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"Albification" is the first episode of the second season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' fourteenth episode overall.


With the club divided in the wake of Donna's death, Clay sets up a new gun deal with the IRA. Meanwhile, a white separatist group takes root in Charming and threatens more than just Samcro's control over Charming. The L.O.A.N gang kidnaps and rapes Gemma and tells her to stop Samcro from selling guns to blacks and other non-white gangs.


Jax and the boys test out some new automatic weapons, showing some piles of plywood who's boss. Last season's newly minted widower and alleged traitor, Opie, rides alone. Tara the doctor operates on someone. Bobby sits in jail. Piney drops his grandkids (Opie's kids), off at school. Gemma carries Jax's son around the hospital and sees Chief Unser praying in the chapel there.

The Irishmen check on the Sons to see if they have a deal for the weapons. They want the Sons to run the guns, which Clay says isn't their business, they usually buy wholesale, assemble and retail. The Irish want them to load, ship and store for less than they usually take. The Sons discuss, noting they're under pressure, being watched by the ATF still. Jax negotiates, telling the Irish they'll do it using the Irish's facility to avoid scrutiny. And he wants a bigger cut. The Irish agree and Jax sells it to the guys as a temporary fix. Clay calls a vote and they agree.

In lockup, Agent Stahl (Ally Walker) hands Bobby his release papers. His case was tossed three weeks ago when the witness against him disappeared (in the season finale) and they held him hoping the case would be reinstated. It wasn't.

Opie's supposed to be back today, Clay wants to sit and figure out what they're doing. Tig pulls Clay aside, saying Opie's going to want payback for his wife Donna's death (which was an accident when Clay and Tig were trying to kill Opie). Both Jax and Opie's dad Piney know it wasn't the Niners, the gang Clay and Tig tried to implicate in Donna's death. Tig is worried. Clay tells him to call Trammel for some police intel.

Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and his lieutenant AJ Weston (Henry Rollins) meet in a diner with Jacob Hale, Jr., older brother to Deputy Chief David Hale. They talk about wrestling Charming from SAMCRO. David Hale joins them. Ethan owns cigar shops and is planning on opening one in Charming, but they want to know they've got support. Hale guesses this isn't about cigars. They're the League of American Nationalists. Hale asks how many black and Latino businessmen there are in their group. Ethan matter-of-factly tells him: none. Hale calls them white hate. Ethan says they're separatists, not supremacists. David Hale isn't happy to meet them. Ethan says they're at his disposal if they need him. Hale leaves.

Outside, Jacob tries to convince his brother that LOAN has the same goal they do, to take back Charming from SAMCRO.

Jax pulls up to Opie's house. He's back from his walkabout. He found an old bike frame and plans to restore it to keep him busy. Jax catches him up on the deal with the Irish. Opie isn't ready to see his kids yet. Opie's mom tells Jax to take care of him.

Dr. Tara reports back to Gemma that baby Abel is doing perfectly after his heart surgery. Gemma manages not to act like she hates her.

Jax visits Hale, suggesting they keep their suspicions about Clay being behind Donna's death to themselves because it's not going to help Opie. Hale agrees. But he tells Jax that Unser is in bad shape and shouldn't be on the job. He wants the club to let him step down. Jax says he'll do what he can.

Gemma finds Unser outside the hospital. He says his cancer is contained to his bladder. Gemma sits down to wait with him and lights up a joint. She offers Unser a toke, and he accepts the "medicine."

Weston visits Ernest Darby, white supremacist. They're working on a deal but Darby isn't on board yet. Weston gives him a pep talk, explaining that he just pulled his son out of t-ball because he found out they're giving trophies to every boy on every team. He say it's dangerous to teach people that everyone is equal. Weston hands Darby $5,000 to get him operational in Charming, dealing crank and women. He can call their Aryan brothers for muscle if needed.

Opie returns to the club, where Clay greets him with a big bear hug. Privately, Jax tells Piney that he talked to Hale. He reiterates that keeping things between them is the best thing for now. Piney says that Clay tried to kill his son and he's depending on Jax to make that right. Jax says for now it's about keeping Opie safe. and not taking away the only family he has.

