Sons of Anarchy
Sons of Anarchy
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"Camazotz" is the third episode of Season 2 of Mayans MC, a spinoff of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' thirteenth episode overall.


Mayans seek justice while Galindo's deal takes an unexpected turn south of the border.



Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Special Guest Star

Guest Stars


  • Melany Ochoa as Mini
  • Bryan Rubio as Ganso
  • Loki as Tuscon EP
  • Mike Beltran as Ibarra
  • Emiliano Torres as Dondo
  • Cameron Edward Gayden as Young EZ Age 4
  • Jacob Mendoza as Young Angel Age 6
  • Char Diaz as Ranch Girl
  • Time Winters as John
  • Moises Chavez as Young Rebel Man
  • Alondra Delgado as Young Rebel Woman


Temple Meetings[]

(watching video of corrupt officer killing Medina)

Bishop: When did this happen?

El Oso: Last night.

Bishop: This has to be answered.

Tranq: What do we know about the cops?

Dondo: Made a name for themselves on Narco. Some big bust. They go pretty much unchecked.

El Oso: Run their Vic Mackey bullshit up and down the north end.

Angel: And the girl?

El Oso: Her name is Hope. We watched her grow up. Poor kid was fucked before the water broke. Used to play in that park while her mom sucked dick for dime bags.

Dondo: Only clean time Hope's ever known was in Charming.

El Oso: Pollen and O'Grady know this shit will bury them. They saw Hope take off with the phone. Must have split when they heard your prospect.

Taza: So she came here. Sanctuary.

El Oso: Yeah, showed up early this morning. Fucking mess.

Angel: What's our play, jefe?

Bishop: It's gotta happen now so it lands on what they did. Can't be seen as random. Santo Padre will handle it.

Dondo: Medina was ours. Stockton has to take -

Bishop: You'll get the result. Just can't be part of the process.

El Oso: Stockton will need deniability. It's a cop, Dondo.

Bishop: Your crew, it's gotta stay visible. Public places. Be loud. Be seen.

Tranq: No cells. No traceable contact with us. It's best you don't know details.

Taza: We'll come at it the smartest way we can. Minimize blowback.

Bishop: Camazotz will be summoned. We agree. This cop meets los asesinos de dios.

Canche: Agreed.

El Oso: (spanish) (gavel bangs)


7 unnamed radicals - Shot to death by Federal Ministerial Police off-screen

Pollen's mother - Shot in head by Coco

Pollen - Shot to death by 10 Mayans members

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