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Adam "Greensleeves" Greenblatt was a pimp on the FX original series Sons of Anarchy. Played by American actor Christopher Backus, Adam meets his demise during his only appearance, on the episode "Greensleeves" in the series' seventh, and final, season.



Season 7Edit


Jax, Chibs and Nero are looking for Adam because they know he has the dead priest's phone, which they need. The first time they find him, he manages to escape on his truck, hitting Jax's bike. Jax and Chibs find him at his house with a drugged prostitute. Adam threats with killing her but he's shot in the shoulder. After that, he gives the phone to Jax and is later killed by him, after being impaled on a shard of glass.

Family TreeEdit

Adam Greenblatt


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"Smoke 'em if You Got 'em" "Greensleeves" "The Separation of Crows" "What a Piece of Work is Man" "Faith and Despondency"
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