"We are forced to use methods of criminality to ensure our ongoing fight for independence. Nature of rebellion, means to an end. Sometimes men are tempted by money and power and they forget what end they're serving. Casper Darghty, Jimmy O', and now Connor Malone."
―Roarke, to SAMCRO about Connor, Jimmy, and Casper.[src]

Brendan Roarke was a member of The True IRA council in Belfast on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Bob McCracken, Brendan makes his debut on the episode "Fírinne" in the series' third season. Playing a recurring role through the series' third, fourth, sixth and seventh seasons, Brendan meets his demise in the series' finale episode, "Papa's Goods" in the series' seventh, and final, season.


Season 3Edit

He was first seen thanking SAMCRO for proving Jimmy O'Phelan to have gone rogue, they later propose developing the relationship between the Sons and True IRA even further.

Season 4Edit

Roarke later came to Charming with a few other members of the Kings, Declan Brogan and Galen O'Shay to negotiate a large gun deal with the Galindo Cartel personally. While Galen took charge of most of the negotiation, Roarke watched as the deal was put on hold after Clay Morrow had been shot since Galen refused to go through with the transaction without Clay.

Season 6Edit

After Jax had taken over as President of the charter, he had decided to start to pull the Sons out of the gun business during a meeting with Galen. The aftermath sparked a conflict that grew larger when Galen and another member, Connor Malone, viciously murdered Filthy Phil Russell and V-Lin. Jax retaliated by taking Connor and a few other Irish hostages and called the Kings, with Roarke leading the conference call. Jax laid out his plans to get out of guns and explained that the Irish could move their distribution to August Marks. Roarke and the other Kings told Jax that they didn't want to do business with August but that Jax should gather the club and they'd call him back.

Season 7Edit

After the Sons meet up with Connor, they go over to where Roarke is staying. Roarke informs the Sons that Connor sold guns without the permission of the IRA and that he needs the Sons to kill him because if Connor isn't marked as a traitor, he can't take him out himself. ("Red Rose")

After the Sons capture Connor, using Connor's right-hand, Hugh to their advantage, Roarke and two others show up to take out Connor. Before they are able, he asks about Declan, a member of the IRA that was sent to deliver Hugh to the Sons. Jax tells him that he's dead and before he has time to react, Jax shoots him in the head. ("Papa's Goods")


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