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Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes is the main protagonist of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor JD Pardo, Ezekiel makes his debut in the series' premiere episode, "Perro/Oc", in the series' first season. Playing a recurring role through the same season. Initially introduced as a Prospect for the Mayans Santo Padre charter, he was successfully voted into the charter following his one year trial sponsored by Santo Padre President Obispo "Bishop" Losa, becoming an official member as of "Hunahpu".



He is a young man with a proud family. His brother, Angel Reyes, is part of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, Santo Padre charter. His father, Felipe Reyes, is a tough guy moulded by bullets and hard work who tries to get his children to go to the right side of the law. His mother was Marisol Reyes.

Ezekiel's first love was Emily Thomas, a talented young woman who settled on the social ladder. Ezekiel debates his life between rancour and the desire for revenge towards the club and the dream of being respected and admired by the woman he loves, and because of this, he finally becomes a prospect of the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Later on we see EZ successfully complete his time as a prospect and become a fully patched member of the Mayans.

Season 1[]


We first meet Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes, the new prospect for the Mayans, Santo Padre chapter as he drives his bike to a butcher shop in Santo Padre, owned by his father, Felipe Reyes. On his way there EZ stops at some traffic lights where he has a flashback to when he visited his girlfriend at the time, Emily Thomas at a high school. After arriving at the shop, EZ talks to his father before his brother, Angel Reyes, who is already a full patch of the Mayans arrives and informs him that he is needed on a drug run to Las Vegas the club is carrying out. EZ tells him, "Whatever the club needs", and the two head out.

We later see EZ along with the rest of the club driving to Las Vegas in the night. Some vans arrive, driven by a Samoan gang as we later find out and hijack the shipment after the truck containing the drugs is flipped over and catches on fire. Neron 'Creeper' Vargas is shot while trying to defend the shipment and Michael 'Riz' Ariza is trapped inside the burning truck. After the Samoans leave, EZ runs in to the burning truck and drags an injured Riz to safety.

The club go to see Miguel Galindo, leader of the Galindo cartel who work closely with the Mayans to discuss the shipment hijacking. EZ speaks up and says he saw the letters B.T.T tattooed on one of the hijackers. President of the Santo Padre chapter Obispo 'Bishop' Losa states that this is the Samoan gang, "Base Town Tribe" and drugs aren't usually what they deal in so they must have been hired. After Miguel leaves, tasking the club with tracking down the Samoan leader, EZ is punched in the face by Bishop, telling him he shouldn't speak unless told to.

After travelling under the border with some other members of the club, EZ waits outside a club while the others go in. Outside he witnesses a young boy stealing from a street vendor who then catches him and threatens him, EZ stops the man from beating the boy and pays for what he stole, a woman approaches and thanks EZ.

Another flashback occurs after EZ sees Emily yet again, with her son, mother in law and security detail. In this flashback, 8 years earlier, EZ is visited by Emily in prison who is upset that EZ has not been taking her calls or returning her letters. EZ tells her their relationship is finished as he is looking at 20 years in prison. Emily leaves him with a picture of an ultrasound and walks out. EZ chases her but is tackled by the guards and dragged away.

EZ returns to the club house where he meets Marcus Alvarez, president of the Oakland Mayans charter, EZ goes to shake Alvarez' hand but Alvarez instead gives him the keys to his bike and tells him to clean it, gas it and do the same for the rest of his club.

EZ and the rest of the club go to the cemetery to speak to Afa, the leader of the B.T.T who is suspected of carrying out the hijacking. A gunfight ensues between the Mayans and the B.T.T, the Mayans succeed in killing the majority of the B.T.T but Afa tries to escape, his exit is blocked by SAMDINO who have arrived to assist the Mayans.

EZ is present during the interrogation of Afa and is later tasked with disposing of his body by Bishop after he is killed.

EZ returns to his father's shop that evening to find his second cousin, Kevin Jimenez waiting for him. This is where we begin to learn more about EZ. Jimenez is a drug enforcement agent (DEA) and is tasked with watching EZ and gathering intel with his help on the Galindo cartel. EZ was looking at 20 years in prison but got out early due to him becoming an informant for the DEA. Jimenez demands more intel from EZ but EZ tells him he is only there to get intel on the cartel, not on the club and they should be left out of this; and as soon as he has enough intel he will leave the outlaw life. It becomes clear that Felipe is the only person around EZ that knows of his arrangement with the DEA.

Back in the tunnel under the border, as EZ drags the body of Afa, Angel discusses with other club members, Johnny "Coco" Cruz and Gilberto "Gilly" Lopez about bringing EZ in to some kind of plan the three of them have which is a secret to the rest of the club. Coco and Gilly agree. The four of them drive up in to the desert and EZ is told to follow. In the desert there is a camp, mostly built up by children and teenagers; led by a woman who introduces herself as "Adelita". EZ recognises her as the same woman from the town who thanked him for helping the boy who stole from the vendor.

Here we learn that these few members of the club secretly work with Los Olvidados, led by Adelita, in an effort to get the club out of business with the cartel. It was Adelita who hired the B.T.T to steal the shipment. Los Olvidados all hold a strong grudge against the Galindo family as they have all felt violence at their hand. EZ agrees to work with the other three. EZ then digs the grave for Afa's body.


EZ, Angel and Coco enter an apartment searching for Louie, they only find his son who doesn't know where he is. EZ and the rest of the MC eventually track down Louie at the kennels and chase him through the desert where he crashes his car. Afterwards the MC is summoned to a meeting with Miguel, he informs them that his son has been kidnapped and Bishop agrees to help. After Miguel leaves, EZ tells the club that he saw the car that the kidnappers used when they were chasing Louie earlier.

Miguel summons the club to the clothing factory where he has found a father and son who know who kidnapped his son. EZ stands up for the father after Miguel has boiling oil thrown in his face and Alvarez has to calm the situation. When Miguel threatens the child, Angel pretends to get a call and says the car has been found. Miguel sends Nestor Oceteva to go with the Mayans. After Miguel's men leave, Gilly notices the dogs from the kennel are roaming the desert freely, they rush back to the kennels to find that Nestor is interrogating the owner. A fight ensues between the Mayans and the cartel members. Alvarez claims the tension between the two groups was overdue as Bishop and Nestor stop fighting, Bishop tells Nestor that they should give them a few more minutes to fight.

In the evening, EZ, Angel and Coco meet with Adelita. Their meeting is cut short after they discover the bodies of the father and son Miguel was interrogating earlier, burned to death.

EZ is helping Felipe in his shop when Emily arrives to meet with EZ in secret, Emily asks EZ for information surrounding her son as Miguel doesn't involve her in his cartel life. EZ tells Emily that he won't let anything happen to her son. Right afterwards, EZ has a flashback to the night Marisol Reyes, his mother, was murdered.


EZ, Angel and Coco go to see Adelita in the desert, they are there to tell Adelita they may have found a buyer for the drug business.

Later in the tunnel under the border, EZ, Angel, Coco and Gilly are going to visit Creeper, who is still recovering from his gunshot wound. While down there EZ has another flashback to the night he chased a hooded man through a construction site and exchanged gunfire with him before accidentally shooting someone behind him.

EZ and the rest of the Mayans are on the road again to a native American casino, to meet some Chinese contacts about setting up a heroin connection. Upon arrival, EZ heads to the bar and briefly speaks to the waitress in Spanish about the cops who are next to him who are disrespecting the club. As EZ walks away one of the cops insults him, EZ stops and glances at the rest of the club; Hank 'Tranq' Loza shakes his head at EZ, he walks away from the cops.

The Mayans attend a meeting with the Chinese and some other distributors, a deal is cut and the distributors leave. EZ pours some drinks as the Chinese man proposes a toast to a new partnership and the end of traitors. Bishop then pulls his gun and shoots one of the Chinese men, he later informs the club that he was selling product secretly and was a traitor himself. As the club conclude business and go to leave the casino, Hank spots the same cop from earlier and asks if EZ wants to finish business, EZ approaches the cop and after throwing some money in his beer he punches him in the face, as the man is on the floor he tells EZ, "I'm a cop". This triggers a flashback to the night when EZ was chasing the hooded man down but accidentally shot the man behind him, as he approached the man bleeding out on the ground he uttered "I'm a cop...", with his last breath.

