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"AK-51" is the sixth episode of the first season of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy, and the series' sixth episode overall.


A small favor for Piney's old war buddy turns into a big problem for SAMCRO. With Clay detained, Jax must step-up to handle the situation.


As a favor to his old war buddy Nate Meineke, Piney sells a number of AK-47 assault rifles to his right-wing militia. He heads out to the woods with Jax to meet Meineke and his son, Russell Meineke. After briefly testing the weapons out on targets, the revolutionaries buy the guns and head off. The militia then use the guns to ambush a prison convoy and free one of their members, Frank Cison. A shoot-out ensues and a police officer and two innocent bystanders are killed. While fleeing, Meineke drops his cell phone at the scene. Agent June Stahl later arrives at the scene and finds the phone while investigating. She discovers that the phone's last phone call was to Clay Morrow.

At the clubhouse the following day, SAMCRO hears the news. Juice returns from Indian Hills with the guns, and Cherry, in his truck. Clay tells Juice off for bringing Cherry to town, as he doesn't want a woman that he recently slept with near his wife. However, Juice tells him that she only wants to see Half-Sack. Gemma sees Clay's angry reaction to Cherry and realizes that he must have slept with her while on the road. She then confronts him in the Teller-Morrow Automotive, saying "what happens on a run stays on a run. It does not show up and slap me in the goddamn face!".


Gemma discovers

Shortly after, law enforcement raid the club, arrest Clay and take him to the local police station for questioning on suspicion of aiding and abetting in a triple homicide. There, Stahl tells him that she knows that SAMCRO supplied the guns used in the murders and will soon have a warrant to search the club's garage, where weapons are being stored. Back at the clubhouse, Piney admits that he made a mistake in selling the guns, and he only did it because Meineke is a friend. Jax knows that the ATF will be back with a search warrant and tells the others that they will have to get rid of the guns from the garage.

Later, Meineke contacts Piney again and sets up a meeting at their survivalist hideout in the woods. The Sons agree that they will have to kill the militia to stop them from informing on SAMCRO if they are apprehended.

Kohn looking at Abel

The meeting is set up for the following day. In the meantime, SAMCRO have a more immediate problem. With a search of their property imminent, the Sons must get the remaining guns to the One-Niners as soon as possible, without the ATF agents noticing. Jax spots a septic truck on the garage forecourt which he knows could provide the perfect cover. They load the septic tank up with the guns and drive it away without the watching ATF agents noticing its contents. When the ATF agents arrive to search the garage, they find nothing. However, the Sons' celebrations are short-lived when they learn that Laroy no longer wants to buy the guns.

ATF raids the club

Clay is released from custody as there is no evidence against him. When Gemma goes to meet him outside the police station, she sees Cherry. In a fit of rage, she takes a teenager's skateboard and hits Cherry in the face with it.


Gemma hits Cherry with a skateboard

The following morning, Jax, Piney and Opie set out to meet Nate in Woodbridge Forrest. Meineke tells them that he and his men are fleeing to Mexico and wants to buy more guns from SAMCRO. The Sons sell them bags of grain, supposedly containing the rifles but actually filled with explosives. Piney offers that they cut open a bag and have a look, but in a vow of trust Nate responds that there is no need, they then load the bags into their trucks. Once the deal is done, Piney hugs Nate one last time. As they drive away, Opie detonates the bombs, killing all of the militia.


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Notable QuotesEdit

John Teller: The older I get, the more I realize that age doesn't bring wisdom. It only brings weary. I'm not any smarter than I was 30 years ago. I've just grown too tired to juggle the lies and hide the fears. Self-awareness doesn't reveal my indiscretions; exhaustion does.

Clay: What the hell did you do?
Gemma: Same thing you did. Nailed some little tart from Nevada.
Clay: Like I don't have enough shit oozing out of my ears. You gotta go and do this.
Gemma: You should've thought of that before your dick went on a cheerleader hunt.
Clay: Hey! I didn't tell her to come here.
Gemma: But she's here!
Clay: Well, it's not my fault!
Gemma: And it's not my pussy.
Stahl: And that's why I'm single.

Gemma: You so much as flash a pretty grin at him-I will jam my fist so far up your bony ass, your cup size will double.
Cherry: Is that how your rack got to be that size?

Church meetings Edit

Clay: Who did McKeevy see up north?

Chibs: Few gun brokers, some Irish expats and fat, black hookers.

Jax: Where is he now?

Chibs: He's greasing the palms of port authority contacts. Alright, we got a week, maybe 10 days. Then he wants his 200K.

Clay: We're working on it.

Chibs: Clay, he made it very clear. We gotta have the money up front for the IRA to keep 'em flush. Otherwise, he'll sell to the Russians, and we lose the Irish pipeline to our guns.

Bobby: Laroy's gonna take the 3 dozen AK's off our hands.

Clay: Yeah. At a deep discount.

Jax: Well it's either that or spend a month finding a better buyer. At least this way, he puts 50 grand in our pockets now. Plus the 10 I got this morning and the Chinese money. Gets us more than half-way there.

Half-Sack: Clay? You better get out here.


Featured MusicEdit

  • Sharon Little - "Follow That Sound"
  • Chris Thompson - "One Man Mission"
  • Beautiful Creatures - "Anyone"
  • Neon Horse - "Cuckoo"
  • Warlocks - "Zombie Like Lovers"
  • Bob Neuwirth - "The First Time"
  • Black Keys - "Keep Me"
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