The Cacuzza Crime Family is an Italian American Mafia family and organized crime syndicate on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Making their debut in the series' first season, they are one of SAMCRO’s most regular weapons customers. Playing a recurring role through the series' first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons, the current head of the family is Jimmy Cacuzza, and they are last seen in the series' seventh, and final, season.


Season 1Edit

The Cacuzza Crime Family has a meeting to buy guns from SAMCRO, who shows up late. Despite Jimmy’s patience and understanding, SAMCRO gives them the contents of a hijacked truck as a show of good faith.

Season 3Edit

To repair his relationship with the Lin Triad and get the guns he needs, SAMCRO President Clay Morrow is forced to hand the Cacuzza account over to the Triad, rationalizing that “Italians like small guns.”

Season 4Edit

When the majority of SAMCRO is incarcerated, the Family switches back to using them as their gun supplier.

Season 5Edit

Clay Morrow reaches out to Jimmy Cacuzza in order to find Frankie Diamonds. Cacuzza deduces that Frankie is in Reno, and receives money and a case of Glocks for his troubles. He later informs Clay that Frankie is holed up at Leo Pirelli’s fishing cabin at Lake Cascade.

Season 6Edit

The Family is undecided on their opinion of Clay Morrow taking over as their IRA gun distributor. They receive an offer from the Lin Triad to take over as their arms dealers again. Because Aldo, an older member of the family goes way back with Bohai Lin, the leader of the Triad, they agree to meet with both the Chinese and the Irish. However, Jimmy Cacuzza has no intention of going “with the chinks,” and is merely trying to negotiate a better deal from the Irish. Jimmy meets with Irish King Galen O'Shay and his lieutenant Connor Malone, and they bond over the firearms and their shared Catholicism. However, the meeting quickly sours when the Chinese arrive and Galen kills one and wounds Henry Lin. Jimmy is angered at the IRA’s show of force, but makes a deal with them.

Season 7Edit

The Cacuzza Crime Family has an “internal family problem” involving a rat named Tony, who is taken care of by SAMCRO member Happy Lowman, putting them under the Sons’ debt. Later, SAMCRO gets out of arms dealing altogether, transferring their business, including the Cacuzza Crime Family, to the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

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