EZ returns home and adds a stack of cash to a duffel bag he has hidden in Felipe's house before sitting down for a beer with his father and brother.


The club is spending the evening at a whore house, owned by Vicki, who is also Riz' aunt, while there, they hear gunshots and a cop from the town and friend of the club, Franky Rogan, comes downstairs and goes to investigates, he finds a drug muler who was shot by militia hunters.

At the clubhouse, EZ and Alvarez exchange pleasantries as Alvarez tells him that he wants to sell him fully patched one day. The club later go to the desert to find out who is responsible for killing the drug mulers on the border, while there EZ has another flashback after a man steps out of the house and EZ recognises him from his time in prison. The woman who owns the house, Alice claims she knows nothing about the dead drug mule, this is of course a lie and her and her sons are responsible for his killing. Bishop has EZ and others follow the men as they leave, a fight breaks out between the men and the club. One of the men is particularly skilled in hand to hand combat and easily knocks the very large Hank down in a fight; this is the same man EZ recognised from his time in prison. The club later ponders what affiliation this man has and wants to get to the bottom of it.

During the meeting Felipe arrives to finally deliver the new contact information to EZ that he was given by Jimenez a few days prior. Felipe had no intention of giving it to EZ but after another DEA agent arrived at his doorstep he decided it would be for the best. EZ later meets with Jimenez who had just finished talking to his superior who threatened Jimenez to come up with more intel or EZ's plea deal would be pulled. EZ refuses to cooperate anymore after Jimenez begins asking about Emily and he leaves. Jimenez visits Felipe again and threatens him; telling him he knows all about his past life and he will expose him unless he convinces EZ to do as he is told.

EZ and the club are getting to the bottom of the desert militia and why they are killing mulers. They breach the house but are shot at by Dennis who is the son of Alice. Dennis is incapacitated after being shot by Angel and while the rest of the Mayans breach the house, everyone inside is dead. They question Dennis who asks if the Mayans killed everyone in the house but they appear confused. He tells them about a man named Cole, who was the man who was skilled in unarmed combat and is buying the product looted from the mulers. It is also clear he executed everyone in the house.

In the desert while EZ, Angel, Coco and Gilly bury Dennis' body and discuss their dealings with Adelita; EZ and Gilly fall through the ground and in to a tunnel.


EZ rushes to the hospital where he meets Franky who informs him Emily has been injured in a trampling at the church. A nun was murdered inside after conspiring with Los Olvidados and in the chaos Emily was hurt. EZ speaks briefly with Emily and lies to her telling her he still knows nothing about her son. EZ is seen leaving by Nestor who later tells Miguel.

EZ visits Felipe and asks what he should do regarding Emily, he tries to convince EZ to work with Jimenez. After leaving an SUV pulls up alongside EZ and the man asks him to follow; which EZ does. He goes to the desert where he meets Miguel, Miguel tells him he knows he's been seeing Emily and that he needs to avoid her.

Cole enlists the help of EZ and Angel and they travel to the Mexican side of the border and to a house, they are meeting a couple and are helping them get to the US. When they arrive at the house, the state police are waiting for them and quickly take them captive. The commander sends EZ back to the US and tells him to return with $100,000 or he will kill everyone in the house. EZ meets Coco and they go to see Adelita, she is at first uninterested in helping and slaps EZ after he blames her for the scenario. After some convincing, she agrees to help by supplying heroin for trade. They return to the house with Adelita and Pablo. The commander accepts the payment and agrees to let them go; except for Adelita as he has found her wanted poster. The rest leave the house and Pablo signals to a boy on the street who opens fire on the police, more Los Olvidados mask up and storm the house, killing the rest of the police inside.

EZ returns home to his trailer and finds Emily waiting for him. She confesses that she had an abortion out of spite just because she wanted to hurt EZ for leaving her while he was in prison. She thinks this is the reason her son was kidnapped. EZ acts as if he is about to tell Emily the truth before Angel interrupts and Emily leaves. Angel scolds EZ for seeing her and the two begin a physical fight in EZ's trailer but they quickly reconcile as EZ asks Angel about him and Adelita, her and Angel has kissed after they were rescued from the home earlier; Angel says they are just business partners.


EZ, Angel and Coco do a run to the desert to see Adelita to pay her the money for the heroine being sold. They later return to the clubhouse and everyone but EZ heads out, Coco's daughter, Leticia Cruz has arrived and Coco tasks EZ with keeping an eye on her in case she tries to leave. Almost immediately after learning that Coco has headed out she tries to do exactly that but is stopped by EZ. Leticia opens the trunk of her car to show a dead trucker inside named Albert, Leticia explains that she tried to steal money from him and upon being found he attacked her and she ended up stabbing him with a screwdriver.

EZ and Leticia arrive at the location where Albert's truck was. Upon arrival EZ has another flashback after seeing a car with the same Wildcats sticker on it which was driven by the man who killed his mother. EZ climbs in to Albert's truck but two men approach him and accuse him of trying to steal it, a fight ensues, EZ knocks one of the men out while Leticia stabs the other with another screwdriver. They flee and Angel calls EZ and he explains the situation; Angel suggests they go back after dark to dispose of Albert and deal with the truck. Angel says he will take Leticia back to the garage. EZ drives away in the car but is quickly flagged down by a cop. Angel realises that Leticia stole the car from Celia, Leticia's grandmother and Coco's mother. EZ pretends to stop for the cop but races off once the cop begins to approach his car.

EZ has another flashback while being chased by the police to the night he was chasing the car with the Wildcats sticker, he removes a gun from the glovebox before ramming the car from behind. EZ is successfully able to avoid the police after causing them to crash, he parks the car in a cornfield and fills it with water to wash away his prints, he then hides amongst the corn.

Later that night EZ overhears Bishop talking to Chucky Marstein about who Leticia is, Bishop is concerned that Leticia is Adelita and that Coco is the mole. EZ leaves the garage and briefly converses with a man outside the garage, the man ponders what goes on behind the gates.


EZ and Angel drive Adelita to a location, EZ questions why they are there but Angel doesn't tell him. EZ goes on a run with other members of the club to pick up some guns from SAMDINO. Jimenez calls EZ to tell him that his boss, Lawrence Bowen has pulled EZ's deal. Jimenez tells EZ he should avoid the Mayans for the time being. On the ride back, a cop spots the Mayans and calls it in about EZ. The cops drive behind the Mayans with their new cargo of guns. EZ knows he has to take the heat away from the club and drives away as the cops give chase, he is eventually caught and given a beat down by the cops.

Jimenez meets the man who EZ met outside the garage, we learn he is Lincoln Potter, assistant US attorney. Jimenez informs him that Miguel has been arrested by border patrol, this is enough for Lincoln to decide that EZ is still valuable and that he remains an asset.

EZ returns to the garage, badly bruised from his beatdown by the cops. Bishop scolds him for what he did saying it was reckless, obviously unaware to the true reason why EZ was stopped by the cops in the first place. He tells EZ if he does something reckless again he's out. Outside the garage, Chucky arrives with an injured Leticia, Leticia lies to Coco and EZ and says that it was Celia who did this to her. (It was in fact Leticia who injured herself and wanted to make it seem as though Celia had done it). Coco tells EZ to stay with Leticia and help her clean up as he rides off. He arrives at his Celia's apartment and he drowns her in the bathtub.

EZ goes to Felipe's house where he finds a box left on the table, inside he finds a birth certificate claiming that his father isn't who he says he is.


EZ continues to look through the box he found in Felipe's house. He has a flashback to a few days after his mother was killed; Emily tries to comfort him but EZ blames himself saying he should've noticed the license plate of the car as it drove away.

