a ride to the countryside. Gemma is still distant and emotional about the rape. Chibs and Juice are at Luann's studio watching them film their latest production: Meek Men, a pretty blatant porn parody of Mad Men.

Clay is frustrated because he and Gemma haven't slept in the same bed for three weeks. Gemma says its because she's still in pain and needs time. Clay asks how much time and Gemma storms out. At the office, Gemma shows up to see Unser waiting for her. He asks how she is and suggests the join  a support group for rape victims, since he'd done so for his problem and it helped him immensely. Gemma refuses, thinking that the support group would just end up being like a big pity party. After Unser leaves, Tig shows up, having been nearby the entire time.

Meanwhile, Bobby is worried over the amount of debt he's in. He needs money desperately to pay bills, child support, alimony, and one of his kids needs oral surgery. And since Bobby is still hurt and wouldn't be much help anyway, Clay says that Bobby should be SAMCRO's eyes and ears at the porn studio. He should go through Luann's books and grab a cut of her take for himself.

Jax and Tara share a quiet moment, with Jax writing in his journals and Tara reading The Jungle. Jax says that reading the book nearly made him go vegan, but Tara counters that she really wants to eat a steak right now. Where then Jax responded that he got a porter house steak right here while showing her what that mean.They began to kiss and just be "carnivores" before a call interrupts them. Chibs says that Luann is freaking out over Bobby's taking over of Luann's business.

Meanwhile, Zobelle talks to Hale and shows him photos of Clay and Unser dealing with the Niners. Zobelle asks Hale what would happen to the town once Unser retires and says that if he brings drugs into the town, he'd be able to get rid of SAMCRO. He would be the one to get rid of the drugs, thus hiking up Hale's reputation. Hale refuses, but then Darby is shown in a meth lab, getting a bunch of stock ready to go in case he gets the word.

Jax and Tara arrive at the porn studio, Tara says she'll wait outside. On her way inside Ima (one of Luann's actresses) sees Tara and asks "shouldn't you be waxing that bike instead of sitting it? Jax likes his bike nice and shiny." Tara says nothing but gives her an angry look. Ima tells Jax that she's worried that Georgie will come back and try to take her away again. She wants Jax to protect her, even as she keeps trying to give Tara the brush off. Luann tells Jax that Ima has a thing for him, that she is their biggest seller, and to just play along. Gemma appears at the porn studio and Clay asks what she's doing there. He gets angry when she says Luann wanted to talk, and since they are friends she came to speak with her. Clay is angry, saying Gemma can drop everything for a friend who wants to talk, referring to Gemma walking out on the conversation he tried to have with her at home during breakfast. After Gemma tries to come to the defense of her friend Luann, Clay explodes and tosses a cinder block through the window of Gemma's SUV. He's not done, though, and starts pummeling the car with his bare hands. When Gemma tries to get him to calm down, he threatens her. Gemma says she'd slit his throat if Clay comes closer. He tries to grab her, and Gemma flees, crying.

Opie and Half-Sack are at the mill, where they discover a guy dealing drugs, but their attempt to warn the guy off is thwarted by the Aryans. SAMCRO have a meeting in order to figure out what to do with the Aryans. Clay says that Zobelle managed to run another motorcycle gang (War Boys Motorcycle Club) out of San Bernardino, so they have to make sure the same thing doesn't happen in Charming. Clay wants them to find Darby's new meth labs. Jax tells Clay that he should have given him a heads up that Bobby was going to take over Luann's books. Clay said Bobby needed the job, that Bobby just did 2 months on the inside for this club. Clay tells Jax he should start thinking about someone other than himself.

At the Porn Studio, Bobby asks Jax if he is okay with him taking over the books, knowing that Clay didn't ask Jax before appointing him to the job.  Jax has no problem with it. Bobby says that members of the club are starting to get worried about Jax and Clay's relationship. Jax tells Bobby "it's just father son stuff. It will work itself out."

Tara tells Gemma to go take an HIV test just in case, but Gemma declares that she hasn't slept with Clay since the assault and that she thinks that Clay hates her now. Tara says that Clay doesn't hate her. Jax shows up with Ima on his bike, since Luann asked her to watch him. And Gemma tells Tara that she should go confront Ima about Jax. Tara says her catfighting days are over, to which Gemma says "we'll see."

