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Beatrice is a Crow Eater who hangs around the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Lincoln, Oregon charter (SAMLIN) in Sons of Anarchy:The Prospect, a mobile gaming experience created to complement the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Voiced by American actress Adrienne Wilkenson, Bea makes her debut in the game's first episode, "Into the Breach".



Beatrice is a crow eater and former pilot.

Episode 1:Into the BreachEdit

Beatrice was sent to Clint Lancet's house by Tig Trager to perform sexual acts on Clint as thanks for his fixing the carburetor on Tig's bike. She walks in while Clint was watching a porn flick named "Oil Doctor 3". She comments on the second being better but tells Clint there is nothing wrong with watching. A former pilot, she receives a back run from Clint, an airplane mechanic, while the two discuss plans to open up their own airline up north. Brock McIntyre shows up and demands the $800 for rent, telling Clint he now wants $1000. He tells Clint he would take the $800 but only if he is allowed a half-hour with Beatrice.

Clint and Brock fight in the yard before Brock leaves. Beatrice receives a call from Clint's brother Duke, who tells her not to return to the clubhouse until they call, as something was going down. She convinces Clint to drive to the clubhouse, taking Clint's only source of transportation - a dirt bike. They escape the law by taking a logging route, and finally make it to the clubhouse. Jackoff, a prospect, lets them in but is shot by a member of the Mayans, who have infiltrated the clubhouse.

Beatrice gives Clint the gun she retrieved from Jackoff, and Clint leaves Beatrice to pursue the Mayans who were shooting at them. Clint finds and kills the Mayan as his brother Duke watches.

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