EZ arrives at the garage to see Leticia, there she confesses that Celia didn't hurt her and she wants to tell Coco the truth, unknowing that he has already killed Celia. EZ agrees to go to Celia's house to see what has happened. He arrives to find that Coco has indeed killed Celia. Coco and EZ share a joint and Coco explains that everything that happens lead to other things, such as EZ killing that cop and ending up part of the Mayans. Coco makes plans to bury Celia in the desert.

EZ stays at Celia's apartment and waits for Coco to return, he has a flashback to the night he tracked down the car with the Wildcats sticker outside a bar, he sat in his truck and waited for the owner to return, he drives after the man who returns to the car. Leticia knocks on the door to see Coco but EZ tells her he is at the garage and she leaves.

Miguel and Emily have been arrested by the FBI and Potter quizzes Emily about her past with EZ. Lawrence also threatens to expose EZ to try and get some truth out of Emily but Jimenez freaks out at Potter and says he is going to expose his and Bowen's unethical law practices. Potter states that Jimenez is now a problem and he will take care of him.

EZ, Felipe and Jimenez meet and Jimenez tells EZ that he should get away before he is arrested for good and will more than likely be killed in prison for being an informant; either by the Cartel or the Mayans.

Back in the interrogation room, Emily reads through files that were given to her by Potter, the files contain pages of intel given by EZ about all of his actions for the club, specifically the killing of Afa and how he disposed of him.

EZ arrives at the garage during the evening and nervously waits until the Mayans meeting with Alvarez has concluded. EZ, worried that he is already been outed to the club as an informant is nervous as Tranq approaches him; Tranq simply tells him that Alvarez' bike needs fixing. The rest of the club laugh as EZ stutters his way through a sentence, relieved he has not yet been exposed; he leaves the clubhouse. EZ calls Felipe and informs him that everything is fine, Jimenez tells him that if EZ's deal is still in play then he will not be the handler anymore.

EZ and Angel go to Celia's to dispose of her body, they put her in the trunk of a car. They drive to the desert but are quickly flagged down by cops, Franky and a new cop step out of the car. Franky tells them that the tail light is out and informs the new cop that he knows them and everything is cool. The new cop gets EZ and Angel out of the car before discovering the body of Celia in the trunk. Angel and EZ are arrested.


Angel and EZ are in a cell awaiting their fate. Potter arrives and EZ has a brief flashback to when they first met outside the scrapyard. Potter informs them they are being released, Potter tells Angel everything about how EZ has been working for the DEA since he was released from prison. They then realise that they are simple Potter's next play. Potter tells EZ that is he helps him then his deal will have never existed and he will be totally free.EZ and Angel leave the police station, Angel stops the car at the side of the road and orders EZ out. Angel proceeds to beat EZ senseless for his betrayal of him, he gets back in the car and leaves.

EZ walks all through the night. He has a flashback to when he met with Angel at Coco's house, this was also the first time he met Coco. Angel gives EZ a gun; EZ talks about how he thinks there is more to their mother's death and that he thinks it was a local due to the Wildcats sticker. Angel tells EZ not to regret making him give him the gun.

Angel visits Felipe and informs him that he knows about EZ's deal and that they are now both under the thumb of Potter. Felipe asks about the deal but Angel tells him it doesn't matter because as long as it helps EZ they have to do it. Angel is furious and believes that Felipe cares more for EZ than him.

Felipe catches up to EZ later on and apologises to him for letting him go through with the DEA deal, EZ tells him that it was ultimately his choice and the burden lies with him.

Later the club ride to the casino for a meeting with Galindo. EZ is invited to stay in the meeting with Miguel who sarcastically comments that it would be nice to have someone remember everything that is said. Miguel speaks briefly before inviting in Adelita, who met with him secretly while he was detained at the Mexican border and the two brokered a partnership. Although surprised the club seem on bored with the idea, Angel, Coco and Gilly pretend to meet Adelita for the first time while EZ shreds documentation of their new partnership.

After the meeting Emily approaches EZ and she tells him she too knows of his partnership with the DEA, Emily threatens EZ but he promises her his deal with the DEA will not hurt her family. Outside EZ goes to his bike and sees a room number for the hotel written on it. EZ goes up to the hotel room where Angel, Coco and Gilly are. Angel explains they are all getting new tattoos to commemorate the partnership with Luisa. Angel and EZ reconcile and Angel says that EZ should leave the club to escape this impossible situation. Potter calls immediately after to give EZ and Angel their task; he wants them to kill Jimenez.


EZ returns to Felipe and tells him what Potter wants them to do. Felipe explains why Potter wants Jimenez dead and tells him that he can't do it. Felipe makes EZ promise that he won't do anything until he hears from Felipe first.

As EZ drives back to the butcher shop to get some meat for a party the club is having he passes by Emily, triggering another flashback to when they were together, this can also be assumed to be the night that Emily became pregnant. EZ receives another call from Potter, telling him where Jimenez is going to be. EZ arrives at the location to find that Angel is already there, having found out the location from Felipe who was convinced in to giving Jimenez up for EZ's sake. Angel knocks on the front door and disarms Jimenez before realising that Bowen is in the house too, briefly distracted, Jimenez throws Angel to the ground as EZ comes in through the back door, EZ shoots Bowen in the chest. Jimenez briefly stares at EZ before he is shot in the head by Angel. The brothers only now realising the other is there and what they have just done.

Potter arrives later and EZ accuses him of knowing that Bowen would be there and he wanted him killed too. Potter all but admits this and tells Angel and EZ to dispose of their bodies and provide proof.

As EZ and Angel bury the bodies; Angel tells EZ that he leaves the club after the party later. Telling him that'll be the last grave he ever digs.

EZ meets Potter later and upon showing him proof of the graves, Potter makes a call and before EZ's eyes all of the data on him is erased. EZ goes to leave but Potter stops him; telling him that due to Bowen dying things have been a bit more complicated and now EZ owes him.

Back at the garage EZ goes in to the meeting room where Alvarez, Bishop, Che "Taza" Romero and Hank are around the table; EZ tells them that he wants to speak and he is invited to sit. They talk offscreen and from their discussion it appears that EZ has agreed to leave the club on Angel's orders. We later find out that EZ told Bishop that he didn't want Angel to be his club sponsor anymore and instead that Bishop be his sponsor, he did not leave the club. Angel, confused and agrees plays it off with Bishop before going to look for EZ. After he finds him EZ tells him that he will not leave the club, he doesn't know what his purpose in life is but he knows it isn't to run.

A SAMCRO prospect named Hallorann interrupts them and asks if they have anymore beer as his sponsor doesn't like what they have out. EZ asks who his sponsor is and Hallorann points him out. Upon seeing the man EZ has more fragmented flashbacks from the night he found his mother dead to when he was arrested after fatally shooting the cop after chasing the hooded man. The hooded man turns around and he is revealed to be Happy Lowman, Sergeant-at-Arms for SAMCRO, his mother's killer and the man standing right in front of him.

Season 2[]


The episode opens with EZ and Coco driving a school bus full of kids through Mexico, they arrive at a location and they all head inside. EZ and Coco head through a backdoor where there are drugs being manufactured.

Back at the table, Bishop is meeting with the other Mayan presidents. They all leave and Bishop decides to make EZ and Angel run with each other for a while to try and work out their issues which the rest of the club is of course oblivious to.

EZ, Coco, Gilly and Bishop meet up with Alvarez and Potter's men, most of whom are green berets turned mercenaries. His men believe they are about to storm and clear out a Los Olvidados base of operations. In reality, it is a human trafficking camp. They breach and quickly kill all those inside. EZ nets himself a kill on a running trafficker. The Mayans destroy any intel they find and plant fake Los Olvidados propaganda to make the raid look genuine. All seems to have gone to plan until one of the mercenaries marches in with Mini, a young girl who is very close with Luisa and a key member of Los Olvidados. EZ tries to reason with the mercenary leader that she's just a kid but he dismisses this.

