Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy
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"Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write" is the tenth and final episode of Season 3 of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' thirtieth episode overall.


Bishop pulls the trigger on his plan to become the sole king.


As the bar girl cleans up Steve's blood from his suicide, Creeper asks why Steve would do it, knowing he was a full patch member and had everything going for him, then Hank angrily snaps at Creeper for not knowing why he would do it.

EZ goes into Felipe's butcher shop looking for Gaby and she is not there. Felipe telling him she left, EZ wondering what she said, then his emotions change and asks Felipe, "What did you say?" EZ rushes out to look for Gaby, Felipe says without EZ hearing him, "I'm Sorry Son." EZ rides off as Marcus and Nestor follows him. Alvarez lets EZ go, Nestor angry that he lets him go, Alvarez tells Nestor he knows where his loyalty lies being that he is still connected to the Mayans MC, Nestor pulls a gun out on Marcus and threatens to kill him and EZ. Marcus pulls out a gun and says to him if he wants to be Miguel's errand boy or his own man.

EZ arrives at Gaby's house with a note on her door. EZ realizing she is gone, starts to feel his world crashing down. Gaby is seen crying holding EZ's mother's necklace of St. Francis, her dad asks if she is ok, she responds yes.

Potter is seen with his wife and son. They are happy. When Potter comes back from the fresh market, he sees his family is nowhere to be found. Adelita shows up and Potter furious if Adelita hurts them, it shows that the knife she is holding is bloody, unknown if she killed Potter's wife and son. Potter tries to talk Adelita of killing him by saying her son is not dead. Adelita not believing him, he goes on to say that the other agent is not to believed a word she says, as it is what she told Adelita about Potter and to not believe what he says.

As Miguel awaits the arrival for Emily and Cristobal, the bodyguard tasked with protecting Emily has arrived at Miguel's house, he gives Miguel pills and her wedding ring, prompting Miguel to thinking she knows about Miguel trying to kill her and ending her marriage with Miguel.


J.D. Pardo: EZ Reyes

Michael Irby: Obispo "Bishop"

Edward James Olmos: Felipe Reyes

Temple Meetings[]

Ibarra: This transition's been fucked. But Bishop wants what we all want now: peace.

Diaz: And everything that's gone down?

Ibarra: We forgive each other's trespasses and move forward. (Diaz nods) Good. I'll let Bishop know. (starts to stand)

Diaz: You forgetting something? (pulls out Ibarra's kutte, he smiles, both stand and Ibarra turns around to have kutte placed on his back) Fuck your trespasses and fuck your king. (shoots in back of head)


7 unnamed Mayans Yuma chapter members - Killed in explosion detonated by EZ Reyes

Ibarra - Shot in the back of the head by Diaz

El Palo - Shot by Laura

"Pookie" (possibly) - May have been killed in explosion caused by Gilly

Isaac (possibly) - Shot in neck by Coco; status unknown

Unnamed woman - Shot by Gilly

Taza (possibly) - shot by Bishop

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