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"Black Widower" is the first episode of the seventh season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' eightieth episode overall.


Jax is freed from prison and makes revenge his top priority. Wendy leaves rehab early and discovers Juice is hiding from SAMCRO and laying low at her apartment.


In county lock-up, Jax repeatedly punches another inmate. At home, Gemma looks after his sons. On the road, T.O. Cross -- president of the Lodi charter of the Grim Bastards M.C. -- rides with the Sons. Wayne Unser pays a visit to Tara's grave. Inside, Jax carves into a helpless inmate with a shiv. Nero hangs out with the Mayans, including Marcus Alvarez. Lila welcomes a new roster of girls to a porn shoot.

Jax finishes carving in the now nearly dead inmate -- it's a swastika. He takes a couple teeth as a souvenir. Wayne picks Wendy up early from rehab (nine days instead of 90). She's worried about the boys. At the jail, Gemma and District Attorney Thyne Patterson show up to visit Jax. Thyne shares her sympathy over Tara and mentions that Jax won't talk about her murder. Gemma notes, with some bitterness, that Tara was the "woman he loved more than anything" and there's nothing for him to say. At chow time, Jax presents the inmate's teeth to Ron Tully (Marilyn Manson), third in line with the Aryan Brotherhood, saying he wants to clear the air between their clubs. Tully asks about the slaughter at Gerber ranch (which the SOA were responsible for), but Jax says he heard it was internal.

Jax notes that "brown" and "yellow" are pulling together on the streets and that once Tully gets to Stockton, hate aside, if he needs help, he should look to black. Tully says he might need a few things from Jax in the future, but after that they're good. Unser drops Wendy at home, suggesting she talk to Jax before she goes to see Gemma about the boys. Wendy walks into her apartment expecting to see the mess she left it, but instead she finds it neat and tidy with a fully stocked fridge and pantry. And then she finds Juice walking out of her shower.

In county, Thyne Patterson tells Jax they have nothing on Tara's death, and no one can find Juice. Patterson debates, then tells Jax she lost a son and nephew to gang violence. She didn't want any one arrested -- she wanted them all dead. She knows revenge is a natural part of grieving, and that it's a real possibility for Jax. She tells Jax they have nothing to hold him on and are letting him go. Then she shares that she's never told anyone about her personal life before, but was hoping to reach a man who did the right thing 10 days ago (when he was planning to turn himself in).

At Wendy's, Juice (who is growing out his hair over his tattoos) explains that Gemma let him stay there because he's hiding from the club. Jax will kill him. Wendy agrees to let him stay until it's dark, and agrees not to say anything when she goes to visit Jax. On the ride home with Gemma, Jax asks her if anybody has seen Juice. She doesn't know why he's on the run, and thinks it's about the club. Gemma says Tara's service was quiet, and that Abel only knows his mommy's in heaven.

Jax takes his mom's hand and thanks her for everything she's doing, saying he loves her. The Sons and Bastards pull up to Niners to ask who ran two Bastards off the road in an Impala. Chibs gets a call that Jax is out and decides to move things along, pulling his gun and shooting one of the black gang members in the knee. When the gang leader Flynn, who is in a wheelchair because he's a double amputee, refuses to talk, the Sons grab nearby playground chains and attach them to his chair, dragging him down the road behind Bobby's bike.

Gemma drops Jax off at Scoops but sees Wendy pulling up as she's driving off. She warns Wendy off talking to Jax today. Wendy coolly blackmails Gemma by mentioning her letting Juice stay in her place. Wendy finds such charity "way out of character," but Gemma says "there's been enough death." They both see Jax hugging the boys down the block. Chibs is ready to run Wendy off, but Jax goes to talk to her, with Gemma overseeing. Gemma steps in, telling Jax she called Wendy for help with the boys. Jax hears Wendy out and agrees to let her help with the boys.

The Mayans discuss using the Stockton port instead of the road to move their product and Nero mentions they'll have to clear it with Charles Barosky (Peter Weller). They get word that Jax is out and Nero volunteers to go feel him out. Alvarez says some of the guys are concerned about Nero's loyalties because of his ties to Gemma and the club, but he smoothly dodges the concern.

Around the table, Bobby recaps that Connor and the Irish are working with the Niners, and the Italians are in their debt because they took care of an internal issue for Cacuzza -- Happy reveals another smiley face tattoo, marking a kill. They tell Jax about some Bastard prospects being run off the road and "dragging it out" of Flynn that the driver was a hood rat hooked up with an OG named DuLane.