Outside the Mayans decide they cannot let Mini die, they go back inside the compound and quietly try to pick off all the mercenaries remaining, hearing the commotion, one of the mercenaries runs at Alvarez, EZ grabs himself another kill as be viciously strangles one of the mercenaries to death with an electrical cord. He looks shaken afterwards as this is his most physical kill yet; his hands are cut from the force used on the cord. Alvarez later thanks EZ for saving him.

EZ meets with Franky who has pulled all sorts of information on Happy. Felipe comes to meet EZ to tell him about the visit that Potter paid him the previous night. Later on EZ tries to talk to Angel about the visit but Angel brushes him off, still furious with him. The rest of the Mayans start to become impatient with the brother's beef.

Shortly afterwards the Mayans head in to a meeting with the Tucson chapter. They are accused of stealing drugs. EZ is called in to recall what the packages looked like when he picked them up from the school with Coco, He identifies that the Tucson package has been interfered with. Ticker, one of the Tucson Mayans is accused and tries to grab a gun from his boot. He is quickly restrained and removed from the room. The Tucson president Ibarra apologises to Bishop and says he will deal with Ticker.

After the meeting Bishop tells EZ that his patch vote is soon and unless he and Angel squash their beef the vote will fail as all members need to vote yes in order for a prospect to be patched in. Angel will of course vote no.

EZ leaves the garage and goes to Angel's house. He shows him the box containing information about Happy, announcing to Angel that he knows who killed their mother.


EZ has shown Angel everything he has collected on Happy. EZ apologises for everything and tells Angel he didn't leave the club because that would mean leaving him and Felipe who are the only people he really has in his life. The brother's debate what they should do with this information on Happy, weighing in the club's relationship with SAMCRO. Angel tells EZ he knows he will not let it go and now neither will he.

At Vicki's place, EZ lies to Bishop and tells him he has to ride to Stockton to deal with some parole paperwork and he wants Angel to go with him so that they can continue to talk on the long ride. Bishop agrees and tells him they will have the Stockton Charter take care of them. They are really going to Charming, home of SAMCRO and also home of Happy.

The brother's head out after paying a quick visit to Felipe. As they ride along the freeway a couple of bikers cut in front of them. They don't know who the bikers are and mostly ignore them. The stop at a gas station and EZ tells Angel he knows where Happy lives; Angel questions what they will do when they arrive. The bikers who cut them up on the freeway arrive. They are the Swole Boys, a relatively new MC, they claim the Mayans are trespassing on their turf but Angel and EZ mock them and say they have no idea who they are. The two members, Brad and Todd approach the brothers but Angel pulls out his gun and threatens them, calling them "poser fucking douchebags". The Swole Boys leave. Angel and EZ ride on.

They stop at an arcade and reminisce on their younger years but are being watched by an associate of the Swole Boys who calls in about the brothers location; they head outside and all of the Swole Boys MC arrives. The president confronts them but EZ and Angel respond by attacking the members with gold clubs. They make a dash for their bikes and draw their guns. Angel shoots a nearby car knowing the occupant will call the police and give EZ and Angel a chance to escape. (An act that EZ later remarks Angel was smart for). They flee from the arcade with the Swole Boys in pursuit. EZ kicks the bike of a Swole Boys member and causes him to fall from his bike. The president rides up to Angel as the cops join the pursuit, Angel tells the president "patches over badges, always!" and the president agrees but tells Angel their beef isn't over. The brothers and the Swole Boys split as the pursuing cops crash in to each other.

The brothers later arrive at the Stockton charter clubhouse. EZ is confronted by two local cops, Medina, a Stockton Mayan tells the cops to get lost, the passenger responds by spitting on EZ's bike. Medina tells EZ that the two cops are corrupt and he should be careful.

The brothers and the Mayans are hanging by a food truck. EZ crosses the road to dispose of his garbage, the Stockton president Oscar "El Oso" Ramos sarcastically tells EZ that he should recycle to which EZ agrees. As he crosses the road he hears a gunshot coming from the direction Medina had just headed, EZ and the rest of the Mayans rush to Medina who has been shot in the neck and is bleeding out. EZ watches as Medina dies at his side.


EZ and the Mayans debate how to get at the corrupt cops who killed Medina. EZ suggests they use him as bait but the club ultimately decides on using Hope, the prostitute who was present when the cops killed Medina.

They later set a meet to lure one of the cops in a drug den. Hope starts to freak out about the task at hand and EZ leads the way in helping calm her. The plan goes south when only one of the two cops arrives, O'Grady, Pollen, the other; is nowhere to be seen. Hope freaks out as O'Grady approaches her and he holds her at gunpoint as he leads her in to the house, the Mayans quickly incapacitate O'Grady.

After getting information from him, they go to Pollen's house and Hope once again helps lure him outside. The Mayans breach his house where they find his mother, she attacks them and they incapacitate her. Pollen tries to reason with the club but Hope appears and knocks him out. Pollen's mother attacks Hope and is shot by Coco.

EZ later attends the wake for Medina. EZ and Angel tell Bishop they have some more parole business to handle and the two ride out. Their destination is Charming, to Happy's house. We later see Happy arrive at his house and be held at gunpoint by the brothers.

"Lahun Chan"[]

EZ and Angel attempt to interrogate Happy on information about why he killed their mother and who hired him. EZ has multiple flashbacks as he explains the situation to Happy. EZ is later forced to reveal to Angel about the real identity of their father and that he is Ignacio Cortina after he begins questioning Happy about if the cartel was behind the death of their mother. A physical fight breaks out between the brothers as Angel is once again furious as EZ has lied to him. EZ later states that he didn't feel it was his place to tell Angel about their father's identity. After they once again settle their differences; they return to Happy and continue interrogating him; upon realising the numerous smiley face tattoos on Happy's torso are for each of his kills, they ponder which one is for their mother and Angel cuts one of Happy's tattoos off. They decide they will attempt to interrogate Happy one final time before killing him. EZ is disappointed they will leave without answers but accepts Angel's idea. They go at Happy again and finally get a breakthrough after threatening to kill his dog.

Happy directs the brothers to some documents in his home and explains that he was also hired to kill Felipe but was unable to as he wasn't there. Happy continues saying he doesn't know exactly who hired him but assumed it was one of the cartels and the night he ran from EZ he thought he was a cartel member there to kill him and tie up loose ends.

Elsewhere the Mayans have gone to settle their beef with the Swole Boys after an earlier altercation. They arrive at the clubhouse of the Swole Boys, backed by Packer of SAMDINO. The Swole Boys president explains that EZ and Angel rode through earlier in the week and started the altercation. The beef is settled after Riz shoots Todd in the leg and Packer says he will keep a close eye on the Swole Boys as they are in his territory.

Back at Happy's the brothers debate if they should let him live or not, knowing how dangerous he is. Hallorann arrives, he had been calling Happy all day, unable to get through to him for obvious reasons. EZ and Angel let Happy live and they go along with the story Happy tells as he explains to Hallorann that EZ and Angel saved him after he was hit by a truck while on his bike. After Hallorann leaves, Happy tells the brothers he will get what he can from Packer about who hired him and after that they are square.


EZ and Angel arrive back at the garage and are immediately questioned about their involvement with the Swole Boys. They are then informed that Luisa had been captured by Potter's mercenaries after she gave herself up to save Miguel from their partnership being exposed. EZ and Angel drink with Felipe before Chucky interrupts and says Taza has called for them to go to the dress warehouse.

They arrive at the warehouse and a plan is being made with assistance from Miguel to try and save Luisa from Potter's clutches. Angel is angered when Bishop tells him he will not be part of the plan and a physical fight ensues; it is only halted when Angel breaks the shocking news that Luisa is pregnant with his child.