At the club meeting, Clay tells Opie that the club is upset about Donna, but now they have to deal with the fact that someone was trying to kill him. Tig, who actually shot her, says that no one saw who did it, but they heard it was someone brown, which would be the Mayans. Jax says he believed the Niners when they said they didn't do it. Clay and Tig continue laying out their trumped up evidence against the Mayans, including faked fingerprints from Trammel tying a Mayan to the murder. Opie says he wants to be the one to off the killer.

Everyone but Jax and Clay leaves. "We both know this is b.s.," Jax tells him. "Whoever you put this murder on, just be sure he deserves to die," he says. "Because the guy who killed Donna is out there sharing a beer with her husband." Clay warns him, but Jax isn't fazed.

Opie and Jax watch the Mayans they're pinning Donna's death on, on the say so of a guy named Alvarez who just got out of prison for manslaughter. They follow him with Tig and Chibs in a van behind. They flip his bike and chase after him. Finally the four of them catch the guy.

Gemma brings Abel to the club.She asks how things went with Opie. He tells her Jax is on board with it being the Mayans. She mentions that she hired Neeta (Cleo King) to help with the baby.

Opie takes the gag off the Mayan and tries to get him to confess to killing Donna. Since he has no idea what they're talking about, he doesn't. Jax pulls Opie aside, telling him drawing it out makes it more dangerous. But Opie says he can't have any doubt. While Opie is out of sight, Tig cuts Alvarez's restraints and puts a gun to his face. He shoots him in the jaw. Opie comes back. Jax says there's no doubt, that guy killed Donna. Opie shoots him, killing him. He cuts open the Mayan's shirt, then cuts him open, marking an Anarchy "A" on his chest. Jax says he'll dump the body.

Tara calls Jax as he stands over the mutilated corpse. They make plans for later.

Half-Sack walks in on Gemma and Clay doing it in Jax's bedroom at the club. After he leaves, Clay tells Gemma again that he'd be lost without her.

Jax shoots the carved A off the dead man's chest and rolls him up in a tarp.

Tig reports back to Clay that things were dealt with.

At Bobby's welcome back party, Piney tells his son to go spend time with his kids. Zobelle and Weston pull up. Zobelle hands Clay a box of cigars, and a business card. Zobelle tells him they think they should stop dealing arms to the Niners and the Mayans. Clay laughs in their face. With his expensive car and suit, Clay finds Zobelle an odd specimen. Tig pulls out his gun, but Zobelle asks him by name if he's going to kill him in front of all the witnesses. Clay tells him no one threatens SAMCRO and suggests they leave. Zobelle says his shop opens in a few weeks. As they leave, Weston apologizes to Gemma, calling her "ma'am."

Jax finishes laying out the body.

Bobby pulls up to his party with Agent Stahl. She drops him off and leaves.

Gemma feeds Abel his bottle at Jax's and Tara drops by. Out of nowhere, Gemma asks her if she's on the pill. She's got that look. Tara asks Gemma where she is on the issue of her and Jax. Tara doesn't care, but Jax does. Gemma says her advice is total disclosure. She says Tara's too smart to live "in the vague." Tara's not sure she wants to know. Gemma tells her you love the man, you learn to love the club. If you can do that, there's no truth you can't handle, Gemma says. She kisses a shocked Tara on the cheek.

Jax joins the party.

Driving home, Gemma is stopped at a stoplight when a woman screeches up behind her in a minivan. At first, Gemma reaches for her gun, but she leaves it in the car when the woman says her baby swallowed something. When Gemma reaches the van she sees it's a fake baby and the woman knocks her out with a blow to the head.

Jax comes home to find Tara waiting for him. He left the party early. She asks him what's wrong. He says he's tired and goes to take a shower.

Tara picks up his clothes and finds his bloody gloves. She says if she's going to stay she needs to know the truth. He tells her he helped Opie kill a man today, retaliation for Donna. Tara stares at him. He says he's going to bed.

