The Byz Lats are a Latino street gang on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Formerly led by Nero Padilla, the Byz Lats make their debut in the series' fifth season.


In Season 5 and 6, the Byz Lats are closely affiliated to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, due to a new relationship struck between Nero and SAMCRO's President, Jax Teller.

In Season 7, the Byz Lats are no longer led by Nero, due to his leave. The Byz Lats are now led by Fiasco. The Mayans Stockton Charter have agreed to provide support to the gang by helping push back Dante and the 222s, in exchange for the Byz Lats to distribute their heroin.

Known MembersEdit


  • Fiasco
  • Hernando (shot during raid on Diosa, fate unknown. Assumed alive)
  • Peacock (assumed alive)


Trivia Edit

  • The Byz Lats previously played a major role in The Shield
  • Also they were in the TV show Gang Related in episode 9 in the beginning on a map of gang territory.
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