The club has tracked Luisa to a safehouse with assistance from Miguel and Alvarez. They correctly assume that a decoy is sent out first and the real Luisa is still in the house. When a second car leaves, they believe this to be Luisa. EZ halts for a few moments and spots another car outside the safehouse and begins to get suspicious. They chase the second car and after it pulls over they realise it isn't Luisa. EZ tells the club that he saw a third car and the club decides on a route to get to the border the fastest where they correctly predict Potter will be waiting for the extraction of Luisa. A gunfight breaks out between the three vehicles, two of them driven by EZ and Creeper and the third being the vehicle with Luisa, driven by a mercenary and one of Potter's agents; who had previously called Potter to tell him they were being followed by the club. The club kills the mercenary and Potter's agent but are unable to stop the now out of control car with Luisa in the back. EZ is finally able to stop it after pulling in front of it.

Luisa tells the club that she isn't going with them and if Potter has her he will think the threat is gone and the club as well as the cartel will be safe from him, Angel doesn't want to hear it but EZ forces him in to the back of the truck and they leave Luisa as she is once again captured.


EZ has been staying with Angel, he is on edge ever since he lost Luisa and by extension, his unborn child; Bishop asks EZ to keep him close. Chucky arrives with a note for EZ, he and Angel head outside the garage to find Happy with some intel for them, Happy has pulled some bank transfers regarding the hit on their mother. Gilly knocks on the trailer door and tells them that Alvarez has been captured and the club needs to meet Miguel.

While forming a plan to locate and save Alvarez they receive a coded message that Alvarez had managed to get one of the mercenaries to send out altering the club and Miguel to his location.

Emily later comes to Felipe's shop to secretly meet with EZ. Emily asks him for help with a project she is trying to win the rights to direct. Emily is aware that a bribe has been taken and she will not win the bid. She tasks EZ with finding a man named Marlon Buksar who works for city council and who is thought to be involved. Angel then calls EZ and tells him they have located Alvarez.

The club, cartel and Happy who had been invited to assist after his meeting with Angel and EZ earlier launch an assault on the warehouse where Alvarez is being held. They kill all of the kidnappers (who are revealed to be Potter's mercenaries, led by Hobart) except for Hobart himself who has been critically wounded. EZ offers Alvarez a pipe wrench to finish Hobart off with.

Back at the garage Happy asks Angel and EZ if their business in finished but the brother's tell him it isn't until they have justice for their mother. EZ then splits; telling Angel he is going to see Felipe. He drives to the house of Marlon. EZ tells him he knows he has taken a bribe and threatens him, Marlon initially refuses after piecing together that EZ is there on Emily's orders but later feigns obeying EZ's orders to give him his phone and laptop. Marlon pulls a gun and a short fight breaks out before EZ accidentally shoots Marlon in the head.


EZ is seen scrubbing his clothes of Marlon's blood in his trailer as Emily continuously rings him, the police having already found Marlon's body. At the garage EZ meets Gabriela, a friend of Letty who's family are being held for ransom by a rival motorcycle club, Vatos Malditos, this is also taking place on the Mayans turf. Coco bought the situation to the club and the club agree to help Gaby and by extension clearing the Vatos out of their turf. EZ, Angel and Coco meet Louie, and he tries to assist but leads them to a dead end. EZ spots a pizza truck and realises this is how the Vatos must be feeding all of their hostages. The three separate to check all of the pizza joints and EZ is successful in finding a joint that has made five large deliveries in the last week and was able to get an address from them.

The club gather outside the house where the Vatos operate out of. EZ knocks on the door claiming he has a delivery, the Vatos member opens the door and EZ barges in, gunning him down while the rest of the club breach behind him. They clear the house but are unable to find Gaby's mother or brother. They speak to those who were held inside and a man tells them that when the families cannot pay they move the hostages closer to the border to be kept in cages.

The club go to the warehouse where the rest of the hostages are being kept. They storm this too and kill more Vatos members. One of them is able to light a fire around the cages which the hostages are locked in. EZ rushes towards the cages and is nearly shot from behind in the process; he shoots the lock off the cages and all the hostages are able to escape; among them are Gaby's family.

Back at the garage EZ goes to his trailer and begins to dig through the intel that Happy gave him; he receives a phone call from Emily and finally goes to meet her at the city council building. He explains what happened with Marlon and consoles Emily when she blames herself for Marlon's death and asks her for help with decoding some of the financial records Happy gave him.


EZ goes to a nail salon to secretly meet with Emily. He tells her the reason he asked her to look in to the accounts and Emily is horrified to learn that her family probably had something to do with Marisol's death. Emily has clearly found something but she refuses to tell EZ anything.

EZ gets Angel get a call from Potter and they go to meet him. The brother's are furious as their business is supposed to be concluded. Potter goes on to threaten Felipe with deportation and EZ has to hold Angel back from attacking Potter. Potter wants more evidence on the cartel and Luisa.

EZ and Angel meet up with the rest of the club and ride out to a lodge where a meeting with SAMCRO is taking place. After an initial meeting with SAMCRO, the rest of the Mayans go outside. Two Mayans from Mayans Tempe Charter are harassing EZ over the death of Ticker. Riz and Coco step in and Coco orders EZ to beat the Mayans down which he does.

Eventually the Mayans, SAMCRO and the Vatos reach an agreement. The club are winding down in the lodge celebrating when the Vatos return in a truck and firebomb the club's bikes. The club go outside and the Vatos immediately open fire, some members of the club run back inside but the Vatos are already waiting for them and the shooting continues, Riz is shot multiple times while outside more firebombs are being thrown and Coco is set alight. EZ saves him with some quick-thinking and douses the flames with his bedroll. The Mayans inside desperately perform CPR on Riz.


EZ is at the hospital with the rest of the club, Coco is alive but is wearing an eyepatch while his eyes heal after he was set alight. Riz was not so fortunate and is a coma after being shot numerous times.

Back at the garage Felipe meets with EZ and Angel; he finally explains his whole story, why he changed his name and why he worked for the Galindo cartel. EZ then reveals the information about Happy. Felipe wants them to all meet again later with Emily.

EZ goes for food with Angel, Coco and Gilly. He meets Gaby again and he asks her out on a date.

Alvarez later comes to speaks with Bishop in regards to retaliation against the Vatos. Afterwards he speaks to EZ; he begins to question him about his recently involvement with Emily and why she keeps showing up around Felipe's shop. EZ plays it cool and says he doesn't know what is going on with Emily.

Angel meets EZ at their father's house and Angel informs him of the "no retaliation" vote against the Vatos. Soon, Felipe arrives with Emily and together the four begin to piece together the puzzle.

Emily begins to theorise and tells them that Happy was indeed hired by the Galindo cartel but it was done under the radar and the funds came from the account of Miguel's mother, Dita Galindo. This sparks the question of why did the cartel wants Felipe and Marisol dead, which Felipe answers. He had an affair with Dita but ended it soon afterwards; Dita didn't want to let him go and Felipe was scared of retaliation so he moved away and changed his name with Marisol. Angel wonders why twenty years later their mother was killed, which EZ answers with the only person who still had a connection and knew where they had now moved to was Miguel, who would have been told everything by his late father. Emily is furious at this accusation and says Miguel would never be involved in murder. She asks EZ what he is going to do now and his silence is answer enough.

EZ drives Emily home while she quizzes him on what happens now, EZ receives a text from Potter and admits everything to Emily about Felipe's deportation. Emily tells EZ that she has intel on Potter which will stop him for continuously chasing his family but he will only get it on the condition that EZ leaves Emily's family be. She is worried for Miguel as they now all believe that he is the man responsible for ordering the hit on Felipe and Marisol. EZ drops Emily back at the spa where Dita is waiting and upon seeing Dita, EZ has a brief flashback but he is unable to remember anything of significance.

EZ races back to Felipe and Angel after seeing Dita and wants to see a photo of her. He has another flashback to a night at a carnival with Emily, Angel and his parents. His parents sit on a bench and EZ watches happily. In the background is Dita. EZ realises that the only other person who knew about Felipe's real identity was Dita, his mind begins to race as he finally pieces all the parts of the puzzle together. Dita was the one responsible for ordering the hit on his parents.


It is the following morning after EZ, Angel and Felipe figured out the truth. EZ tries to comfort Felipe as he now blames himself for Marisol's death. Angel then announces that Riz had passed away in the hospital, presumably from his bullet wounds. (He was in fact murdered by Taza to provoke retaliation against El Palo.)