Opie, Chibs, Juice, and Tig beat the drug dealer up in order to figure out the location of the meth lab, and then try to figure out what to do with the lab. They decide on not blowing the house up at first, but instead aim to tell Hale the location of the house. If Hale does nothing, then they'll know he's in league with Zobelle. While Jax informs Hale, Clay talks to Unser and warns him about Zobelle.

Hale heads to the meth lab, where he's met by Darby who gives him a "grand opening" coupon for Zobelle's cigar store. Hale promises he'll be back with a search warrant and goes to talk to Zobelle. He accuses Zobelle and Darby of working together. Zobelle says that his wife was killed in a drive-by shooting, so he has reason to go after the motorcycle clubs and gangs and run them out of the towns they control. Hale tells Jax that the information about the meth lab was faulty.

Bobby finds out that Luann has been skimming off money from her company for a long time, and he tells her that he has to let SAMCRO know. In order to keep his mouth shut, Luann sleeps with Bobby.

SAMCRO believes that Hale isn't going to do a thing about the meth lab, so they plan on blowing the house up themselves. But first they break the windows, which gives the Aryans inside ample time to escape. However, Opie sets the trigger himself, and barely makes it out of the house alive. Jax and Clay are understandably worried about Opie's death wish.

Tig tells Clay to apologize to Gemma and he does. She accepts the apology but freaks out when Clay tries to hug her. At the wrap party for the porno, Jax talks to Opie about him constantly trying to get himself killed. He has kids, so he has to think about them first. With Gemma at home reading the Bible, Clay decides to sample the studio talent at the party. Tara tries to enter the party, though Ima says that it's private. Tara flees to the bathroom, where Jax finds her and Ima stumbles upon the pair having sex.


Main Cast[]

Supporting cast[]

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Notable Quotes[]

Hale: Are you talking about deliberately bringing drugs into my town?
Zobelle: I'm talking about creating a temporary problem that allows you to flush out the permanent one.

Clay: Ah, sad Elvis.
Bobby: These bar mitzvahs are killing me.
Clay: Why you doing it them? Tahoe gigs will come back around.
Bobby: I'm buried. Inside for two months, child support, alimony, and my oldest needs oral surgery. They gotta cut his frenum. What the hell is a frenum?

Hale: You already had Darby cooking meth.
Zobelle: I'm not responsible for Mr. Darby.
Hale: That your temporary problem? Flooding the mill with crank?
Zobelle: Did you arrest him?
Hale: I didn't have a warrant.
Zobelle: So get one.
Hale: Maybe I'll pick up one for you too.
Zobelle: I understand your anger and I know you think I'm some kind of devil. For years, I say back and watched everything I love about this country slowly unravel: faith, values, morals, decency. It culminated two years ago when my wife was killed in a drive-by. Her blood got me off the sidelines and into the game. Now, if that makes me a vigilante, a Machiavellian fool, so be it.

Church meetings[]

Opie: Dealer said Darby's cooking down by the streams.

Jax: I know that part of Water Road. Only a few houses.

Clay: Well, we'll find the right one. Clear it out, burn it down.

Jax: You're talking about blowing something up in our backyard. It's exposure, Clay.

Chibs: Don't see another way, brother.

Jax: Why don't we just tell Unser? Let the cops actually do their job for once.

Tig: Doesn't send a message.

Jax: Zobelle's not a gangster, we don't know what kind of message to send.

Clay: Alright. We let the cops handle it. Only we don't tell Unser. We tell Hale.

Opie: If he buries the intel, we know he's on Zobelle's payroll.

Jax: I'm telling you, man. Hale's not working for white power.

Clay: Well, then he shuts down the cook shop, don't he?

Tig: And if he doesn't, we do.

Clay: All in favor?

(all vote yes)

(Clay hits gavel)


Featured Music[]

  • Indigenous - "Come on Home"
  • The High Society - "Caledonia Red"
  • Hillstomp - "Cardiac Arrest in D"
  • Mojo Monkeys - "Roll on Muddy River"
  • The Death Roadies - "The Wrong Way Out"
  • Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - "Black Cat Road"
  • Toadies - "I Want Your Love"
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