They're starting to rebuild the clubhouse and porn studio is reopening soon as Red Woody Inc. Then Jax addresses the club, saying moving the club away from the "outlaw shit" was a mistake, the same mistake his father made. "I already lost the woman I love, I'm not going to lose my club," he says. He wants to make sure that no one at the table has doubts, and that everyone would kill or die for the man next to him. Bobby looks uneasy, but nobody objects.

Gemma drops by Wendy's to see Juice and warns him to leave soon because Jax is out. He can't get his cash from the weed shop because the Tacoma charter is sitting on it. She tells him to go to Idaho or Montana, somewhere there isn't a charter, and she'll send him his money.

Juice asks her how she was able to talk to Jax. She says she's not a psychopath and knows what she did was awful, but she acted on the truth she had at the time, to protect the club. She tells Juice that if Jax finds out, the boys will lose a grandmother and the only influence of a strong woman they have, she's keeping things from Jax to keep the family together -- that's how she's able to talk with him. She doesn't know why Jax wants Juice dead, and doesn't want to know, but says she's helping him because he helped her. She tells him to keep it together a few more days.

At the ice cream shop, Chuckie can't help but tell a waiting Nero that Gemma misses him. Jax is wary when he sees Nero but agrees to talk. Nero says he's been sitting down with the Chinese and Mayans and both Lin and Alvarez extend their condolences and had nothing to do with Tara's death. Jax suggests that until things clear up, he'll handle Diosa and Nero can handle Collette's place in Stockton. Jax is eager to sit down with Lin and Alvarez and Nero agrees to set it up.

Patterson goes to see Unser at the garage. She asks him to bring the new Charming sheriff Althea Jarry up to speed on the local clubs. She spent six years with the gang task force in Oakland, but doesn't know Charming. Unser demurs, but seems open to it.

Jax sits down with Lin, Alvarez and Nero. Jax says he was so focused on moving the club away from the IRA that he didn't consider the blowback of giving the gun trade to August Marks, which he says was a mistake. Jax says he's in a relationship with Barosky at the port and could help if they have issues with him. He also tells Lin he could put him in touch with Connor's Irish guns.

Jax invites them to a welcome home party for him tonight at the porn warehouse on the dock, so they can informally meet Connor. Lin mentions the last time his family was in a warehouse with the Irish, none of them came out alive. Jax insists that was because Lin's uncle Bo Hai came at them, and the Sons had nothing to do with it. Jax assures him his family will be there and nothing will go down. Jax assures him no Niners will be there. When Nero agrees that his escorts will provide "snacks," Lin agrees. They all shake hands.

When the meeting breaks, Jax tells Chibs to get the party set up. Chibs reports T.O. has located the Impala in Niner territory. Jax wants to go lend support, saying they might need the Bastards help tonight. In Niner territory, they see the Impala parked next to a fancy Range Rover, which seems out of place in the hood. Some think it could be a trap set by DuLane, but Jax is ready to go.

They grab guns and go inside, where it seems empty except for baby making music in the bedroom. They bust open the door and find a threeway underway with two men and a woman, being filmed on a cell phone by a man in women's underwear. The Sons kill them all, then check wallets -- the men are all pastors. Not the ones they were looking for. When Jax sees the videographer is still alive, he coolly shoots him in the head and shrugs off the whole mix-up.

The Range Rover is registered to the church, which has a lot of money. Jax gives orders for disposal of the bodies. T.O. pulls Jax aside and tells him he's not sure he can hold his club together much longer. Jax assures him they'll get the guy who came after his guys, then asks for his favor. Nero drops by the porn warehouse to see Gemma and explains he's just trying to keep people alive. He's optimistic. He takes her hand and tells her he loves her. He tells her one day at a time, but she tells him she hates that and kisses him as Chuckie and the girls giggle.

Wendy comes home with groceries for Juice, saying she's going to stay with Gemma for a few days. She leaves him her car keys in case he has to leave in a hurry. Unser arrives to pick up Wendy and Juice hides in the back. Unser finds it a little odd she's not taking her bag of groceries -- leaving orange juice on the counter - and notices a knapsack in the closet, but says nothing.

At the porn warehouse homecoming, Jax and Chibs try to sell Connor on working with the Chinese. (August Marks is out of town, but Jax promises to bring him up to speed.) Connor and Lin say a pleasant enough hello as Gemma watches. Later that night, Unser uses his key to go back to Wendy's apartment. He goes straight to the knapsack in the closet and finds Juice's cut. Juice greets him with a gun to the head.