EZ later meets with Emily again and she gives him the intel against Potter. EZ is made to promise once again that he will not harm Miguel. EZ brings the intel to Angel and explains how he got it and they now have a very difficult choice to make. They can use the intel to save Felipe from deportation and exposure or save Luisa from Potter's clutches. Angel is very hesitant to make the call but EZ insists it be his choice; he eventually chooses to save Felipe rather than Luisa.

EZ and Angel meet with Potter and present the intel against him. The intel is that he was romantically involved with a witness in his first big prosecution case which allowed him to jump start his career, this evidence coming to light would void the legality of his first case and cost him everything. EZ tells him that they will send the evidence to the department of justice unless he destroys all information on Felipe's former identity (Ignacio Cortez) and makes Felipe and Marisol legal citizens of the US.

The brothers return to Felipe's house and Felipe states that he has spoken to Dita and she asked him to kill her after he confronted her with the truth. EZ and Angel of course want to finish Dita off but Felipe refuses.

EZ and Angel are about to visit Felipe after being unable to contact him, Chucky arrives and delivers them a message from Dita. They drive out to the desert to find Felipe and Dita are already there. Felipe tries to reason with his sons to drive away but they refuse. Dita states that she has to die for what she has done and it will look like a suicide. EZ announces that he will kill Dita; Felipe tries to reason with him saying this isn't who he is but EZ states it is. He strangles Dita to death and then burns her corpse while Angel and Felipe watch on.

Back at the garage the night of EZ's patch vote has finally arrived after prospecting for one year. He nervously waits by the bar as the rest of the club discuss if he will be patched in. Angel exits the room to retrieve EZ and apologises to him; EZ, fearing the worst enters the room and is instructed to remove his kutte and place it on the table. He looks solemnly down the table at the rest of the Mayans who are giving nothing away. Taza steps out from behind him and places the rest of the patches on his kutte. Bishop congratulates him and welcomes him to the tribe. Outside, the club mount their bikes and drive away.

They arrive at the clubhouse of the Vatos and silently approach with weapons drawn. Going against the agreement with the other Mayan Kings, Bishop had faked a truce with the Vatos after the supposed death of Riz at their hands but he would never allow the death of a brother to go unanswered. The club breach the house and slaughter everyone inside. El Palo is able to escape as he was not inside at the time. EZ and the club go in to a back room in the house where they find a dead SAMCRO member. This means that someone from SAMCRO was in alliance with the Vatos.

Season 3[]

"Pap Struggles With The Death Angel"[]

Season 3 begins with a now fully patched Angel beating a man senseless. Gilly watches on and he reveals that it is a Dogwood member who has been messing with the club.

EZ arrives at Felipe's house to find him asleep and the house in quite a state; he hasn't been the same since Dita was murdered. Felipe feigns sleep while EZ leaves him some breakfast. He then drives to Angel's house and from there they go on a drug run across the border. EZ and Angel worry for Felipe and the club as we see many of their underground tunnels are being filled in and the dress warehouse has been raided. EZ places a car seat loaded with drugs in the back of a mule's car, he gives her some instructions and assures her everything will be fine. We learn Potter has ordered a border shutdown between the USA and Mexico making it very difficult for the club to traffic drugs, the brothers theorise this is because of the intel they have against him.

After the drug run EZ, Angel, Coco and Gilly go to a bar, there are some US soldiers already in there playing pool. Coco has begun taking drugs after his injuries from the Vatos; physically he has recovered but mentally he is still shaken. He has no money to pay the tab and Gilly begins to joke, Coco quickly becomes enraged as EZ eggs on the argument. A fight soon breaks out between Gilly and Coco and Coco is pushed in to a soldier by Gilly, the soldier turns around and Gilly headbutts him. A mass brawl breaks out between the soldiers, Coco and Gilly. EZ and Angel observe for a few moments as they drink beer before deciding to get in on the action also.

Back at the table, Bishop scolds the four of them for attacking the military and putting a target on their back. Hank also states that the woman with the drugs in the car was arrested by border patrol. As they exit the room, Steve, the new prospect for the club drops an armful of beer. Other members of the club laugh but EZ assist him in getting up. Taza is still sitting at the table, concerned; EZ assures him that the woman will not rat on the club but Taza says he is concerned about El Palo still being out there, he explains to EZ just how ruthless he is and that he will not allow the club's actions to go unpunished.

EZ meets with Gaby and the two go on a date. Gaby gifts him a token which you are supposed to whisper your secrets and worries to. EZ explains his worries about Felipe to Gaby and explains his troubled past including how he was in prison.

EZ and the rest of the club meet with the rest of the Mayans. The other kings are furious with the club for wiping out the Vatos and destroying the gun deal with SAMCRO although the club deny it. The kings say they are struggling without the drug and gun trade. They then demand that the club doubles the heroin trade for a few months to make up for how much they've lost but Bishop refuses and cuts off the Santo Padre drug pipeline for the rest of the Mayans.

Later that night, EZ burns all of Happy's intel about the assassination of his mother. He kisses the picture of her before tossing it in to the flames as he has flashbacks to the night he found her dead. He wants to put the past behind him.

"The Orneriness of Kings"[]

EZ checks in on Felipe with Gaby in tow, she invites herself in and EZ explains that Felipe hasn't been herself as Gaby busies herself in assisting in cleaning Felipe's house. Before leaving for a meeting he smartly decides hides Felipe's gun.

EZ arrives at the clubhouse and sits at the table for the first time. Bishops speaks to the table and asks them about what they should do about the other kings and the recently falling out between the Santo Padre charter and the rest of the Mayans. EZ wants to speak up but decides he should keep to himself for now. After the meeting EZ speaks to Angel and says he believes there is a smarter play than "fuck the other kings". Angel berates EZ for not speaking up during the meeting and tells him to act like a patch.

EZ decides to speak to Bishop and at his suggestion another meeting is called. Mayans Tucson and their president Ibarra are present. Ibarra addresses the group, pleading his case and reiterating the need to supply his territory since they stepped on toes to acquire the area. He reveals he begged the other charters for help and to make a deal with Bishop but he won’t give in to the other kings, making it clear he has to put Santo Padre first. If he bows and gives in to Canche and Ramos, Santo Padre is dead.

EZ finally speaks up and explains his plan. He wants to keep the pipeline open and continue to supply heroin to Arizona. His fellow club members react in anger to that suggestion, but EZ angrily silences them; no longer afraid to speak. He continues, explaining they’ll keep Arizona safe by making Tucson the new conduit in that state. EZ suggests they take away the crowns from the other kings and that they do so by moving a huge amount rather than playing around with small paydays. EZ wants to funnel the heroin to Tucson and put Tucson in charge of distributing it out to other Arizona charters. If the other charters don’t like it, that’s too bad. His plan will make Bishop the last king standing.

EZ returns to Felipe's house to find Gaby and him having dinner; Felipe expresses that he doesn't need Gaby to take care of him, EZ agrees but Gaby insists on returning tomorrow.

"Overreaching Don't Pay"[]

EZ briefs the club with his plan of bringing 200 keys over the border. He is made well aware of the risks by Taza but he assures him everything will go to plan.

Bishop and EZ visit Alvarez to sort a deal to acquire some more goods from the cartel. Alvarez is unaware of the full plan to dethrone the other kings so agrees to supply 250 keys as quick as possible. Bishop breaks the news to EZ that it is happening tonight.

EZ and Angel ride out to the desert to meet with Juan Dever, he is Alvarez' contact and is supplying the club with the heroin. EZ and Angel begin transporting all the heroin back, they link up with the rest of the club at Vicki's and begin loading the heroin in to the trucks. Disaster strikes when border patrol begin to drive to Vicki's, the club hurry to move all the heroin back in to the tunnel as Steve heads off the border patrol to buy some more time for the club. EZ and others flee as border patrol arrives at Vicki's.

