El Palo is the president of the Vatos Malditos Motorcycle Club, a Motorcycle Cub based in Tijuana, Mexico on Mayans MC.  He is first mentioned by one of the Vatos in the Season 2 episode of "Tohil" and makes his debut appearance in the episode, "Kukulkan".



Palo has been running Vatos Malditos for many years and knew Taza Romero, who was at that point patched into the club, back when he "...was young and dumb". However, Taza would soon sever his ties with the Vatos once Palo had the club begin engaging in human trafficking. This resulted in Palo feeling betrayed and holding a gudge against Taza. At some point in the past, Palo met and befriended Allesandro Montez, a member of the Sons of Anarchy

Murders CommittedEdit


  • El Palo means "the stick" in Spanish
  • Instead of a traditional patch that says "president"; Palo's says "El Unico", which translates to "the one". Similar to Marcus Alvarez's El Padrino patch.
    • El Palo also has this tattoed on his knuckles as well


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