Gemma notices one of Lin's guys sitting alone, not taking advantage of all the free porn star action. Gemma evaluates him as he says he's on duty, casually asking if he has any family. She leaves him a bottle, telling him to enjoy himself. She catches Jax's eye and Jax calls in his favor from T.O., telling T.O. to grab him when he leaves and deliver him to an address. When T.O. asks for information, Jax brings Gemma over. She spins a choked up story about driving by Jax's place the night Tara was killed and seeing a man leaving, getting into a Mercedes. She says she got a good look at him, and it's the man at the bar. "Chinese killed Tara," Jax says.

As the party winds down (over a montage set to a slow dirge remake of "Bohemian Rhapsody"), Rat slow dances with a young woman who's had his eye on him -- Brooke, the girl we first met throwing a wrench through the ice cream shop window (and whose mother died in the same accident that killed JT).

Bobby relays word to Jax at the Bastards delivered.

Wendy takes care of Thomas at Gemma's and welcomes Nero when he stops by to see Gemma, who isn't home yet.

Doing dishes in the dark, Gemma talks to Tara, telling her she was surprised by Wendy's offer of help, but trusts her for now.

Jax, Chibs, Tig, Happy and Bobby come by and we see the innocent Chinese man tied to a chair and gagged. Jax promises him he'll feel the same pain Tara did. The man tries to protest, but can't get a word out. Jax takes a hammer out of a drawer, then a wrench. Bobby looks uneasy. Jax grabs a can of salt.

Out in the woods somewhere, Montez and the other new Sons bury the pastors in a pit.

Juice sits in the dark with his gun -- and Unser, who is bound and gagged.

Wendy gives Thomas a bottle.

Nero goes to Gemma, who breaks down at his touch. Not really understanding, he assures her it's going to be fine.

Jax works on the Chinese man, rubbing big handfuls of salt in his chest wounds as the club watches. Then he finally grabs the carving fork, and tells the man they're almost finished.

Jax walks behind his victim, then jams the fork deep into his head.


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Church Meetings[]

Jax: I didn't think I'd be in this chair again. Thank you for helping Gemma handle everything. Taking care of my family.
Bobby: Of course, brother.
Chibs: Anything you need, Jackie.
Jax: Our alliances. We locking them down?
Bobby: Yep. Irish was setting up with black. Connor's here to handle the transition. And we took care of an internal family problem for Cacuzza, so Italians are in our debt.
Happy: (lifts shirt, revealing new happy face tattoo) No muss, no fuss, no Tony.
Jax: Nice. And the Grim Bastards?
Chibs: That's where we were when Rat called. Few days ago, Darker Dan and a couple of prospects got run down in Lockwood Gardens. Dan bled out, prospects are barely hanging in. Bastards found out its one of Flint's crew.
Jax: Is he still East Dub?
Tig: Oh, yeah. He gave up the owner of the car, though. Well, kind of dragged it out of him. (Quinn laughs) It's an '82 Impala. Belongs to this hood rat who hooked up with an O.G. named DuLain.
Chibs: Grim Bastards are good. Fence mended.
Bobby: How'd it go with the AB?
Jax: Took almost a week to get a sit-down with Tully.
Montez: That guy's a super freak, man.
West: A freak with clout. He's number 3 in the Brotherhood, now.
Bobby: Yeah, and once he gets to Stockton, he's gonna be calling the shots from Fresno to Portland.
Jax: Yeah. He didn't give much, but I think I cleaned it up. He may want a favor or two in the future, but for now, I think we're okay with white. What about business? Where we at with that?
Bobby: Garage is solid. Diosa's picking up.
Tig: We got the okay to demo the clubhouse. We're fielding some bids on the rebuilds now.
Jax: Good.
Quinn: Porn studio's almost ready, brother. Lyla's tracking down all the Caracara girls.
Bobby: And the new name cleared. Red Woody Incorporated is now open for business. (everyone laughs)
Jax: I never really wanted this chair. I guess some part of me knew it would happen, but I always dreaded the weight of it. The responsibility. Truth is, I can barely make the right choices for myself. I've been trying to take this club in a direction I thought made sense. To move us away from all the outlaw shit. That hasn't worked. I think some part of me was trying to buy back all the bad shit I've done. The people I've hurt. That's a false pardon. It's dangerous, and it's selfish. J.T. did the same thing. And those choices took away everything from my old man. His family and his patch. I already lost the woman I love. I'm not gonna lose my club. For me to move forward with all the things we now have to do, I need to know this table has no doubts. No mistrust. That every single one of you would kill or die for the man next to him, and if you don't feel that way, now's the time to speak up. (silence)
Chibs: We're all in, brother. We love you. We trust you. Tell us what you need.