EZ laments about his plan going wrong as the rest of the club drown their sorrows in whichever way they choose. He later goes to Felipe's to pick up Gaby and take her home and EZ expresses his appreciation for Gaby looking after Felipe before the two passionately kiss and say their goodbyes.

"Our Gang's Dark Oath"[]

Bishop angrily arrives and calls a meeting, he proposes a dangerous new plan to go over the border with the heroin rather than under. He also sends EZ to speak to Alicia, the woman who was caught crossing the border with the drugs to see if she turned on the club.

EZ visits her in prison and has some chilling flashbacks to his own time in Stockton when he was savagely beaten by a group of prisoners and as revenge and to prove his worth he stabbed one of them multiple times, possibly killing him. Alicia arrives and EZ begins to quiz her but she protests innocence; EZ later comforts her when she breaks down and he tells her to shut out all of her past life, his mind begins to race after she asks him how she returns to her old life when she eventually gets out. EZ wonders if he was ever the same after leaving prison. EZ returns to the garage to speak to Bishop, he explains that she hasn't ratted on the club and is certain of it.

EZ picks up Gaby and brings her back to his trailer for a dinner date. They kiss again but EZ's mind begins to race with how dangerous his life is. Gaby is upset and says she doesn't know who he really is and accuses him of not really wanting her in his life when he's clearly so preoccupied; she asks him to take her home.

"Dark, Deep-laid Plans"[]

EZ speaks to Bishop and says he wants to be in charge of the over the wall drug run today. This was his plan and he wants to see it through. Bishop reminds him that if he is caught he will likely go to prison for life but allows him regardless.

Bishop exits the meeting room and informs Gilly and Coco of the plan. A heated argument breaks out between Coco and Gilly as Gilly is the only person who knows of Coco's recent drug abuse and relapse. He refuses to ride with him but EZ steps up and says he will take Coco.

EZ speaks to Angel about what happened with Gaby and Angel encourages her to chase after him if she is so special.

The time finally approaches for the border run. Kids shoot off fireworks and distract the Border Patrol. Steve is the lookout and informs the group the distraction’s working, which sets Bridge Over the River Kwai in motion. Gilly drives a truck up to the wall on the Mexican side of the border at the pre-determined location. Angel and Bishop are in a truck exactly opposite them on the US side. Ramps are put in place on both sides and it’s immediately apparent they’re a foot too short on the U.S. as well as on the Mexican side. EZ realizes there’s been an additional foot added to the wall’s height, and Bishop confesses he’s going off dimensions from back when Bush was president.

Steve radios in that the border patrol are done with the kids and will be at their location soon. Bishop wants to call it off, but EZ has an idea. He takes two spare tires and places them flat next to the Mexican side of the wall. Creeper drives the truck with the ramp onto the tires and the Mexican side is now tall enough for EZ to drive the truck over. EZ drives the truck up the now elevated ramp and barely clears the top, the truck lands hard and EZ and Coco celebrate as they speed off in to the desert carrying the haul. EZ meets up with Ibarra and his club and they pass off the drugs.

Back at the garage EZ sits with Bishop and Taza, they congratulate him but ask about Coco's recent behaviour and dedication to the club, EZ knows something is up but covers for Coco nonetheless.

EZ goes to Felipe's shop where he knows Gaby will be. He desperately wants to patch things up with her and she humours him. They talk as EZ drives and he tells Gaby he's going to get her some food from the food truck she likes. He steps out of the truck and gets the food, he begins to walk back to the truck when a Mayan approaches him from behind with his gun drawn, Gaby screams in terror as EZ swings around and begins to wrestle with the man, they both fall to the floor in front of the truck, out of sight and a gunshot rings out. EZ finally stands and quickly gets in the car demanding Gaby stay down, he backs the truck up as the Mayan also stands and begins to fire more shots before he is abruptly run down by a van; EZ pulls in to a side road and frantically checks on Gaby, she is unhurt but the same cannot be said for EZ, he has been shot in the stomach.

"You Can't Pray a Lie"[]

EZ is bleeding heavily after being shot and Gaby has rushed him to a hospital, he is quickly wheeled off for surgery. A groggy Bishop receives a call from Hank telling him that EZ has been shot by the Mayans, Bishop warns him there is to be no retaliation.

EZ painfully gets to his feet in his hospital gown. Angel arrives to check on EZ and EZ assures him he will be okay as he cracks some jokes. The rest of the club arrives to speak to EZ and Bishop enforces that nobody do anything. The club leave as Gaby arrives and she leaves with EZ. He is mostly fine after taking the bullet as it went straight through him.

As EZ packs up his bike back at the garage; Emily arrives in a panic having only just heard about what happened but quickly and awkwardly excuses herself when she Gaby inside of EZ's trailer.

Gaby changes EZ's bandages as he explains who Emily is, Gaby becomes upset when EZ once again jokes about the whole situation, she tells him she is scared for his life but EZ reassures her. They then ride to a beach, Gaby having previously told EZ that she has never seen the ocean before; they talk by a fire before making love.

As Gaby sleeps on the beach; EZ sits awake, thinking. He receives a text from Angel, informing him that Santo Padre is going to war with the rest of the Mayans. Earlier in the day, Gilly and Angel had executed two Mayans, one of whom was responsible for shooting EZ and had also been in the same hospital as him.

"What Comes of Handlin' Snakeskin"[]

EZ rides to meet with Angel and Gilly at a motel in Oakland. Angel jokingly congratulates EZ on his recent success with Gaby, claiming he's the reason for it. The rest of the club arrive. EZ gives some advice to Steve after Hank berates him, he tells him what being a prospect is really about and Steve seems happy enough.

The Mayans Oakland charter arrive to speak with Bishop and the Tucson charter. Oakland is the founding charter of the Mayans and Bishop wants the backing of Diaz, the president. Bishop gives a rousing speech to all the charters about returning the Mayans to their former glory. Diaz is interested and agrees to partner with Santo Padre and Tucson. He sends one of his Mayans to find Ramos.

Bishop sends EZ and Angel to see Creeper at the van and to ensure all the weapons are loaded for taking out Ramos and his crew. EZ calls Gaby and she asks him if he's been changing his bandages but she already knows he hasn't and he promises he will after he's done with club business. Angel speaks to EZ, worried that he's getting caught between two worlds but he assures him he's focused.

A van pulls up, filled with Stockton Mayans, Diaz had betrayed Santo Padre. An all out fight breaks out between Stockton, Oakland and Santo Padre. Through the sea of blood, sweat and black leather EZ spots Ramos sitting on his bike taunting the club, he and Angel double team some more Mayans before a gunshot rings out, Steve had shot one of the Stockton Mayans in the head, Oakland and Stockton flee as sirens are heard in the distance. Santo Padre mount their bikes to ride out but Creeper refuses to leave Pavia, the Tucson Vice President behind as he had been knocked unconscious during the brutal fight.

The rest of the club regroup as Bishop begins to panic. It seems that the other kings are winning majority over Bishop. EZ speaks up saying he has a plan.

Back at the motel the Mayans who didn't escape are being held by the cops. O'Grady informs the rest of the cops that he is going to take Ramos for questioning; an Oakland Mayan taunts Creeper and Pavia as they were in alliance with O'Grady and tells them they will be dead before morning. O'Grady and Ramos leave and Ramos tells O'Grady to uncuff him and pull over the car, O'Grady agrees and stops the car, Ramos is suddenly shot in the head offscreen, it is revealed to have been by EZ, who unloads a few additional rounds in to the dead king. Ramos was unaware that O'Grady was now in debt to Santo Padre after they spared him after his killing of Medina previously. EZ demands that Creeper and Pavia be kept safe for the night and set free tomorrow.

EZ returns to Gaby's that night for dinner and to meet her family. He sits expressionless at the table, deep in thought about how he is ever going to make it work with her with the life he lives. He changes his tune when Gaby sits next to him and kisses him on the cheek, he looks down at his hands to see his bloody and bruised knuckles and dread once again fills him.

