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"This is crazy, man. This guy's a goddamn tweaker."
―Benny, after being accused of his many crimes[src]

Benny was the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Sons of Anarchy MC Tucson, Arizona Charter on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by El Salvadorian actor Rolando Molina, Benny was excommunicated for a number of crimes against the club and his fellow members, and appears only on the episode "Una Venta" in the series' fourth season.



Benny had four children. Along with SAMTAZ Vice President Huff, he set up a deal with a local skinhead gang to sell their meth behind the club’s back. When Little Paul confronted them about this, they killed him and pinned his murder on Mexican gangbangers. After Reggie left the club, they brought the meth deal to the table and voted it in legitimately.

Season 4Edit

"Una Venta"Edit

Benny accompanies the rest of SAMTAZ to the Mexican border for a meeting with SAMCRO, who recruits them to provide protection for a Galindo Cartel cocaine shipment. The mother charter is unaware of their meth dealing, so Benny roughs up a trucker who owes them money when he runs across them.

Benny and the other SAMTAZ members serve as extra muscle at the meeting between SAMCRO and the Galindo Cartel. They blow up a grease truck to escape the authorities. His crimes catch up with him when SAMCRO President Clay Morrow brings the truth before the rest of SAMTAZ, and Benny and Huff are excommunicated. ("Una Venta")

Homocides CommittedEdit


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