Gemma wakes up, with her hands cuffed over her to a cage. Three masked figures approach her. At home, finally, Opie checks in on his sleeping kids. Gemma yells at the masked men, kicking one in the groin, and face, and fighting as they rip off her pants. Tara looks at Jax in bed, then joins him. At the party, Clay smokes one of Zobelle's cigars. Tig tells him they're going to come out the other side of this. One of the men raping Gemma stops long enough to call her "ma'am" and tell her to tell her husband to stop selling guns to minorities, or they'll find her and do it to her again. She notices a red tattoo on one man's neck (who seems to be Weston), before she passes out as he attacks her again.


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Notable QuotesEdit

Jax: Looks like Trammel earned his pay.
Clay: You got something you need to say?
Jax: We both know this is bullshit. The only reason I don't set fire to it is because I love Opie and the truth would kill him.
Clay: We all love Opie. He needs this and we're going to give it to him.
Jax: Whoever you put this murder on just make sure they deserve to die because the guy that killed Donna is out there sharing a beer with her husband.
Clay: You better be real careful how you navigate around this one.
Jax: Or what? You gonna put a bullet in the back of my head too?

Clay to Zobelle: Look, I don't know what Darby told you, and I don't know what your angle is. But let me be real clear. Nobody threatens SAMCRO and nobody tells us what we can and can't do; black, brown, or white. So why don't you just climb back into your little German clown car and drive back to Nazi town because the next time you piss all over my shoes it will kill you. And I don't give a shit how many witnesses there are.

Piney: You should go home. See your kids. (Opie doesn't respond) You know, I don't give a s*** how bad you feel. You need to pull your sad little head out of your a** and go be a father. I'm tired of carrying your damn water, boy. It's ain't your fault, and it sure as hell ain't theirs.
Opie: Love you too, Pop.


  • The masks worn by the assailants at the end are of Michael Myers (Halloween, 1978), which is really a mask of William Shatner as Captain Kirk from Star Trek.
    • Coincidentally, Adam Arkin portrayed Will Brennan in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.
  • Albification is the process of making something white.

Church meetings Edit

Clay: (to Opie)-I haven't been able to say this yet on a club level. We're all broken up about what happened to Donna. She was... a great girl. I know how much you loved her. She sure loved you. I'm sorry.

Opie: Thanks.

Clay: Yeah. Now we gotta deal with the underbelly of this. Those bullets that killed her, they were meant for you. We gotta settle that.

Opie: Had to be the Niners. Unser said it was a gangsta SUV, black guy driving.

Tig: No one saw who was driving, Ope. No one. We're pretty sure the guy was not black.

Clay: He was brown.

Opie: Mayans? How do you know?

Chibs: Jax and Piney talked with Laroy, so we know it wasn't the Niners.

Piney: That's right. As far as Laroy's concerned, the uh, Niners and the SOA are good.

Opie: And you believed him?

Jax: Yeah. We did. I know the truth when I hear it.

Tig: It's gotta be Alvarez. He thinks we set him up, we took his money and then left him behind to get shredded by the Niners.

Clay: I had Trammel look into it. Black Range Rover got jacked outside a bar in Alameda that same night. Turns up two days later, few miles down the road from the Mayan clubhouse in Hayward. MAC 10 casings on the floor, same kinda gun killed Donna.

Tig: There was prints on the dash. Before the end of the day, we are gonna know who was driving.

Clay: I uh, convinced Trammel to let us handle the arrest.

Opie: I'm the one who kills him.

Clay: Agreed. You, Tig and Chibs.

Jax: And me.

Opie: Yeah, I want Jax.

Clay: Alright. (hits gavel)


Featured MusicEdit

  • Anvil - "Slip Kid"
  • The Hangmen - "The Devil"
  • Michael Sakler-Berner - "The World Is Spinnin' on Its Side Today"
  • Black Mountain - "Wucan"
  • Year Long Disaster - "Leda Atomica"
  • Monster Magnet - "Radiation Day"
  • Imperial Crowns - "Lil' Death"
  • The Toadies - "Nothing to Cry About"
  • Maylene and the Sons of the Disaster - "Step Up (I'm on It)
  • Blonde Acid Cult (aka Calypsony) - "Mad for You"
  • Five Horse Johnson - "Fly Back Home"
  • Lions - "Girl from the North Country"
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