"A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue"[]

EZ and Gaby are planning a dinner for the rest of the Reyes family. Gaby tells EZ that she has gotten a place at a nursing school in Lodi and he can't help but display his sadness. The four of them sit to eat as Angel arrives. EZ breaks the news of Gaby being accepted in to nursing school but things quickly turn sour as Angel erupts in an angry rant before storming out.

A meeting later takes place at the garage with the Tucson Mayans. They are unable to in to the Templo as Ibarra has had his patch stripped by Canche, the other remaining king. The group congratulate EZ on his play with O'Grady and the killing of Ramos and continue to plan to rid the club of Canche also.

EZ walks with Gaby over a train bridge, Gaby jokingly asks EZ about Emily and if he used to bring her to the bridge too. EZ tells Gaby not to let him stop her going to Lodi for school and apologises for Angel's behaviour. Gaby continues to say she doesn't want anything bad to happen to EZ ever again and he promises her.

Miguel visits Nestor to ask him if he had ever seen the Reyes brothers and Dita together, Nestor tells him he hasn't but Miguel knows the truth about what happened to his mother, he reveals that the cause of death for Dita was actually strangulation. Nestor admits the night he and Alvarez found Dita they also found motorbike tracks leading away from the scene but they covered them up and hid it from Miguel, not wanting to damage the cartel's relationship with the club.

EZ and Gaby walk through the streets of Santo Padre, Gaby enters a shop and EZ excuses himself to take a phone call from Bishop confirming the play on Canche, inside Gaby is harassed by two men accusing her of being an illegal immigrant, Gaby leaves insisting it's nothing and drags EZ away, he runs back in to the shop and begins to beat the two men, Gaby rushes up behind him but in his fit of rage he accidentally punches her. Outside three cops run in and EZ begins beating down on them too before he is restrained and arrested as a horrified and bloody Gaby looks on.

"The House of Death Floats By"[]

EZ works out in a jail cell while he has flashbacks to when he was beaten all those years ago in the same prison. He makes bail and exits the jail to find Angel waiting who apologises for his actions the previous day. Angel laments to EZ that he saw Luisa who told him that their son was dead before she disappeared once again, he follows up by telling him that Nails, his new girlfriend is also pregnant. EZ tells him he will be a great dad.

EZ visits Felipe to try and find Gaby at his shop, Felipe tells him that he sent her home due to her injuries. EZ explains to Felipe that Gaby is the one thing keeping him grounded in a life that's so out of control it feels like it's gonna swallow him up at any time.

Alvarez meets with Nestor and Miguel in the desert. Miguel explains that he knows the truth and that he wants Alvarez to absolve himself of the club by killing EZ.

EZ rides his bike to Gaby's house and she agrees to speak to him, he approaches her but she backs away from him. Gaby tearfully tells EZ that he is reminding her of her old life, constantly surrounded by violence and she vowed to never let darkness back in her life again; she continues by telling EZ she is going to Lodi and that she loves him; and if he truly loves her then he will allow her to leave.

EZ arrives at the garage for a Templo meeting but is quickly stopped by Steve. He tells him that he can't stop thinking about the Mayan he killed. EZ furiously tells him that this life is that they signed up for and it is who they are. Inside, the rest of the club are joined by Creeper and Ibarra who have returned. Bishop addresses the Mayans, telling them that Coco has been excommunicated for his obvious lack of interest in the club these recent months; and Steve, the prospect of only four months is to take his place and become a fully patched member. Celebration ensues as the club party and Angel announces his engagement to Nails. EZ is happy to see that Angel has given their mother's ring to Nails and assures him that she would be very proud.

The club sit around a table as Bishop shares a story, Steve sitting opposite EZ apologises to him, telling him he can't lock all the things he has seen away before shooting himself in the head.

The club sits sorrowfully as the coroner's arrive to remove Steve's body, EZ rides away and goes to Gaby's house again, he tells her that he chooses her over the club and wants to go with her to Lodi.

"Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write"[]

EZ sits in a car with Angel and Gilly, they are waiting outside a garage where Yuma Mayans are, inside the garage a Mayans associate arms a bomb, they are waiting for Canche. EZ checks his phone to see what time he is picking up Gaby, the rest of the club is still unaware he is leaving. Gilly asks EZ what Steve meant with his saying before he killed himself, EZ brushes it off, telling Gilly he doesn't know. More Yuma Mayans arrive with Canche in tow, but Canche has bought his son with him, the three argue about what they should do, Angel refuses to have any part in possibly killing a child but Gilly is all in. EZ decides to side with Gilly but goes down to the garage to make sure that the child isn't hurt in the ensuing explosion. EZ watches through the window until an optimum time before detonating the explosive. He is thrown to the floor before being rushed away by Angel and the three of them flee.

EZ, Gilly and Angel return to the garage to meet the rest of Santo Padre and the Tucson Mayans where it is announced that multiple Yuma Mayans were killed as well as the king himself, Canche's son was unharmed, as the rest of the club celebrate, EZ silently exits. EZ laments to Angel that everything bad that has happened to them is because of him and for that reason he has to leave with Gaby. He believes he is in too deep with the club to Angel and admits he would've killed Canche's son if it was for the club. Angel gives EZ his blessing to leave and says he will inform the club of his departure as they will try to get him to stay.

EZ packs his bags in his trailer, a very panicked Emily arrives, she begins to tell EZ she is in trouble before realising that EZ is leaving Santo Padre. Emily reminisces about her times with EZ. She tells him that she believes they were meant to be together. EZ is worried for her as he sees marks on Emily neck but she brushes it off before kissing him passionately and telling him to leave Santo Padre and be with Gaby.

Gaby visits Felipe to say goodbye, she tells Felipe that EZ is coming with her but she wants Felipe to hear it from EZ himself. Felipe tells Gaby that EZ cannot be saved and to be with him will only hurt her, EZ is broken beyond repair. Felipe tearfully tells Gaby that being with EZ will only cause her hurt and she needs to go alone.

EZ later arrives at Felipe's shop to tell him that he is leaving. Nestor and Alvarez are waiting outside to kill EZ. Inside the shop Felipe breaks the news to EZ that Gaby has left without him and that EZ needs to let her go; it soon dawns on EZ that Felipe is the reason she is gone. Sad and confused he leaves the shop and tries to call Gaby, she doesn't answer him and he mounts his bike and drives away, Nestor and Alvarez follow, chambering rounds as they do. They wait behind EZ at a stoplight and as the lights change, EZ drives away while Alvarez waits, he tells Nestor his loyalties lie with the Mayans as Nestor lifts the gun to his head and Alvarez too draws his weapon and aims it at Nestor.

EZ continues his ride to Gaby's house. He finds a note on the door for him and he reads it; "When summer returns and the roses bloom.” EZ leaves the note and rides away.

He returns to the garage and tells Angel that he now realises this is who he is and where he should be. EZ exits the clubhouse and sits outside; a gunshot rings out and a multiple molotov cocktails are thrown over the garage fence, the front gate is being rammed repeatedly by a truck. EZ slowly draws his gun and walks through the flames to the gate. On the other side we see a large crowd of other Mayans from many chapters and they all want Santo Padre blood.

Homicides Committed[]

  • Unnamed Police Officer - Accidentally shot in the chest. (8 years before Mayans MC)
  • Unnamed inmate - possibly stabbed to death (before the events of Mayans MC)
  • Lawrence Bowen - Shot to death. ("Cuervo/Tz'ikb'uul")
  • Unnamed Mexican criminal - Shot in chest ("Xbalanque")
  • Biggs - Strangled ("Xbalanque")
  • Marlon Buksar - Accidentally shot in the head ("Muluc")
  • Unnamed Vatos Malditos member - Shot in chest and arm, died later ("Tohil")
  • Dita Galindo - Strangled to death ("Hunahpu")
  • Unnamed woman - Shot in chest ("Hunahpu)
  • Oscar Ramos - Shot in the head
  • 7 Mayans Yuma chapter members - Killed in explosion



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