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"This boy's going to blow his brains out before his balls completely drop. Not 'cause of me, or his dead mama, but because of you. The awful thing that turned out to be his father."
―Alice, to Venus Van Dam

Alice Noone was a child molester and former worker for the Byz Lats on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actress Adrienne Barbeau, Alice was the mother of Venus Van Dam, was a minor antagonist in the series' sixth season, and met her demise during her only appearance, in the Season 6 episode "Sweet and Vaded".



According to Venus Alice use to work as a "street performer" for Nero and was one of his best. When she had Vincent she didn't pay much attention to him and focus more on her work. When Vincent came out as a transgender at age 10 she get him drunk to "straighten him out" and started sexually abused him and used him to start a child porn business masked as a portrait studio call "Happy Carousel". When Venus was 15, Alice was sent to the North Cali Women's facility for an "extended holiday" and Nero took Venus in.

Season 6Edit

Eventually, Alice became the legal guardian of her teenage grandson, Joey after his mother died. Venus, Joey's father, attempted to reason with her but her current boyfriend gave her a black eye. Venus attempted to go to Nero for help but was jailed at the time and when to Gemma and SAMCRO for help. She told them about years of child sexual exploitation done to her and her fear the same for Joey.

When confronted she flees with Joey to her studio and plans to use Joey in her films. When confronted by Venus and SAMCRO again Alice begins to rant how telling them no matter how much Venus says she loves Joey it won't matter. Because when he founds out what Venus is he's going to hate her and the life and lies forced on him and will kill himself and it be because of his father. Her words hit close to home for Jax Teller who was so disgusted and enraged by Alice that he shot her in the head. ("Sweet and Vaded"). Videos of child porn were discovered with her in it and Barosky agreed that Alice had to die.

Charles Barosky had her corpse disposed of, later informing Jax it was "chopped, burned, and buried." ("Los Fantasmas")


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